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Hogtied Russian Beauty
38 images: Jenia is a gorgeous Russian girl of unquestioned beauty and when you add rope the results are nothing short of magical! The petite babe is wearing a "barely there" mesh body suit that shows every curve of her sweet body and gives you a teasing look at the goodies beneath, her face seems to beg for your attention and let's face...it's working!
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Sexy Girl Hogtied In Heels!
33 images: Luci Lovett looks absolutely gorgeous and makes for fantastic bound eye candy in every single photo in this hot update that has the sexy girl going from bondage glam to severely hogtied and mouth packed! And if you're a fan of strappy heels you'll love the ones Luci is has on, simply classic and are the perfect accessory for the rope she's already wearing. ;)
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Chrissy Marie Naked And Bound
26 images: It's no secret that Chrissy would MUCH rather be naked than wear clothes, whether she's tied up or not, it makes no difference, she just likes to be nude and I wasn't about to try and talk her out of it when she showed up today. The elbow bondage was extra tight, the bit gag made her drool and when I plopped a vibrator in her lap she didn't know if I was serious or not but her look was priceless! Enjoy this beautiful girl in tight bondage for her pleasure...and yours.
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Roped Up Aerobics Instructor
30 images: Bailey can't believe this is really happening, she was supposed to teach her weekly aerobics class in the home of Paige, a long time client, but instead she was tricked when Paige's husband overpowered her, and tied her up painfully tight! Bailey was then told Paige will be gone for the rest of the week and he intends to keep the petite instructor bound and gagged the entire time and all poor Bailey can do is groan, sob and pray this is just a bad joke.
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Tied And Exposed
31 images: Karrine is as sweet and innocent a girl as you could ever imagine and that comes out perfectly in this sexy update featuring the petite girl in simple yet surprisingly effective bondage. The rope is thick and holds her limbs firmly together especially her forearms which have been harshly tied at her elbows stressing Karrine much more than she envisioned when the day got started. 31 hot bondage photos!!
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Roped Up High Heeled Bondage Virgin
31 images: Jackie is discovering that this whole bondage thing is no joke,she wanted to give it a try out of curiosity and I made sure she got the true Badman Experience! She's been writhing on the floor for almost an hour but she has too much movement for my liking so I roped Jackie's calves back against her thighs in a modified hogtie and left her for the rest of the afternoon figuring she might as well understand what real helplessness is all about. Right?
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Punished For Insolence
41 images: Rachel is learning a hard lesson about respect, she thinks she can do as she pleases with no consequences but as she dangles in a cruel strappado the high heeled beauty is starting to get the point. When she is eventually let down Rachel thinks her punishment is mercifully over but instead she's roped into a nasty hogtie and left to ponder the error of her ways for the rest of the afternoon.
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Ariel's Hard Tied Afternoon
34 images: Six foot tall beauty Ariel Anderssen sits in a very strict lotus tie that stresses her hard, her mouth is packed full and taped over, her elbows are touching behind her back and a extremely tight crotch rope splits her vaginal lips so it's no wonder she keeps giving me that "look." Don't miss this hot-as-hell update featuring fetish star Ariel Anderssen!
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Booted Cock Tease Snatched From The Street
24 images: Sarah Brooke lives in a very conservative neighborhood and should have known better than to walk around dressed in the extremely sexy outfit, she was spotted by a self righteous neighbor who took it upon himself to grab the stunned girl, throw her into a van, tie her up and take her to his house to teach her a lesson in respect! It's terror time for the beautiful girl who is about to learn a lesson she'll never forget!
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High Heeled Bundled And Ball Gagged
34 images: Nyxon is wearing an incredibly sexy outfit of tight disco pants, snug top and strappy heels and when you add rope and the biggest gag I could find you have the makings of something very special! Her arms are crushed together behind her back and she's eventually roped into a ball tie that leaves her utterly and completely helpless...for your pleasure!
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Bailey Jeans Hogtie
32 images: There's something inherently sexy about a really cute girl tied up in a skimpy top, jeans and barefoot and that's exactly what you get with the adorable Bailey Paige in this terrific update! Bailey twists and squirms delightfully as she endures tight bondage and an even tighter gag which induces tons of drool form her sweet mouth and when you add a hogtie the vision is complete! Yeah, this is an update you just can't miss!
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Landing Party Nightmare!
40 images: Ensign Fayth got separated from the landing party and before she could use her communicator the aliens quickly subdued the stunned woman and tied her painfully tight to a tree to hold her captive. The hours passed slowly for the unfortunate Ensign and as night began to fall she wondered if she'll ever be set free again, Star Fleet warned her, and all new recruits, this could happen but Fayth never thought it would happen to her!
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Hellishly Gagged And Hogtied!
31 images: As any girl will tell you, a softer ball gag is much easier to endure than a hard one because it has give to ease the stress on the mouth and jaws so of course I didn't give Briella that consideration. Instead I used a very large WOOD gag that has absolutely zero give to it and caused her to drool profusely all over her dress, after an hour she was then hogtied and left to drool and squirm for the rest of the afternoon!
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The Bailey Experiment
49 images: The first thing you have to know is that Bailey is NOT a flexible girl yet her pride insisted she have her elbows tied and this update documents that afternoon. It started out all smiles and fun but once she was put into shoulder wrenching elbow bondage it quickly turned into a test of endurance, she sobbed, drooled and suffered for the sake of her art yet she refused to give in! 49 of the hottest, emotionally intense photos we've even published!
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Bondage Sex!
36 images: Sadie was lounging at the pool with her daughter Bailey, then after Sadie went in for a drink she was captured, bound, gagged and had to watch as the same fate befall innocent Bailey when she came looking for her mom. From there the two women were made to do unspeakable sex acts with each other including pussy eating and deep kissing much to the delight of their perverted captor! The hottest taboo bondage photos you will ever see and this is only the beginning!
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Laundry Day Gone Bad
45 images: Sebrina had been ignoring the laundry for weeks and it was to the point I had to say something, when she blew me off I did what any man would do...I stripped her naked and tied her up in the laundry room! And the crotch rope was a painful reminder that she needs to get her act together or I'll leave her to dangle the rest of the afternoon and come to think of it, I'll do that anyway!
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Lexi and Sebrina Sis 2
47 images: Lexi and her sister Sebrina have been forced to do unspeakable sexual acts with each other as you saw in the first part of this intense series and it continues as Sebrina is made to watch her tied sis cum yet again which finally seems to satisfy their captor. After hogtying the naked women he makes his getaway and what follows is the desperate and incredible journey of trying to untie each other making for one of most unique updates we've ever posted!
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Tied Temp In Heels!
44 images: The gorgeous woman the temp agency sent over for the day was just too hot for words, Tracy's blouse barely held back her ample chest, her long tan legs, beautiful hair and sexy heels were just too much to resist and I had to tie her up! When she fussed I gagged her and just to show her who's boss I unbuttoned Tracy's top exposing her sexy lingerie and that's just how I left her to earn her pay for the day!
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One Hot Mess Of A Girl!
34 images: It's no secret that Sarah Brooke truly loves to be tightly bound and gagged, even in her personal life she craves it and it's also no secret it makes her insanely horny so as I took some photos she literally begged me to use a vibe and who am I to deny a girl her orgasmic wishes. But after a while I literally got tired of holding the toy, Sarah wanted more though so I simply gave her the vibe and watched in amazement as she used her tied hands to wring several more orgasms from her tethered body!
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Big Breasted Tease Bound And Gagged
35 images: There's something inherently sexy about a hot girl in a teeny outfit bound, gagged and helpless that stirs the imagination and that's the exact scenario featuring big breasted Charlee Chase who finds herself quite helpless on her own bed! Her sweet pussy is barely covered by her running shorts and her sports bra strains to hold in her enormous tits and all she can do is plead with her beautiful eyes that you'll satisfy her before too long. 35 hot bondage photos that are sure to please!
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