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Why Do I Have To Be Naked Daddy?
38 images: Annabelle knows every Thursday is "Tie Up" day in our house, she knows the deal but that doesn't mean she likes it and today she is particularly sulky, especially when I told her she would have to be naked. After stripping her panties off, which would later be used to gag her Annabelle is put into excruciatingly tight bondage, even her elbows are not spared and by the end of the day she promised never to be grumpy again. 38 smoking hot fantasy bondage photos!
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Sarah's Home Invaded Panty Gagged Nightmare!
35 images: Sarah was enjoying a peaceful summer afternoon when an intruder snuck in, bound her with tape and told her to behave while he searched the house. But the feisty girl tried to escape and call for help and that got her bound much more severely and gagged with her own worn undies which is just how the bastard left her while he made his getaway!
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A Stripped And Hogtied Baby Sitter!
39 images: As Raquel lays in very tight bondage from the "Tie Up" game she foolishly agreed to play she wonders just how long they plan on keeping her this way, her elbows are in agony yet no empathy is shown and now her jeans have been yanked down! But it gets worse when, after changing her gag she is achingly roped into an excruciating hogtie and that's just how they left her for the evening! Tough way to earn some extra money!
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High Heeled Hottie Snatched And Hogtied!
39 images: When Heather naively accepted a drink from a cute guy in her favorite nightclub she had no idea how her life would change forever! She remembers feeling groggy and the next thing she knew she awoke bound achingly tight, gagged and blindfolded and that was just the start of her nightmare. She was captured for sale overseas and had to listen to plans being made for her own disappearance, she was eventually hogtied and left for a morning pick up to her new owner. What a terrible fate!
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A Long Day Of Orgasms!
24 images: Orgasms! We all love to have them, it's what makes the world go around but sometimes, as is the case here with Sarah Brooke, orgasms can go from extreme pleasure to extreme discomfort bordering on painful. I taped the vibe to Sarah Brooke's thigh after spreading her on the bed and just left her for the afternoon, I could hear her scream from downstairs as she begged me to turn the vibe off but hey, I'm the Badman and I kept the naked girl like that for hours...and hours...and hours....
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High Heeled And Crotch Split Beauty
35 images: Precious few women on the planet are as downright hot as Angel Lee and when you add rope, a ball gag, high heels, and a lip splitting crotch rope you have something very special and that's exactly what this sexy-as-hell update has in store! The tan beauty is on total display as she writhes and squirms on the floor making this a photo set you just can't miss!
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Hogtied Glamour Puss
30 images: Few women on the planet are as hot as Summer Monroe, her tight, lean body and full lush breasts are just begging for bondage and what started out as a glamour shoot quickly morphed into some serious bondage with Summer eventually being roped into a strict hogtie! And that's just how she was left for the rest of the day!
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Strappado Pics
66 images: Ten Girls In Strappado Hell! There is something inherently evil about a girl tied in a strict strappado, while the bondage itself is fairly minimal the position is shoulder wrenching and extremely stressful especially if the girl is left for long periods of time as is the case in this hot update! I've culled the very best images from over a decade and brought them all together for our largest update ever, 66 photos featuring the likes of Candle Boxxx, Cali Logan, SaraLiz ,Summer Peters and seven others all in one place for your viewing pleasure!
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Sebrina's Desperate Struggle!
32 images: Sebrina was left tightly bound in her bedroom and the only way to escape was to somehow drag her bound body down the stairs where she hopes to find her phone and call for help. But she is caught, severely gagged and bound in a position so brutal, including her toes, that she could never get free in a million years and that's just how the intruder left the innocent girl!
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Photo Shoot Gone Terribly Horribly Wrong!
51 images: Angel usually researches the photographers she shoots with but for some reason this guy charmed her in negotiations and she showed up without getting references and that was a mistake she'll regret! And it started out just fine with her hitting one sexy pose after another but then he started touching her inappropriately which was bad enough but then he started taking her clothes off and before the gorgeous blonde could stop him she was totally exposed, cruelly bound, gagged and utterly helpless! Lesson learned Angel!
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Briella's Hogtied Terror!
33 images: Briella's day is hard bondage continues and there's no end in sight for the lithe beauty as she endures having her elbows brutally bound. Her mouth is stuffed to the brim and now her jeans are yanked down exposing the tightest ass on the planet and she'll end her day in a severe hogtie which is how I left her for two long hours! That's what a girl gets for being a bitch to the Badman.
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Bound Spread And Squirting
19 images: The dark spots you see on the sheet is the mess Angel Knight made when she squirted time and again during an intense forced orgasm session we shared, the naked girl just couldn't help herself but, truth be told, I wouldn't have it any other way. I can always wash the sheets. Don't miss this short but very sweet update from the Badman!
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Lexi: Spread and Squirting
18 images: Lexi said that being tied and exposed makes her wet, she loves the helpless feeling it gives her and when she was stimulated to orgasm the naked babe squirted all over the bed soaking the sheets! She wasn't kidding, Lexi REALLY loves naked bondage and the sheets are proof positive!
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Buxom Bikini Babe Bound In Paradise!
38 images: Fan favorite Heather is on total sexy display in this incredibly hot photo set that is going to rock your world! Bound out on the pool deck the busty beauty twists her voluptuous body in all the right ways giving you one fantastic image after another until the final position which is a very strict hogtie complete with a mouth filling gag making this one of the hottest photo sets we've ever done!
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Big Breasted Baby Sitter's Nightmare
32 images: When April agreed to play Cops And Robbers with her charges she had no idea what they planned to do to her, at first it was all fun and games with the ropes not being too bad. But then she was tied much tighter, including her elbows, she was stripped, gagged and eventually hogtied into absolute helplessness where she'll have to wait for their parents to come home and set her free. Brats!
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Bailey's Bondage Fantasy!
31 images: Bailey was desperate to be tied up but with no one home to help her out she put on her highest heels and cutest outfit, got some rope and a gag and simply took matters into her own hands. After tying her own ankles and knees and then gagging herself Bailey slipped a hand beneath her pants to touch herself and soon drifted into her special place and when she came to her wrist have been somehow tightly tied! It seems her fantasy is turning into reality!
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Hogtied Betrayal
30 images: Luci's boyfriend owes the Badman a debt that he's balking at paying off so the innocent girl is being used as a pawn to get the cheap bastard to pay up or his girlfriend will be kept cruelly bound and gagged until the debt is taken care of. But to her horror he refuses and thus sacrificed Luci to the whims of the Badman and for the pretty girl it's going to be a long, night in tight bondage!
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Raquel's Nightmare! A Custom Commission
37 images: A stipulation for Raquel to do this custom video/photo shoot she would not be told what was planned and if she stopped it at any time she would not be paid and what follows is mind blowing! Clover clamps are attached to her tender clit, she is tied in one fierce position after another, she's made to orgasm time and again and that barely scratches the surface! And yes, she somehow managed to get through the entire ordeal without stopping and if you want to see the video check out www.badmanvideos.com
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Arm Twisted And Gagged Submission
37 images: Shelby knows why she's here, until today she had never, ever been bound or gagged so her nervousness can be expected but her submissive nature soon calmed the pretty girl and while the bondage wasn't overly complicated it was very strict and the gag mouth filling. Shelby is very photogenic as the pics will show, her eyes speak volumes making this is an update you're going to love!
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Damn it You Don't Have To Hogtie Me!
36 images: Sebrina was already stressing from being tied so tight but that got worse when I wrenched her elbows together and tied them and replaced the mouth packing with a ball gag but she managed to endure it...hatefully but she endured and she thought this was as bad as it would get. Wrong! After stripping the sexy girl I roped Sebrina into a strict hogtie and left her there while I watched a ball game on TV in peace and quiet. ;)
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