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Cheerleader Short Cut Leads To Bondage!
41 images: KendraLynn was late for cheerleading practice and her coach told her if it happens again she would be kicked off the squad so on the way she decided to take a seldom used short cut through the woods and it was the last time anyone ever saw her again. Grabbed from behind Kendra had a rag stuffed in her mouth, he bound her with tape even though she fought hard and was taken to his hideaway where no one would ever find her, she'll be just another statistic, a missing girl that disappeared without a trace.
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Cherry Morgan's Nude Bondage Nightmare!
36 images: You've seen the videos so now feast your eyes on some of the most intense photos I've ever taken and they feature porn star Cherry Morgan enduring extremely stressful bondage....as you can tell from her facial expression! Cherry is not flexible at all and trust me, this babe suffered greatly and the images reflect that so perfectly you'll want to view them over and over and over again! Don't miss this sweet update!
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What They Did To Their Baby Sitter Was So Cruel!
41 images: Angel can't believe their tie up game has gone this far, and she never dreamed they knew how to tie a girl up so damn tight...and where the hell did they get the ball gag that's strapped so tight in her mouth! She's hogtied so tight she can barely move a muscle, she's drooling all over the place and it'll be hours until their parents get home, how will she endure this for that long!
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Zoe Stop Masturbating Or I'll Tie You Up!
35 images: I came home from work today and found Zoe naked and masturbating on the couch again even though she promised to keep her hands to herself from now on and I told her I'd tie her up if she didn't stop. She thought I was joking but now as she lays in excruciatingly tight bondage, including having her elbows wrenched together she is getting the message to stop or I'll leave her like this for the rest of the afternoon!
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Tied To Tears!
31 images: Whitney doesn't understand why she just can't be kept in a locked room while awaiting the ransom to be paid instead of being so cruelly tied and gagged and now it gets even worse! She is achingly hogtied and left for hours while arrangements are made, the ropes bite hard and as she lays on the floor the tears start to come and she sobs desperately, her make up runs down her face yet her captor has no empathy and leaves Whitney hogtied while he makes the cash pick up.
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Sebrina Dammit! Leave Me Alone!
33 images: Sebrina never really agreed to being bound and gagged this afternoon but I never let those little things bother me and roped her up nasty tight, stuffed her mouth and wrapped tape around her head to seal the wad in and left her to writhe. And since I was in a mood I achingly hogtied and then stripped her shorts down exposing Sebrina's neatly trimmed pussy and left her like that until bed time, which was hours away. Hehehe
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A Young Housewife's Bound Desperation!
35 images:It happened so fast Briella had no chance to resist, he was very strong and soon had her achingly bound, including her elbows right there in her kitchen before searching the place for loot! When she tried to use a knife to cut herself free the young housewife was caught, forced into another room where she was stripped of her clothes as well as her dignity while he made his getaway leaving the terrified girl to writhe and wait for rescue.
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Bound Tickle Torment for Raquel!
40 images: Once I had Raquel securely tied to the chair I brought in her friend Sydney to do something Raquel absolutely hates...being tickled! They are good friends so Sydney knew all Raquel's sweet spots and she soon had the tied girl screaming, writhing and drooling like crazy...and it went on for hours!
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The Subjugation of Annabelle!
35 images: Annabelle Genovisi had never submitted to a woman in her life so what better way to introduce her to that world than by having six foot tall amazon Sabrina Fox take Annabelle's submissive virginity. She is a severe yet caring mistress and slowly takes Annabelle to places she could never dreamed existed and you have a front row seat to see how it all got started.
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Luna Lain Meets The Badman!
40 images: Luna has the most innocent face you could ever imagine and I knew it was going to be special once I got my rope on that tight little body! When she looked at me with with an expression that said,"Please don't hurt me mister." she almost had me....almost! I tied her extremely tight, dragged her elbows together as far as possible, gagged the sweet darling cruelly tight and finished her off with a very strict hogtie! Great way to introduce myself I thought! hehehe
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Scarlette Stop Touching Me Mister!
28 images: Gagged with her own panties and tied up Scarlette is completely vulnerable and my hands take full advantage of her helplessness! She groans and tries to squirm away but all that does is get her hogtied with her sweet ass exposed and there's not a thing in the world she can do about it!
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Sarah: Hot Neighbor In Booted Hogtied Hell!
38 images: My sexy neighbor Sarah was curious about this whole bondage thing she knows I'm involved in so I offered to show her the ropes so to speak and it was a decision she immediately regretted! Not only did I tie her elbows excruciatingly tight but I yanked her skimpy top up exposing her perfect tits and finished her off with a strict hogtie that left her utterly helpless!
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Raquel's Clover Clamped Hell!
28 images: Raquel can take a lot but when it comes to her nipples it's a whole 'nother story! They are incredibly sensitive and she begged me not to put the clamps on them, so of course that's exactly what I did and it wasn't long before the tears came. Gagged, drooling and helpless Raquel can only wait and pray I'll eventually have mercy.
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Bella Meets The Creep!
45 images: Bella is all smiles and enjoying her bondage shoot striking one hot pose after another but after a while the photographer started making suggestions she wasn't comfortable with and when she declined he got angry and did things she never agreed to! Like taking her skirt off and strapping a ball gag in her mouth and then she was hogtied and even her toes were painfully tied and the bastard left her like that for the entire afternoon! Asshole!
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Chi Chi Bound, Spread, Panty Gagged And Forced To Cum!
31 images: Not may things in life are as primal as a girl tied spread eagle naked on a bed and when she's gagged with her own used undies that image gets even hotter! Big boobed ChiChi Medina is in just that predicament and I take full advantage of her vulnerable body by using a vibe to wring one orgasm after another from her tethered body! Then to top it all off she is brutally crotch roped and left to writhe while I go downstairs to watch the game. hehehe
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Please Daddy, Make Him Stop!
30 images: My buddy Rob has brought his wayward daughter to me for discipline and around here that means excruciatingly tight bondage, something Sebrina found out immediately! Not only do I lash her elbows cruelly tight Rob is asked to step in and twist his daughter's nipples, spank her bare ass and force her to talk to her mother on the phone about the abuse she is taking for running away like she did. Did she learn her lesson? Time will tell!
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Naked, Gagged and Stressing!
30 images: Big boobed Samantha is in for a rough day as she lays naked on the filthy garage floor, she's going to endure severe elbow bondage, a huge, punishing gag and then her voluptuous body is arched back when her wrists are yanked back and attached to a hook which stresses her body hard! Tough times for Samantha indeed!
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A Double Dose Of Hell For Stacey!
45 images: Stacey thought the elbow wrenching strappado I tied her in was pretty bad, so I yanked her up higher and took off her heels forcing her to stand on tip toe just to make sure she knows things can always get worse. After letting her dangle for a while I took Stacey down and roped her into an achingly tight cross ankle hogtie that left her drooling and desperate! Just another day around the Badman's house. hehehe
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Annabelle GWC Terror!
43 images: Being the trusting type Annabelle believed this guy when he said he was a professional photographer but as the shoot went on it was obvious he just wanted to tie up a hot naked chick. Being tied is one thing but when he roped her elbows together and strapped a gag in her mouth Annabelle knew she was in serious trouble, no one knows where she's at and lord knows what he has planned next!
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Playtime With Step Daddy Gone Terribly Wrong!
40 images: Bella enjoys it when her perverted step dad ties her up, she likes bondage and he likes tying her and today's play time is going well. Until he gets cruel and ropes her elbows excruciatingly tight, it hurts like hell and when he hogtied her and threatened to use a vibrator Bella was not a happy girl! But she's helpless and now must endure his erotic bondage perversions!
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