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Big Breasted Tease Bound And Gagged
35 images: There's something inherently sexy about a hot girl in a teeny outfit bound, gagged and helpless that stirs the imagination and that's the exact scenario featuring big breasted Charlee Chase who finds herself quite helpless on her own bed! Her sweet pussy is barely covered by her running shorts and her sports bra strains to hold in her enormous tits and all she can do is plead with her beautiful eyes that you'll satisfy her before too long. 35 hot bondage photos that are sure to please!
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Beautiful Suffering
30 images: The tears you see from Rachel are absolutely real, she hates having her tender breasts tortured so that's exactly what she was made her endure with clothespins and clover clamps, the crotch rope was excruciatingly tight, the ball filled her mouth causing huge trails of saliva and all she could do was sit, sob and endure. And the video is available at www.badmanvideos.com
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High Heeled Amazon Ariel Anderssen Tied Tight!
34 images: Take a six foot two inch tall gorgeous woman, dress her in a tight and teeny dress, a pair of sexy heels and add rope and what you have in an update that is gonna rock your world! Her elbows are lashed together, the ball gag is strapped as physically tight as possible leaving Ariel nothing but her expressive eyes to plead for the release that isn't coming any time soon.
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Alyssa's Morning Shower
36 images: Sit back and enjoy one of the hottest, steamiest and erotically hot updates we've ever posted featuring the gorgeous Alyssa who's bound, gagged and loves spreading her mile long legs for your viewing pleasure! Don't you wish all showers were like this!
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Rachel's Ball Tied Nightmare!
34 images: Rachel Adams is known for her ability to endure the tightest of rope so I decided to put the naked beauty to the test and what follows is something special! Starting off with just her hands and feet tied things get progressively harsher and tougher for Rachel, her elbows are lashed, a huge gag is strapped deep and tight and the final position is a ball tie that leaves her utterly and completely helpless! Bondage at it finest for sure!
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Bondage Dreams Turn Into A Nightmare!
41 images: Sebrina is lounging at her pool with her hand beneath her bikini bottom as she fantasizes about being bound and gagged, she dozes off and when she wakes she's been tied to a post, something she always dreamed about. But then somehow her elbows were tied, her teeny bikini is pulled away exposing her perfect body, she's been gagged much too harshly and she has no idea if this is just a dream or reality. You decide!
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Hogtied Cock Tease!
29 images: While I'm happy that Luci is trying to stay healthy by jogging I do have a problem with what she wears, it's extremely suggestive and way overboard for what I'm comfortable with her wearing in public so I decided to put a stop to it. When Luci refused to change I did what any guy would do, I tied her up, gagged her and left her to squirm for the afternoon and after I hogtied the sexy girl she thrashed so much I bet she burned more calories than all that sweaty running so I just might make this a daily workout for her!
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Classic Skirt, Heels And Rope!
35 images: These images of Addie evoke the most primal of bondage fantasies, the beautiful girl is dressed in a classic outfit of a skirt, white blouse and stunning pumps, she's gagged with a knotted cloth leaving nothing but her eyes to plead with her captor and is the stuff of dreams! Eventually Addie's skirt is lifted and her blouse unbuttoned revealing the lingerie beneath, she struggles helplessly and wonders just how long she's going to be kept which is totally up to you...the viewer!
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Burgled Bound And Gagged!
34 images: Okay, when a girl has her home broken into and robbed it's almost expected that the intruder would tie her up while he makes his getaway but the gag was totally unnecessary. Paige lives miles from the nearest neighbor and no one would ever hear her scream way out here and even though she begged him not to strap that huge ball in her mouth he ignored her desperate please and cruelly gagged her anyway and left her to struggle and groan helplessly until someone finds her!
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Hard Bondage On A Cold Day
27 images: You've seen the video on www.badmanvideos.com and now the full photo set of that epic afternoon is here and ready for your enjoyment...if you like a brutally bound girl that is! Rachel Adams is harshly bound to a pole with zip ties, including her elbows and during the afternoon her panties are unhooked, a high pressure hose is turned on her and all she can do is cry and pray I don't leave her out all night. Hmmmm...decisions...decisions.....
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Naked, Hogtied And Crotch Roped!
37 images: Sadie had never experienced a crotch rope in her life so when the Badman threads the rope between her pussy lips her eyes went wide with both sexual arousal and discomfort that had her mind swirling the entire time! And when the hogtie was added this gorgeous woman was experiencing the most unique bondage of her life. 37 fantastic photos!
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High Heeled And Hogtied!
29 images: Ah yes, Bailey brings it in this hot update that finds the petite girl in her tightest jeans that go along perfectly with her tightest bondage and when you add the sky high stiletto heels and a leather belt gagging her you have something very special! Eventually she 's elbow bound and finally roped into a hogtie that leaves her utterly and deliciously helpless!
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Hogtied Tramp!
36 images: Look, I like girls dressed in sexy outfits as much as the next guy but Luci takes it to another level and as her guardian I couldn't have her walking out of the house in those teeny shorts. She fussed when I tied her wrists, ankles and knees and when I got tired of the whining I gagged her hard and tight and when that didn't get my point across I tied her elbows excruciatingly tight before hogtying her and by the end of the afternoon Luci was one very contrite girl!
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The Spreadeagle Submission Of Amber Deen
25 images: You've seen the video on www.badmanvideos.com and now the photos from that awesome afternoon are here for your viewing and perving pleasure! Amber is naked and spread on a bed, she's totally open, exposed and ready for play and you have a front row seat to see all her sexy photos!
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Rachel Lilly Hard Tied And Hard Gagged
31 images: Rachel bragged that she was a flexible girl so I took her up on that and roped her elbows just as physically tight as possible and at first the lithe beauty managed okay but as the afternoon wore on the ropes seemed to bite deeper, the gag seemed to stretch her jaws further and after being hogtied her cockiness was a thing of the past! Her eyes begged me to untie her so of course I left her for the rest of the afternoon, just to make sure she knew who was boss around here.
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At Angel's Request! Part One
31 images: Angel had never been tied with paracord and for context you need to understand that she is NOT limber at all yet being a true masochist she wanted the experience and what follows is her journey into the depths of the harshest bondage of her life. To ease Angel into it she was given several orgasms but then it began in earnest, including her elbows, a severe belt whipping and a drool inducing gag...and she loved every minute of it!
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A Day In Bondage With Sebrina
34 images: When Sebrina called me on the phone asking if she could come over for some bondage fun I couldn't wait for her to arrive and when she stripped down to the skimpiest thong I've ever seen I knew it was going to be a fun day! Sebrina likes her bondage harsh and inescapable and that's exactly what she got, including her toes and the results are just HOT!
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High Heeled, Mouth Packed And Hogtied
33 images: Briella Jaden is wearing one of my all time favorite outfits of tight jeans, cute top and six inch heels and when you add rope the ensemble is complete. I added a few accessories myself with a rag packed in her mouth and held in with a long cloth but for a more secure gagging I plastered several layers of duct tape across her mouth, hogtied her and that's how I left Briella for the afternoon.
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Luci: Bound, Gagged And Molested!
31 images: I couldn't resist, I just couldn't and honestly what man, or woman for that matter, could. When you have a beautiful girl naked, helplessly tied, gagged and at your mercy it's a no brainer to help yourself to her ripe, young body and such is the case with Luci Lovett. She was touched, teased and heavily groped the entire afternoon, her body was my personal playground, she looked at me apprehensively as she wondered what would be next which made for a very interesting afternoon!
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Ariel Anderssen's Impossibly Twisted Arms!
44 images: As you view these photos you'll wonder how a human being can endure not only having their arms so insanely twisted but having them bound that way with zip ties, it's nothing short of amazing yet that's exactly what Ariel is made to deal with! She's even gagged with the hateful plastic restraints! As an added bonus included are several "after" shots as the zip ties were systematically cut from her six foot frame giving you perfect insight into just how tight this was! This is an update you simply cannot miss!
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