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The Return Of Annabelle Genovisi!
26 images: It's been three years since Annabelle has had rope on her hot body, life has taken her in directions away from bondage but that has changed and this update is her first time tied up and it's something special! Her adorable socks and teeny thong add to the wonderful visuals of seeing Annabelle in as severe a hogtie as she's ever experienced so sit back and enjoy the return of Ms. Genovisi!
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Buxom Babe Bound In Lingerie
35 images: There's something inherently erotic about a girl surprised while getting dressed, is given no chance to put the rest of her clothes on and is then bound and gagged in her sexy lingerie! The gag was another unwelcome surprise as was the hogtie that eventually followed and the result is an update that is going to rock your bondage loving world!
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Lingerie Heels And Rope
27 images: Jessie evokes the stuff of bondage dreams as she struggles and squirms in her sexiest lingerie complete with classic black pumps and when you add a deep gag you have an update that is as good as it gets! Guaranteed!
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Real Estate Agent Gets Snatched!
31 images: Fayth is showing a home to a perspective renter who has evil intentions on his mind and as the pretty real estate agent shows him around she's grabbed from behind until she passes out, then carried to a dreary back room and dumped on an old mattress. When she groggily wakes Fayth finds herself mouth stuffed and tied cruelly tight as her captor stands over her helpless body and she wonders what he has in store for her!
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A Hogtied Drooling Mess!
31 images: Girls hate to drool! Which means I love to make them do it and such is the case for Bella in this super hot update that has the beautiful naked girl hogtied on a table, hard gagged and left to drool and good gawd what a mess she makes! To make it more humiliating I caught her saliva in a bowl and poured it on her ass while she screamed past the ball in her mouth! And go check out the video at www.badmanvideos.com
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Paige And Christina! 'Nuff Said
41 images: Paige Turner and Christina Carter are the very best of friends which comes out in one deliciously sexy image after another, Paige is helplessly tied to a futon while Christina has her way with naked friend! After being gagged Paige is left to her thoughts as Ms. Carter erotically caresses Paige in every way imaginable making for an update that you just don't want to miss!
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Hard Tied Hooter's Girl!
32 images: I told Summer not to take a waitress job at our local Hooter's, all those guys with the grabby hands and lewd comments creates an atmosphere I didn't want her exposed to but the strong headed girl took the job anyway. So when she was on her way out the door I grabbed my big breasted girlfriend, tied and gagged her and that's how she'll stay until she sees the error of her ways!
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Panty Gagged, Groped, And Hogtied!
38 images: If you're a fan of a tied girl in jeans, classic heels, and being heavily groped while enduring very tight bondage this update is custom made just for you! Amanda's mouth is filled with two pairs of used undies, hands are all over her helpless body and she is eventually hogtied into utter submission making this as good as it gets!
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Sebrina's Cum Soaked Desperate Escape
32 images: Two intruders tied Sebrina up while robbing her, during her ordeal they used her in horrific ways and when they were ready to finally leave instead of untying her Sebrina was left cruelly bound to figure it out on her own. Her face is covered with their cum and mixed with tears and sweat the innocent girl is an absolute mess of humiliated helplessness as she achingly works at the ropes holding her body captive!
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How It All Started!
30 images: This unique update features some of the very first bondage photos ever taken of Paige Turner, they are actual 35mm photos re-edited and are what got her and I started in the world of bondage for public viewing. There are full nude photos, lingerie, high heels and simply sexy home made bondage pics that are from our private collection that we are only too happy to share! Enjoy!
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A Pretty Girl In Bondage
38 images: Brandy just might be one of the prettiest girls I have ever had the opportunity to tie up, she's sultry and smoldering with sensuality, here face is the stuff of dreams and when you add rope it's a photo set that will melt your screen! You have GOT to see this girl!
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Strung Up In Heels!
41 images: Natalie is put through her paces and looks fantastic in the sexy outfit she barely has on, it starts out simply enough with her wrists tied overhead but over the course of the afternoon things definitely go downhill for the lithe beauty. She's hard gagged, she's forced to balance on one high heeled foot and a clothespin is clipped on her clit for good measure making this an update you'll absolutely love!
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Amanda's Outdoor Naked Ordeal!
48 images: Amanda has been bad and she knows it so when she found herself tied naked outside and tied to a pole she accepted that, the gag was huge but she knew better than to resist and she hoped that was a rough as it would get. Wrong! Her tits were cruelly bound with tape to the bursting point and for good measure clothespins were clipped to her stiff nipples and that's how she would spend the afternoon! And check out www.badmanvideos.com to see the video!
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Lorianna's Classic Bound Distress!
40 images: The recipe is perfect! Take one large breasted beautiful girl, dress her in skin tight jeans, mix in a dash of strappy heels, then fold in a huge ball gag, add a hogtie then expose those breasts and you have the perfect photo set! As classic as it gets!
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Bound Barista
39 images: Angelica had taken a job as a local barista but the outfit she was required to wear was not something her husband was happy about, it was too sexy for his taste but when she refused to quit he did what any man would do....he tied her up until she changed her mind! Even if it took all afternoon!
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Natalie's Hogtied Hell
33 images: What started a s fun, light bondage afternoon for Natalie soon morphed into something excruciating, including a gag so big it pries her jaws apart to her physical limit and causes the naked girl to drool profusely! Eventually she's hogtied and left to wonder why she ever agreed to this in the first place.
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A Grueling Hogtie For Sebrina!
30 images: It was already bad for innocent Sebrina, being hogtied out in the garage was not how she wanted to spend her afternoon but the Badman had other ideas. When she complained he simply made it worse by attaching her toes to the gag thus stressing Sebrina even harder and as you view the images you'll wonder how she ever endured this!
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Rachel Adams in Strung Up Hell
15 images: Rachel refused to cooperate with her captor so had no choice but to convince her first by stripping her naked, then stringing the terrified woman up by her wrists and then turning a high pressure hose on her tethered body. When she screamed a ball gag was strapped in her mouth and for good measure clover clamps were clipped to Rachel's tender nipples but so far she has been defiant but how long can she hold out is anyone's guess.
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Briella's Elbow Bound Submission
37 images: Briella is told to strip to her panties, her elbows are then tied, she's gagged and then ordered to kneel with her thighs open and await my return. The only time she is allowed to leave the room is to use the bathroom but then she must get back on her knees to await her fate. When I eventually get back home I take full advantage of my submissive darling before roping her into a severe hogtie for the rest of the afternoon...and Briella would have it no other way.
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Dammit Badman, Gimme That Vibe!
29 images: I tied Sebrina's crotch rope extra tight because I knew it would drive her crazy with sexual arousal, she tried to grind against it to make her self cum but she just couldn't get there so she begged me to use a vibe. But after two orgasms her pussy and clit were getting sore and she wanted it to stop...so of course I left the vibe taped to Sebrina's thigh for several hours just to watch her scream and writhe with one painful orgasm after another! They don't call me the Badman for nothing!
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