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Tammy Taped
51 images: I caught Tammy by suprise and she let me do whatever I wanted
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Cheering For The Home Team!
32 images: Bailey Paige is sporting the best in sexy football gear and when you add rope and a gag you have the making of a sweet update that is just perfect for this time of year! Join Bailey as we celebrate the NFL playoffs in Badman style!
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Amanda Bryant
46 images
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Morgan: Give Me a P
35 images: We learned more then cheering at cheer camp this year
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Punished Wife
43 images: When I caught Sebrina cheating on me I told her there would be a price to pay and that price is brutal bondage and sexual torture so I strung her up in our garage and used a whip to stripe her ass, thighs and belly! Clothespins were clipped not only on her nipples but her tender clit as well and by the time I had her hogtied Sebrina was one very contrite woman!
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Brooke Thomsen
34 images: Babysitter hogtied
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BallGagged Hogtie
30 images: This is what happens when you don't do the dishes
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April's Interrogation! The SHOCKING Conclusion
25 images: April has been strung up by her wrists for hours, she's in agony yet she still refuses to give up any information so he uses a more severe method to get what he wants. Electricity! Wires are taped to April's nipples and sensitive clit and attached to a powerful electrical box and after several excruciating jolts of electricity the voluptuous beauty breaks and gives up all her secrets. It was only a matter of time!
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Gia Hill
38 images: Open wide my dear
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Cinched Hemp Rope
22 images: Red gag, hemp rope and alot of struggling
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Mia Vallis
33 images: Waiting and begging to be tied up
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Hard Day For Luci
49 images: It's a shame I can't use a ton of photos for previews for this update, there is so much going on and hits so many fantasies it'll be one of your favorites for sure! A strict strappado, a nasty crotch rope, a naked and terrified girl, a huge ball gag, hand-over-mouth images and to cap it all off Luci is driven to orgasm with a vibrator by her masked captor! And that's not all so don't miss this super hot update from the Badman!
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High Heel Strappado
36 images: She thought she was done dancing for the night. I was waiting for her in her garage when she pulled up
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Casey Calvert
41 images: Let's see how far we can get that leg up! The higher the better
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Aimee's First Bondage
42 images: A fellow photographer introduced me to Aimee at FetishCon and I was smitten right from the start, she was not only gorgeous but eager to try bondage for the very first time. So we went up to my suite and Aimee felt rope on her body for the very first time, she was comfortable being totally naked and tied tight and we had a wonderful time so enjoy Aimee's virgin bondage experience because she certainly did!
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Emil in Pantyhose
45 images: Like my breasts?
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Terra Mizu
44 images: Let's see if those elbows can touch
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A Day In Bondage With Lyndsey
41 images: I love it when hot girls want to come over for an afternoon of bondage so when Lyndsey called for just that I gathered my ropes, told her to bring some scandalously sexy outfits and what followed was something special! Tight hogties with deep gags and Lyndsey would have it no other way!
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40 images: Hang there till I'm ready for you ... touching elbow strappado
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Megan And Luna
28 images: Ball tied naked on the floor
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