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Angel Lee
34 images: Bedroom bondage, tightly cinched ropes, enjoying her crotch rope, knotted cleave gag, red toe nails
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33 images: Candle was roped to the stair case in a rope strappado. She was pulling and struggling and I was afraid that she was going to hurt herself. A leg up took care of that problem ... no falling down now. Nice tits by the way babe.
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Stacie Snow
37 images: Mirror image. I didn't have two babes available so I tied Stacy up in front of the mirror ... tight ropes, red arms, bare feet, eye glasses and perky tits exposed ... and I had two of her!
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33 images: Bath time ... you WILL get in that tub even if I have to tape you up and scrub you myself!
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Maily Roped & Ball Gagged
29 images: Big blue ball gag, running shoes, short shorts, tank top with cleavage and ropes
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Renna Ryann
39 images: Thigh high boot hogtie, bit gagged, nude, rope harness, stiletto heeled boots
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BlueJean Struggle
34 images: Barefoot struggle, knotted bandanna cleave gag, cinched ropes, breast harness
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Sara And Mandy
35 images: Tie her tighter ... we want to se her squirm and struggle, hogtied, mouth stuffed, cleave gagged, sexy strappy high heels
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Randy Moore
34 images: Extreme Ropes ... elbows and wrists tightly cinched, a very effective over the mouth gag, high heel clad feet roped to the chair, black mini skirt. Hot!
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38 images: Nude frogtie struggle, ball gagged, stockings, blonde, breasts
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Mercedes Lynn
45 images: She walked into the room in her sexy fringed black bra, panties and blue soled high heels asking what she should wear. 10 Minutes later she was hogtied on my floor and tape gagged. Guess that answers that question
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41 images: Doing the dishes ... roped elbows touching, rope tied, white cleave gag, blindfolded, breasts exposed
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Sara: Nude Roped Elbows
30 images: This lusty beauty is tightly bound wearing nothing a itty bitty thong. Her elbows are tightly pulled together and she can't control her drool around that big ball gag.
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34 images: Plaid Skirt Hogtie. mouth stuffed, clear tape gag, plaid mini skirt, yellow high heels, yellow bra exposed
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39 images: She walked into her house totally unaware of what was waiting her. The next thing you know her elbows were tied and she was struggling on the floor
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Nikki Masters
32 images: Sexy short jean shorts tie up, elbows tied together, wrists, knees and ankles bound, ball gagged, large breasts exposed
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Kendra James
30 images: Sexy lacy purple bra, panties, high heel stiletto heeled pumps, wide white cleave gag, rope tied
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11 images: Cross ankle hemp rope tie makes it tough to stand!
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