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Scarlette: What's the lube for?
30 images: Now that I have Scarlette hogtied and utterly helpless I help myself to her firm, ripe body and there's nothing the beautiful girl can do to stop me. But then I bring over a tube of KY Jelly, show it to Scarlette and her eyes go wide above her panty stuffed mouth and I can tell she's wondering what the hell I'm going to do with it. Hehehe...if she only knew!
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Kimmy Lee Hooded, Stripped And Hogtied! Lee Garage Hood
37 images: Voluptuous Kimmy Lee stands naked except for her strappy heels, her hands are wrenched up behind her, she's gagged, hooded and utterly terrified! During the next several hours the beautiful girl's tits are clamped and abused, she is forced to balance on one high heeled foot and eventually Kimmy is cruelly hogtied and left to writhe in the dreary garage!
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Big Boobed Elbow Bound Maid!
34 images: Hannah Perez works for a topless maid service and had no problem doing her duties for me with her huge tits exposed but there was one item I failed to mention in the negotiations and that was she'd have to clean with her elbows tightly tied! At first she balked but when I told Hannah it was my way or the highway she grudgingly agreed and I sat back to watch some seriously sexy cleaning!
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Playtime With Step Daddy Gone Terribly Wrong!
36 images: Bella enjoys it when her perverted step dad ties her up, she likes bondage and he likes tying her and today's play time is going well. Until he gets cruel and ropes her elbows excruciatingly tight, it hurts like hell and when he hogtied her and threatened to use a vibrator Bella was not a happy girl! But she's helpless and now must endure his erotic bondage perversions!
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Hard Body In A Hogtie!
40 images: Sarah Brooke has a body that is the stuff of dreams, firm and tight yet flexible making her the perfect subject for my bondage! Her mouth is packed with cloth, her arms are twisted and tied behind her back and the uber fit babe is then cruelly hogtied and left to writhe and it's bondage candy of the highest order!
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The Forced Submission Of Jade Madison!
47 images: My girlfriend Sebrina spotted sexy Jade in a bar last night so I took it upon myself to snatch and tie the hot babe up and give her to Sebrina as a present and she wasted no time indulging her fantasies! First she forces Jade to suck a thick dildo, then gags her before spreading Jade's thighs wide and uses a vibe to wring one orgasm after another and by the end of the day Jade refused to leave saying she would love to be our bondage slave. Permanently!
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Lexi Richelle: The Lost Pics!
37 images: I stumbled on a batch of preview pics featuring the nubile Lexi Richelle from several of her different videos and combined them here to make one super sexy update! These are from her earliest shoots, she was brand new and barely 18 at the time of shooting yet it's obvious this girl was born to be tied! Enjoy her helplessness!
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But I'm The Baby Sitter! You HAVE To Untie Me!
37 images:Whitney's foolish mistake to allow her self to be tied has morphed into a hellish ordeal complete with severe elbow bondage and a cruel gag being strapped into her mouth! She's been stripped almost naked but when the parents come home she thinks she'll be rescued but instead she is left brutally hogtied for the rest of the night!
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Slyyy Double Teamed For Tickling!
35 images:After I strung up my girl friend Slyyy in the garage I invited my buddy Rob over so we could double team her for serious tickle torture! Slyyy desperately tries to avoid our fingers and the devious use of a toothbrush was something she never saw coming and soon she was sweating and exhausted from the abuse. Being the kind guy I am I turned a hose on Slyyy to cool her off, not sure she was happy about that but then I really didn't care. Hehehe
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The Bound Submission Of Raquel Roper! Part Two
44 images: This is from Raquel's very first bondage experience EVER and I gave the innocent beauty no quarter and in fact I was exceptionally hard on her simply because she challanged me to do my worst. Silly girl. So I brutally crotched her, clipped clothespins on her tender nipples and finished with a nasty elbows together hogtie that left Raquel utterly helpless and in the tightest bondage she could ever have imagined!
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Amazon Kelly Hogtied In Heels!
50 images: Take an honest to goodness six foot tall woman, strip her naked, put her in six inch stiletto's, tie her excruciatingly tight and tape her own panties in her mouth and what have you got? One helluva photo set, that's what you've got! 50 incredibly hot bondage photos guaranteed to rock your world!
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The Disappearance Of Zoe Rae
38 images: Zoe wore her sexiest outfit as she went door to door soliciting donations for her college sorority but she had the misfortune of knocking on the Badman's door and the instant she set foot inside her fate was sealed! She was quickly subdued, tied very tight, cruelly gagged and then told she was being sold as a bondage sex slave overseas and struggle as she might Zoe had no hope of getting loose and lays hogtied to await her fate!
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Drea's Abduction Nightmare!
43 images:Drea awakens bound, cruelly gagged and blindfolded on what feels like an old mattress, the last thing she remembers was leaving the bar last night and now she finds herself in this hellish nightmare! Eventually her top is pulled up and her shorts get yanked down and all so her captor can leer at her helpless, sexy body.
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Amanda Kent: Classic bondage
40 images: Few things are as appealing as a really hot girl in a classic outfit of skin tight jeans, skimpy top and strappy heels especially when she's tied very tight and seriously gagged and that's exactly what Amanda Kent brings to the table in this uber hot update! Bondage eye candy indeed!
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Annabelle Experiencing One Of My Tightest Ties Ever!
33 images:It was late one night and Annabelle was feeling frisky and asked if I'd tie her up really tight and see how long she could endure it and I was only too happy to comply. But after a couple hours like this Annabelle was quite ready to be let go...so being the kind hearted guy I am I kept Annabelle bound for another hour just to makes sure she got what she really wanted out of this. I know I did! hehehe
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My Uncle Tied Me Tight Enough To Hurt!
50 images:Hannah isn't shy so asking her uncle to put her in tight bondage wasn't unusual but this was way more than she had ever experienced! Her uncle got absolutely sadistic with the ropes this time, he even gagged Hannah with her own panties and by the time he hogtied his niece she was so severely bound she couldn't get loose in a million years! And then he went to lunch...the bastard!
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Cock Tease Coed Spread On A Bed!
26 images: Annabelle loved teasing the guys but when she met the Badman her cock teasing ways came to an abrupt end when she found herself stripped and tied spreadeagle to his bed! Eventually her panties were removed and stuffed in her mouth leaving the bitch open and vulnerable to his whims!
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Drea Morgan And A Whole Lotta Tape!
53 images:Drea hates being bound with electrical tape so of course that's exactly what I use on the naked babe! And I just don't tie her, I tie the fuck out of her, crushing her elbows and even taping the soles of her feet together and when I added the severe tape gag the little darling was about as helpless as she could possibly be!
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Scarlette: Stripped, Groped And Hogtied!
35 images: Scarlette's ordeal continues as the Badman gropes and torments the helpless girl, her mouth is stuffed with her own used panties, his hands are everywhere on her near naked body and all Scarlette can do is accept this humiliation. And now she's being hogtied and then heaven knows what he'll do next!
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Angel Lee's Long Nude Struggle!
34 images: Angel was house sitting for a friend and had the misfortune of a burglar breaking in and after grabbing the naked girl fresh from the shower he tied her up, gagged her and left the pretty blonde to struggle while he cleaned the place out. But before he left Angel was strictly hogtied and left all alone until her friend returns...which won't be for two whole days! Yikes!
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