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A Walk In The Woods
38 images: Paige had just moved in to her new home in the country and one afternoon decided to take a walk through the beautiful wooded areas nearby but, unknown to her, she trespassed onto land she didn't own and when the owner saw the beautiful girl he chased Paige down and tied her to a tree! She was systematically stripped and as the sun started to set he left her to deal with a night alone in the woods!
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Breast Thrusting Elbow Bondage
29 images: Summer Monroe is the reason that elbow bondage has the massive appeal it does, the position forces a girl to thrust out her chest to relieve the stress on her shoulders and when you add a tight dress that barely contains her huge tits you have bound eye candy of the highest order!
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The Aphrodisiac
38 images: I gave Sebrina a powerful aphrodisiac, tied her up and watched the sexy girl damn near lose her mind with sexual frustration! She managed to peel her shorts off, then tried to masturbate with her fingers then heel of her shoe but it didn't help so I used a vibe to ease her suffering and she was one VERY grateful girl!
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Taped For Orgasms!
31 images: You've seen the video at www.badmanvideos.com so now sit back and enjoy the hot photos that were taken during Annabelle's afternoon in bondage! The orgasms were incredibly intense to the point she even squirted and when it was all said and done the girl was left exhausted yet happy and satisfied and the final few images show exactly that. Enjoy!
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Hogtied Eye Candy!
37 images: The extremely short cutoffs showcase Annabelle's amazing ass, the high heel boots, ballgag and skimpy top complete her sexy outfit and when you add rope you have one very sexy photo set that is as good as it gets!
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Double Dose Of Hell For Sarah Brooke!
25 images: A What starts out as an enjoyable afternoon for Sarah in bondage soon turns into an afternoon she would regret. Being gagged was something she expected, it was strapped literally down to the last notch, compressing her cheeks and stressing her jaws hard but it was the elbow bondage that was her true nightmare! As you'll see from her facial expressions it's pure bound agony but when you play with the Badman this is what you get and she should have known better. Tight stuff for sure!
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Mandy And Katrina
35 images: Katrina knew her friend Mandy was a bondage model, she talked about it all the time and one day asked if Mandy would accompany her to her very first try at this whole being tied up thing and what you see is nothing short of spectacular! And for her virgin bondage Katrina was spared nothing, her elbows were hard tied, the gag was uncomfortably large and her eyes tell of what she is experiencing making for an update you just can't miss!
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Double Jeopardy For Angel
31 images: Angel Lee is just one of the girls who makes yo bump into stuff as she passes by, she is THAT sexy and when you add rope it's a match made in heaven! But her beauty won't save her from the Badman who first strings her up in a strappado and in her cutoffs, heels and skimpy top Angel is a vision to behold but things get tougher when she's roped into a hogtie that is going to knock your socks off!
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Xaya's Virgin Elbow Bondage
42 images: The look on Xaya's face as she endures the very first elbow bondage of her life will absolutely melt your heart, her sweet face shows the distress of the position and when the toe tie and modified hogtie are added you have a girl as utterly helpless as you could imagine!
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Ball Tied Amazon Beauty
46 images: Mandy Taylor! Tall, tan, big breasted and absolutely gorgeous! These photos show her submissive side and her endurance for very tight bondage, Mandy's elbows are wrenched together, the gag is huge and mouth filling, her skimpy bikini bottoms are eventually untied and she is roped into a ball tie that leaves her utterly helpless, vulnerable and oh so gorgeous!
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Summer's Lotus Tied Ordeal
44 images: Big breasted Summer Monroe endures several surprisingly difficult positions that starts with a lotus which morphs into her neck tied to her ankles forcing her to bend harshly, then to leaving her writhe once the neck rope is removed and wrapped up with a very tight hogtie! The gag is also deviously harsh, it pulls hatefully at the corners of Summers mouth and causes her to drool profusely all over the floor making for a very long day in bondage!
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Classic Bondage For Lexi Richelle
31 images: The bondage Lexi is experiencing is minimal but extremely effective and as classic as it gets! Her wrists are crossed and tied, her knees and ankles are securely bound and a knotted rag is tied deep in her mouth and when you add a hogtie it's about as perfect a scenario as it gets and it's a scenario Lexi was made to endure for a full hour and as you can tell by her gagged anguished face she is quite ready to be untied. Wanna help?
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Ebony Meets Ivory
33 images: Paris is a true Amazon, at nearly six feet tall she is an imposing woman but harbors a secret craving to be dominated and having never been tied I decided to give her what she wanted...and more! Her dark skin contrasts with the white rope beautifully, the red ball gag, also a first for her, fills Paris' mouth to the brim and when her elbows were tied before being hogtied she started to understand what bondage is all about! Welcome to MY world!
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Zip Tied Slave
34 images: Sebrina is having a hard time dealing with her new life as a bondage slave, after spending the night chained and cuffed in the garage her captors wake the innocent girl, remove the steel from her body only to replace it with cruel zip ties which are pulled excruciatingly tight! She is deeply gagged and more zip ties are used to bind her into what can best be described as punishment bondage, the goal is to break her will and by the look on Sebrina's face it's working.
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The Eyes Have It!
36 images: One look at Lyndsey's expressive eyes as she pleads with her captor for release is going to melt your heart, her arms are cruelly lashed behind her back, the gag is strapped deep and tight leaving only her eyes to convey what she is dealing with. And trust me...this is as special and classic as it gets!
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Hogtied Hollis
43 images: High heels. Check! Sexy outfit. Check! Gorgeous woman. Check! Tight bondage. Check! Hogtied. Check! Yep, Hollis pretty much checks all the boxes as she and the Badman create something very special, the imagery is stunning, the bondage is everything you'd expect and it's an update you can't afford to miss!
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Pretty In Bondage!
34 images: Kendra Heart is hands down one of the prettiest girls ever to grace the pages of NaughtyTies, today she's in a flirty summer dress and sexy-as-hell shoes and striking one incredible pose after another! The beautiful girl eventually loses her panties before being hogtied and but that doesn't scratch the surface of this smoking hot update that is custom made for one handed surfing!
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Stripped Strapped And Vibed!
33 images: You saw the video at www.badmanvideos.com so now sit back and get a whole new perspective with this super hot set of very intimate photos that put you right there on the floor with Nyxon as she endures extremely tight bondage, a knotted cleave gag and then an enormous ball gag that stretches her jaws to the max! Badman bondage at it's finest!
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Watering The Yard Decoration
35 images: Some people decorate their yards with garden gnomes but I prefer tied up girls and Natalie is the unfortunate victim of my latest home improvement. Roped permanently to a post she was getting sunburned so I watered her down after exposing her bare bum and left her to dry while I enjoyed the view of our newest decoration. And head on over to www.badmanvideos.com for the full video!
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Hogtied Revenge!
33 images: One thing that drives a photographer crazy is when a model cancels at the last minute, it screws up the entire schedule so when Amanda Bryant did just that several weeks ago and then asked to re-book I agreed but it was something she would regret! To vent my anger I tied her up excruciatingly tight putting Amanda in serious bound distress that shows on virtually every image of her agonized face and to finish things off I hogtied the suffering girl and left her for the afternoon to ponder the error of her ways!
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