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Tight Ropes And The Gag From Hell!
40 images: Amanda has been bitching the entire day about not wanting to do this or do that and I just got tired of her mouth and decided to teach the big boobed girl a lesson. So after tying her sweet ass up I jammed an enormous ball gag brutally deep in her mouth which stressed her jaws to their absolute limit, her eyes looked at me with desperate agony that I ignored and I left her hogtied for the afternoon to make sure she learned the error of her ways!
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Porn Star Cherry Morgan's First Crotch Rope!
33 images: When I told Cherry I was going to thread rope through her pussy she looked at me like I was crazy, she'd never even heard of such a thing let alone experience it and was quite nervous. And to make sure she got the full Badman treatment I pulled that rope extra tight burying itself in her labia until the rope actually disappears and was chaffing her most tender parts! The hogtie was something else she never expected and that's what makes tying girls like Cherry so much fun!
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Bondage Playtime With Three Hot Girls!
52 images: Lexi and Loren have been tied up a lot and their hot friend Ashlee has been curious to experience bondage herself so they brought her over one evening for me to tie and I wasted no time roping her elbows together, gagging her deep and tight and then sat back and let the girls have some fun with their newly tied friend! 18 year old titties were exposed, licked and caressed, tops came off and by the time the evening was over Ashlee was a bondage addict!
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Luna's Bondage Workout!
28 images: There's something inherently sexy about a truly beautiful girl wearing spandex workout clothes and when you add rope to the equation it's nothing short of bondage magic! Luna Lain is at once both demure yet erotic, her face is the stuff of dreams, her body is nothing short of perfection and to see her tied and gagged is something you don't wanna miss so drop in and see what this innocent minx has gotten herself into.
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Forced Orgasms And Double Gagged! Part Two
33 images: Raquel said she was bi curious and wanted to be tied with another girl but she never envisioned that it would turn into such a sexually intense experience! After I push her head between Briella's legs I open Raquel's legs wide and jam the vibe against her clit until she explodes with an orgasm while Briella groans from Raquel's expert tongue. Then I kneel both girls up and use a double gag on their mouths and left them attached to each other for the rest of the afternoon!
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Star's Bondage Fantasy!
35 images: Star has her hands in her undies as she looks at her bondage magazines, she wishes she were the one cruelly tied and made helpless in all those images and as she dozes off to sleep she dreams of ropes, gags and submission. Suddenly she awakes to find her body tied tight...is it a dream? As the afternoon passes she finds herself bound in harsher and harsher ways, deeply gagged and eventually hogtied and wondering if this really happening and if so she hopes it lasts all night!
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Gagged With Her Own Pee'd In Panties!
36 images: I told Sebrina to ease up on the tea before I tied her up but she ignored my warning and it came back to haunt her big time! About halfway in she asked to be released so she could use the bathroom but I wasn't about to have all this time wasted so she just had to go right there where she was and, even though she was embarrassed she did her business and thought that would be the end of it. But I got tired of the complaining and yep, you guessed it, I gagged Sebrina with her own soiled undies! This is 100% real folks, no switcheroo at all!
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CIA Recruit In Training Hell!
28 images: Annabelle was accepted into the rigorous CIA Training Program knowing full well that it's very intense and physically demanding but as she awakens cruelly tied with twine to a chair she had no idea this was part of that training. No notice was given and the masked figure reveals nothing so she thinks this was a true abduction and is forced to endure mind torture as well as physical torture for an entire day to see if she can resist an interrogation if captured. Will she pass?
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Grueling Bondage For Naked Briella
39 images: Briella experienced something today that was a first for her...being strung up by her crushed together elbows and to say she wasn't a fan is a huge understatement! But it went much farther when she was retied in a more normal strappado until she was forced onto her toes, I made her balance precariously on one quivering leg before finally roping her into an achingly strict hogtie and left her drooling and miserable on the garage floor for the rest of the afternoon.
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Caged Amazon Beauty Ariel
35 images: I realize I married out of my league with Ariel, at 6' 2" she's an incredible beauty who I was lucky enough to meet and eventually marry but after 3 years of what I thought was wedded bliss she decided she wanted a divorce. To keep that from happening I tied her up, gagged her and put her in a cell I built in the basement which is where she'll spend the rest of her life. Silly girl...she never should have insisted on that divorce!
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Oral Training For An Elbow Bound Girl
29 images: Samantha is bound excruciatingly tight, the gag is enormous and has her drooling buckets yet there is one last thing she must endure...oral training! After the slobbery ball is taken from her mouth I place a huge dildo on the floor in front of her and like the good girl she is Samantha takes it deep into her throat and once I'm satisfied with her training I'll replace the dildo with the real thing when we go to bed tonight. Hehehe
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The Disappearance Of Detective Rachel Adams!
27 images: Rachel had the misfortune of being assigned to investigate the disappearance of several women and when she knocked on my door her fate was sealed! After rendering Ms. Adams unconscious she is taken to a secure room, tightly tied, ball gagged and when she groggily awakes the frightened girl is told she is being sold overseas as a sex slave and there isn't a thing she can do to prevent it. She is eventually hogtied and will be kept overnight for her pick up in the morning to begin her new life in a land far far away and her family will never know what happened to her.
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I Took An 18 Year Old Girl's Elbow Virginity!
41 images: Anastasia is all of 18 years old and a total novice when it comes to bondage and when I told her we'd be doing elbow bondage she goes, "What's that?" I chuckled because I was going to take that elbow virginity and wasn't going to be nice about it either, and roped her excruciatingly tight and I can tell you she was not a fan of having her arms so cruelly bound...as you can tell by the later photos in the set. The Badman strikes again!
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Amazon Mandy's Day In Hell!
37 images: You saw the first set of photos featuring 6 foot tall amazon Mandy Taylor and now I up the ante by not only tying her calf to her thigh forcing her to balance on one quivering leg but I painfully tie her big toe to her elbows! Dangling by her wrists, elbow bound, ring gagged and drooling, this babe is the very epitome of helpless feminine flesh and she's on total display for your viewing pleasure!
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Hot Girl In A Sleazy Hotel Room!
30 images: I can't put my finger on it but there's something special about a really gorgeous woman in a sexy outfit tied up in a sleazy hotel room and Jayce is a perfect example! Her stunning good looks are in stark contrast to the drab surroundings, she writhes and wriggles erotically on the old and worn chair, her mouth envelopes the ball in her mouth and she looks like a dream come true even in this dreary place.
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Enough Is Enough! Part One
45 images: Monika is a bitch to work for, no doubt about it and Paige has had her fill of the bitchy woman giving orders all day so she confronted her boss and told her enough was enough! And standing 6' 2" in her heels Paige is an imposing woman and quickly intimidated Monika and after getting some rope she proceeded to tie up the sexy woman and soon had her subdued in the office chair she so recently sat like a queen in. "Enough is enough!" Paige tells her and to get ready for an afternoon of bondage!
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I Took Molly's Elbow Virginity
28 images: Molly Winters has been a bondage model for years yet no one has tied her elbows together and for good reason, she is simply not flexible that way so I took it as my personal mission to take that virginity from the sultry blonde and trust me, it wasn't easy! It took serious effort to force Molly's forearms together and get them tied, it was excruciating for her but to her credit she suffered through it so as a reward I hogtied the drooling girl into absolute bondage hell! I'm not the Badman for nothing ya know!
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A Hellish Naked Nightmare!
39 images: Raquel's body bears the marks from her brutal abduction, she was targeted by a sociopath who thought she was dressed too sexy for public viewing who decided to teach the terrified girl a lesson! The emotions and expressions you see are 100% real and are extremely intense, Raquel endured an entire day of bound abuse, humiliation and naked terror and it all unfolds for you with these incredible photos!
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Date Night Turns To Bondage
41 images: When I asked Lexi to put on something elegant and sexy for our date she assumed I was taking her out to a fancy dinner and maybe a movie but she couldn't have been more wrong. She sputtered and fussed when I tied her hands and she really got upset when I roped her ankles and knees but when I taped Lexi's own panties in her mouth she knew this date was going to be a LOT different than before and the first of many to come!
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Chi Chi Medina On Display
34 images: Chi Chi Medina may have the most insanely perfect body I've ever seen and to get to tie and torture her is as hot as it gets! Stripped to her panties and stretched taut to a wooden frame she also endures a hard rubber ball gag and is left to writhe and squirm until it's time to get nasty so a rope is attached to Chi Chi's thong which is brutally wedged up in her pussy until it actually disappears from view!
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