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Annabelle Genovisi
40 images: Hot and sweaty bondage workout
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Nude Shibari Rope Tie
41 images: Please, I will do anything! How can you say no to this pretty face?
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Alyssa Finishes Her Shower
37 images: I am all clean and ready for you. I'm even tied up. What will you do?
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Hard Tied And Stressing!
37 images: Sarah Brooke is gloriously naked as she sits on the floor with her hands tied behind her back and her ankles crossed and tied, she's all smiles when things get started but as the afternoon wore on the Badman put the sexy girl in progressively stricter bondage that stressed her hard! The huge gag and clothespins on her nipples added to Sarah's predicament making for one helluva photo set!
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Naked! Elbows! Heels!
42 images: Amber Deen hits the trifecta in this scintillating photo set that touches on three things that just rock! Amber is gloriously naked as she endures some of my tightest elbow bondage and when you add the incredibly sexy and cute heels it's a photo set that is sure to please almost any bondage taste! Enjoy!
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Wire Tied And Pepper Gagged
36 images: It was a day of firsts for sweet, petite Bailey, she would endure things she's never experienced before and by the end of the afternoon she was an absolute mess of a girl. Speaker wire was used to bind her extremely tight and the leather belt I used as a gag was soaked in pepper which made Bailey drool like nothing you've ever seen before and by the time she was hogtied the young girl was quite ready to call it a day!
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April's Bound Interrogation Begins!
31 images: After being stripped to her bra and panties innocent April is bound to a chair for the purpose of interrogating the girl for information about the new app she is developing but she resists which leads to harsher methods including ripping her panties off! But when that fails her captor brings in a terrifying looking device with wires attached and says he's going to get her info one way or another! Will it work? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion coming soon!
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Hard Day For Luci
49 images: It's a shame I can't use a ton of photos for previews for this update, there is so much going on and hits so many fantasies it'll be one of your favorites for sure! A strict strappado, a nasty crotch rope, a naked and terrified girl, a huge ball gag, hand-over-mouth images and to cap it all off Luci is driven to orgasm with a vibrator by her masked captor! And that's not all so don't miss this super hot update from the Badman!
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Cheering For The Home Team!
32 images: Bailey Paige is sporting the best in sexy football gear and when you add rope and a gag you have the making of a sweet update that is just perfect for this time of year! Join Bailey as we celebrate the NFL playoffs in Badman style!
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April's Interrogation! The SHOCKING Conclusion
25 images: April has been strung up by her wrists for hours, she's in agony yet she still refuses to give up any information so he uses a more severe method to get what he wants. Electricity! Wires are taped to April's nipples and sensitive clit and attached to a powerful electrical box and after several excruciating jolts of electricity the voluptuous beauty breaks and gives up all her secrets. It was only a matter of time!
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Hard Bound Hottie!
36 images: There's something very special about a pretty girl in skin tight jeans and sexy-as-hell high heel boots and when you add harsh Badman bondage it conjures up so many fantasy images of snatching a girl like that off the street for your own bound pleasure! And that is exactly what this smoking up update featuring Rachel Adams is all about, she's tied extremely tight, gagged deep and hard and eventually hogtied and all for your viewing pleasure!
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Tough Tie For Sebrina
22 images: Sebrina's hands are tied in an awkward and devious way that was a lot more uncomfortable than it seems, it was impossible to roll over lest she break a finger or separate a shoulder and the thumb tie was just as frustrating. Add to that her thumbs were yanked up to her gag and she was soon wishing for a good old fashioned elbow tie. Haha!
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Hogtied Hottie
27 images: Big breasted Summer Monroe finds herself yet again in the Badman's ropes, her lush, full breasts are on prominent display as she squirms deliciously first in a chair before eventually being hogtied. To up her distress level Summer's toes are tied and attached to her wrists leaving the sexy girl utterly and completely helpless!
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Tough Day For Natalie
28 images: Not only is Natalie tied harshly tight with wire against a splintery post but her lush tits have rubber bands circling them causing them to swell to the bursting point! The gag is huge and causes Nat to drool uncontrollably all over her chest and stomach, her elbows ache from the wire but it's just another day with the Badman!
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Punished Princess
35 images: Rachel over played her hand when she tried to use her feminine wiles to get me to overlook her bratty behavior, I saw right through her ploy though and as punishment I roped her into an excruciating hogtie complete with a toe tie! The gag was just mean on my part but it's the only way she'll learn.
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Sebrina's Hard Tied Hell
30 images: Sebrina is tied in an absolutely bone crushing lotus that even has her elbows impossibly tied together behind her back! Her nude body is on total display, she can barely twitch a muscle and has no choice but to wait for the release which could be hours away. Yeah...I went all Badman on her for sure!
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Wrenching Summer's Elbows Together
43 images: While elbow bondage is always awesome it's even more so when the girl is NOT flexible as is the case with Summer Monroe in this hot as hell update! Her tight top barely contains her huge breasts which are thrust out from the way her elbows are severely tied and when you add a hogtie it's out of this world fantastic!
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Innocent And Spread
46 images: Tiffany was barely past her 18th birthday at the time of filming, she had no idea what a spreader bar even was but she was curious and submitted herself to the experience and the result is mind numblingly sexy! This is on another level special!
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Tied In Heels
32 images: Sydney is an absolute vision of sexy hotness, her strappy heels are on prominent display as are the ropes that bind her body and when you add a mouthful of cloth to keep her quiet you have an update you don't want to miss!
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Rachel's Bound Torment
30 images: As if being tied tight and hard gagged wasn't enough I clipped clothespins on Rachel's tender nipples and the images of her desperately trying to pluck them off is worth the price of admission alone!
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