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Afternoon Submission With Scarlette
34 images: Scarlette is an extremely submissive girl, she takes whatever bondage she is given with total compliance as these photos show. These were taken with a more artistic slant than usual which truly gives you insight into Scarlette's personality as she gives herself to the ropes and panties that fill her mouth. Enjoy!
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Punished Wife
43 images: When I caught Sebrina cheating on me I told her there would be a price to pay and that price is brutal bondage and sexual torture so I strung her up in our garage and used a whip to stripe her ass, thighs and belly! Clothespins were clipped not only on her nipples but her tender clit as well and by the time I had her hogtied Sebrina was one very contrite woman!
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A Bigger Gag For Sarah Brooke
42 images: As if being bound, gagged and stripped down to her thong wasn't bad enough Sarah's captor wanted her to suffer a bit more for his perverted pleasure so after letting her squirm and drool for a couple hours he took out the original gag and replaced with a truly jaw stretching gag that plugs Sarah's mouth as full as physically possibly! Then he tied her elbows and sat back to enjoy his private bondage show!
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Lotus Tied And Ball Gagged!
41 images: Tying Sebrina is always a treat, she will endure anything the Badman can dish out and such is the case in this sweet update featuring the sexy girl in a harsh lotus tie and when you add a thick, juicy ball gag that plugs her mouth to it's limit you have something special indeed!
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The Sexual Submission Of Luci Lovett
31 images: Luci asked why she had to be naked when I tied her up today, and I told her it was much easier to use her sexually, which actually made the sexy girl wet and she readily shed her clothes for the afternoon's bondage play time. The dildo was unexpected though but the submissive girl willingly opened her mouth after I removed her gag and took the dong deep in her throat like the good girl she is! Yeah....it's one hot update!
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A Day In Bondage With Lyndsey
41 images: I love it when hot girls want to come over for an afternoon of bondage so when Lyndsey called for just that I gathered my ropes, told her to bring some scandalously sexy outfits and what followed was something special! Tight hogties with deep gags and Lyndsey would have it no other way!
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Raquel And Briella Lesbian Bondage
19 images: It's obvious who the submissive and who the dominant girl in this hot update featuring Briella Jaden doing a number on her sexy friend Raquel after strapping her arms together! Raquel is tormented with a strap-on as her high heeled friend takes her body and soul in this erotic showcase of two girls who truly love each other!
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BJ Practice For April Dawn
27 images: April has been lacking in her blow job efforts lately so to teach her a lesson I tied her arms cruelly tight, attached her collar to a pole that had a huge dildo attached and made her practice like the good slave she is! And if you look closely on the ground you can actually see the enormous amount of drool that fell from April's abused mouth and when I was satisfied of her enthusiasm I gagged her and left her bound on the deck for the rest of the afternoon to make sure she got the message.
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Hard Bondage For Sarah Brooke!
42 images: Sarah endures the harshest bondage the Badman can dish out, her body is twisted like a pretzel and adding to her predicament she's gagged with a huge ball that's strapped ridiculously tight in her mouth! The poor girl can barely move a muscle and all she can do is pray this won't last long. And check out the video at: www.badmanvideos.com
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Luci: Hard Tied Hottie
40 images: It's a good thing Luci likes to be bound painfully tight because that's exactly what she gets in this spectacular update that finds the naked girl harshly hogtied! But not only that, her toes are also tied and yanked back to her upper body, she's cruelly ring gagged which causes Luci to drool uncontrollably adding to her predicament and all she can do is groan and wonder how long she'll be kept like this.
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Kymberley Jane's Virgin Elbow Bondage!
27 images: As you view these images it's obvious that Kymberely is not a limber girl, at all and for her to endure such strict elbow bondage is a testament to both her courage and determination to take on the challenge. Oh...and the ball gag was no picnic either. Yeah, she got the Badman treatment for sure!
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Lingerie Clad Beauty Gets Hard Tied!
46 images: Chrissy Marie is absolutely stunning in the sexy outfit she wore today and at first she is all smiles and enjoying herself but as the afternoon progresses so does her bondage until eventually the beautiful girl is achingly hogtied and ball gagged! Chrissy drools profusely and her eyes tell the tale of what she is enduring at the hands of the Badman, lots of hot close ups highlight this insanely sexy photo set that is going to rock your world!
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School Girl Fantasy Come True
31 images: Big breasted Heather brings to life one of the sexiest bondage fantasies there are...the snatched and tied innocent schoolgirl and damn does this girl do that fantasy justice! The high heeled babe is panty gagged, groped and eventually hogtied and left for the weekend when she'll be found when classes begin again on Monday!
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Your Ropes Make Me Wet Badman!
27 images: It's no secret that Luci craves bondage, it makes her incredibly horny but today I would tease the naked beauty mercilessly by refusing to satisfy her sexual cravings for a very long time! She desperately tries to reach her clit but she just can't manage, she twists and writhes but it does no good but finally I gave her the vibe to let Luci satisfy her need to cum and cum she does!
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Baby Sitter Fantasy Come True
38 images: Abby Paradise evokes memories of that innocent yet incredibly sexy baby sitter that you always fantasized about tying up, in her cutoffs, skimpy top and sneakers this girl is the very essence of that fantasy and she brings it to glorious life in this fantastic update! Not only is she tied up and gagged but it seems her young charges delighted in exposing her firm body much to Abby's dismay and you have a front row seat to see it all!
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Bailey's Fantasy Concludes
28 images: In Part One Bailey tied her own ankles, knees and gagged herself then slipped a hand in her pants to masturbate and drifted off to satisfied sleep but when she awoke her hands were somehow tied and now her fantasy continues with the sexy girl enduring a hogtie! Then magically the ropes came off leaving the sexy girl to wonder if it was all real or just a bondage dream come true.
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Booted And Ball Tied Beauty!
33 images: Fetish super star Ariel Anderssen brings to life a one of the sexiest bondage looks there are...boots and jeans! The tall beauty is bound progressively more restrictive until the final position..a ball tie....leaves her utterly helpless and awaiting rescue and with her mouth severely gagged there's no way she can call for help. If you found Ariel like this would you set her free or enjoy her plight? Decisions decisions.....
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Elbow Crushed Gagged Hell!
41 images: Luci Lovett endures some of the Badman's tightest bondage and the gag strapped in her mouth is brutally huge and stresses her jaws to the max and the final hell was a hogtie that left Luci a whimpering, drooling mess! Side note: I used a cool filter on many of the pics to give them a noir-ish feel like those old magazines we all grew up loving!
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Lexi's Kitchen Assault!
26 images: Lexi never saw him coming as he snuck up behind her and clamped a hand over her mouth, he bent the stunned girl over the counter and tied her hands tight behind her back! Lexi's ankles are also tied before he plasters tape over her mouth while he searches the place for loot but making it a thousand times worse he exposed Lexi's huge tits and that's just how he left the frightened girl while he made his getaway!
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Abby Bound And Burgled!
30 images: Abby pleaded with the intruder not to tie her up but he had to make sure she wouldn't cause him any trouble so he roped the pretty housewife up while he went about his business. Once he gathered his loot Abby figured she'd be set free but instead the bastard hogtied the gagged and terrified girl and left her while he made his getaway and as tight as she's tied Abby is going to have to wait for her husband to come home which isn't for hours yet!
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