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A Slobbering, Crying, Abused Party Girl! The Finale
14:20 Minute Bondage Video: Cock Tease Bella was taken from the bar last night and has spent the night bound, gagged and blindfolded on a filthy mattress and now as day breaks her sadistic captor is about to put the terrified woman through absolute hell! Her pantyhose is ripped, she's strung up in an excruciating strappado and you can see the huge gobs of drool and snot drip from her gagged face as he torments the innocent girl. The the bastard then puts a vibrator on her exposed pussy and forces the crying girl to orgasm over and over and over again before leaving her to dangle for yet another night of pure bound hell!
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They Set The Baby Sitter Up For Bondage!
17:23 Minute Bondage Video: Paige and I intentionally didn't tell our new baby sitter that her charges like tricking their sitters into excruciating bondage and when we fade back in gorgeous Brooke is tightly tied and struggling! Over the course of the evening she is cruelly gagged, stripped and eventually hogtied and all they do is watch with weird little smiles on their faces, oblivious to her agony. Will she be rescued when the parents get home?
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Hogtied Hell For Jewell!
5:09 Minute Bondage Video: Jewell never agreed to having her elbows tied, nor did she consent to be ball gagged, stripped and groped but that's her situation and the creepy photographer just keeps on taking his pictures. But it's about to get a whole lot worse when he kneels behind Jewell and ropes her into an excruciating hogtie that she could never get out of in a million years, she's drooling, whimpering and desperate and that's just how the bastard leaves her. Asshole!
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Drea's Chained Terror!
14:48 Minute Bondage Video: Drea groggily awakes and soon realizes she has been painfully bound with chain, her mouth is packed with cloth and she has no memory how this happened or where she is. Eventually her apparent captor enters and tells the terrified girl that her cock tease ways at the bar last night would not go unpunished so he took her captive and what follows is a nightmare of epic proportions for innocent Drea as she endures both physical and mental torment at the hands of this sociopath!
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Permanent Playmate!
12:03 Minute Bondage Video: A moaning form beneath a blanket is carried into a room and and dumped on a bed, when the cover is removed we see a gorgeous woman bound, gagged and blindfolded! Stacy has been abducted by a sociopath who intends to keep the terrified woman as his permanent bondage playmate but she doesn't accept her fate willingly and struggles desperately from start to finish in this classic DiD video that is sure to please!
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Her Silent Terror Continues!
5:12 Minute Bondage Video: Dre still has no idea why this is happening or who this guy is, he never says a word but just keeps tying and molesting her helpless body and it's maddening! Who IS this bastard! Hogtied, blindfolded and terrified Dre feels his hands on her again and this time he attaches rope to her blindfold and brutally yanks her into a cruel position where he finally speaks and says this is how she'll be left for the night! Very intense stuff!
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Brutally Tied And Waiting To Be Ransomed!
16:09 Minute Bondage Video: A big boobed woman sits excruciatingly tied to a stool, her mouth is packed, she's blindfolded and has no idea why she is there. But she soon finds out when her captor enters and informs the terrified woman she will be kept here until her rich husband pays up and until that happens she'll be kept brutally tied and gagged even if it takes day! Hot stuff...hot girl....uber tight bondage and a great story line combine to make this one helluva video!
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Painful Orgasms For Anabelle Pync!
9:19 Minute Bondage Video: Anabelle is stretched taut to a frame and damn does she look fantastic and to see this stunning girl be forced to one painful orgasm after another is true bondage heaven! A hose with a powerful sprayer is used to torment her body, it stings like hell and drives Anabelle to scream through her gag and gets worse when it's used on her exposed pussy! But I know my way around a vagina and eventually aim it just above her clit and soon, to her own surprise, Anabelle is driven to orgasm! Then another...and another and just when she thinks her day is over I rip one final cum from her soaking and exhausted body!
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Ball Gagged Drooling Hell!
12:32 Minute Bondage Video: The gag strapped in Kim's mouth is so deep, so brutally tight that she whimpers and groans non stop as she deals with her bound predicament. Her wrists and ankles are tied with ultra thin paracord that bites hatefully into her flesh but it all goes back to the cruel gag, Kim drools profusely and you are treated to incredible images of the suffering beauty as she deals with something she never bargained for!
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Elbow Bound Baby Sitter Left Hogtied For The Night!
8:25 Minute Bondage Video: Anabelle can't believe she let this happen to her but the more she struggles the more she realizes those two brats really know how to tie a girl up cruelly tight and now that she's been gagged she can't even call for help! And to make matters worse Bobby hogtied her and now she's REALLY helpless but when she hears the parents come home Anabelle thinks she'll finally be set free...or will she? You'll have to watch to find out!
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ChiChi's Own Vibrator Used Against Her!
8:10 Minute Bondage Video: Snatched from her bathroom and tied spread eagle by an intruder ChiChi Medina screams through the used undies he gagged her with as he threatens to use her own vibe on her helpless body! And then he does it, she writhes and cums for the prevert and as a last torment before he leaves he brutally crotch ropes the naked girl and attaches it all to the bed frame so that when she wriggles it yanks hatefully on her abused pussy! And that's just how he leaves her to be found by her husband that evening.
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Glam Model Gets Her Elbows Brutally Bound!
7:17 Minute Bondage Video: Gagged and helpless glam model Terra Mizu is struggling desperately during what was supposed to be a lingerie shoot but she got talked into trying bondage and now the photo is using a roll of tape to cruelly bind her elbows together! Groaning and in agony the beautiful girl is then left to thrash and squirm on his floor and she silently curses herself for allowing this to happen and the worst part is he has no plan to let her go...ever! Very Intense stuff!
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High Heeled, Naked And Bound!
10:11 Minute Bondage Video: Star Nine is squirming playfully on the floor in very tight bondage, she talks about her day so far, including a hot forced orgasm scene Raquel Roper administered earlier, the mood is light and she's enjoying her last video of the day. But what starts out as fun eventually morphs into a nasty semi ball-tie which she is left in while the rest of is go out for dinner, the camera angles will blow you away with hotness and as the video ends we've left Star struggling, gagged and utterly helpless!
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Big Boobed Housewife Robbed, Bound And Stripped!
15:42 Minute Bondage Video: It happened so fast Charlee never had a chance, after his hand clamped her mouth shut the beautiful woman was told she'd be robbed and tied up, something she would endure as long as that's all he had planned. Unfortunately it wasn't and before he left the masked intruder put the girl into excruciating bondage, stripped her nearly naked and touched her in ways he had no business doing and left her hogtied for her husband to find that evening!
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Naked, Hogtied And Terrorized!
7:04 Minute Bondage Video: Hazel is trying desperately to use her tied feet and wrists to open the door she worked so hard getting to but she falls to her knees in frustration and it's then she is discovered by her captor who delights in her foolish attempt to escape. He drags Hazel away from the door, folds her calves painfully tight against her thighs and ropes them tight putting the terrified girl into a cruel position that makes escape nothing but a dream! And he's never letting her go!
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Naked, Bound And Struggling!
6:04 Minute Bondage Video: This is as classic as it gets, Hazel awakes in a strange place, stripped naked, gagged and very tightly tied with no recollection of how or why this is happening but she must try to get away and so begins her perilous journey down a steep staircase! At the bottom she hops towards a door and tries to use her tied feet to work the handle but fails and sits gasping, exhausted and terrified and wondering if she'll ever know freedom again! Non stop struggling in every single frame of this hot video!
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