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Hogtied Hottie
27 images: Big breasted Summer Monroe finds herself yet again in the Badman's ropes, her lush, full breasts are on prominent display as she squirms deliciously first in a chair before eventually being hogtied. To up her distress level Summer's toes are tied and attached to her wrists leaving the sexy girl utterly and completely helpless!
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Tough Day For Natalie
28 images: Not only is Natalie tied harshly tight with wire against a splintery post but her lush tits have rubber bands circling them causing them to swell to the bursting point! The gag is huge and causes Nat to drool uncontrollably all over her chest and stomach, her elbows ache from the wire but it's just another day with the Badman!
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Punished Princess
35 images: Rachel over played her hand when she tried to use her feminine wiles to get me to overlook her bratty behavior, I saw right through her ploy though and as punishment I roped her into an excruciating hogtie complete with a toe tie! The gag was just mean on my part but it's the only way she'll learn.
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Sebrina's Hard Tied Hell
30 images: Sebrina is tied in an absolutely bone crushing lotus that even has her elbows impossibly tied together behind her back! Her nude body is on total display, she can barely twitch a muscle and has no choice but to wait for the release which could be hours away. Yeah...I went all Badman on her for sure!
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Wrenching Summer's Elbows Together
43 images: While elbow bondage is always awesome it's even more so when the girl is NOT flexible as is the case with Summer Monroe in this hot as hell update! Her tight top barely contains her huge breasts which are thrust out from the way her elbows are severely tied and when you add a hogtie it's out of this world fantastic!
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Innocent And Spread
46 images: Tiffany was barely past her 18th birthday at the time of filming, she had no idea what a spreader bar even was but she was curious and submitted herself to the experience and the result is mind numblingly sexy! This is on another level special!
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Tied In Heels
32 images: Sydney is an absolute vision of sexy hotness, her strappy heels are on prominent display as are the ropes that bind her body and when you add a mouthful of cloth to keep her quiet you have an update you don't want to miss!
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Rachel's Bound Torment
30 images: As if being tied tight and hard gagged wasn't enough I clipped clothespins on Rachel's tender nipples and the images of her desperately trying to pluck them off is worth the price of admission alone!
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Tied Flirt
31 images: Okay, you've seen the video so now strap yourselves in for the first batch of photos from that vid featuring that insanely sexy girl Lilmizzunique! This girl will drive you nuts with her teasing ways and then to see her tied makes for an update you just do not want to miss!
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Stressing Bella Hard
33 images: It had been a while since Bella was in my ropes and right from the start it was apparent she lost some flexibility and asked I don't tie her elbows this time around. Silly girl, she should have known better and soon found her arms bound excruciatingly tight behind her back with her elbows touching! They don't call me the Badman for nothing.
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Bikini And Matching Ball Gag
37 images: Bikini And Matching Ball Gag I spotted DeeJay sunning herself at the hotel while she was on vacation and the naive girl accepted an offer to have a drink up in my room and before she knew what was happening she was bound, deeply gagged and left to struggle! Hot pics with some of the sexiest "gag" shots you'll ever see!
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The Workout!
30 images: =Quinn thought she was going to the gym for a workout but I had other plans when I saw her in the sexy spandex outfit she was wearing, but being the wonderful man I am I made sure she got her workout in by leaving her to struggle furiously for the afternoon!
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Cuffed Nudity
30 images: Kim Daniels has been stripped naked, her mouth is packed and covered and steel cuffs hold her taut body helpless, her eyes tell you she is enjoying her predicament and I guarantee you will too! Note: Foot/toe fans are going to especially love this update!
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Sultry Nikki Bound For Pleasure
33 images: This is an update you'll never, ever get tired of looking at featuring the stunning Nikki Masters, the sultry woman literally oozes sensuality in every photo, her eyes call to you, her body is yours and she'd have it no other way! Join now...Nikki is waiting.
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Limb Lashed Hell
31 images: Innocent glamour model Sebrina is in a world of trouble, she didn't check references on the photographer she agreed to work for and after naively allowing her hands to be tied she's been heavily groped, stripped and bound into absolute hell! The ball causes her to drool uncontrollably and since no one knows she's here he's decided to keep her forever!
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Bound Stripper
25 images: Britney was hired to strip for a bachelor party and showed up in one of her sexiest outfits, after walking in the door a contract was given to her which she signed and so began her nightmare! Several men attacked the stunned beauty, tied her tight, taped her mouth shut and left her to squirm which was the entertainment they wanted!
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Plugs For Lilmizzunique
42 images: This is the first encounter with this sexy nymph and I made sure she got the total Badman experience, it started with very tight bondage and a mouth filling gag but we took things much farther than that! I filled her ass with a horse tail butt plug, then swapped it out with a more traditional plug that I could crotch rope into her spasming ass and that's how I left her for the remainder of the afternoon! Welcome to MY world Lilmizzunique!
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An Afternoon With Rachel
31 images: Rachel Adams checks all the boxes in this super hot update that finds the sexy girl in a skin tight catsuit, huge ball, classic high heels, tied elbows, lots of drool and finishing with a hogtie! As classic as it gets!
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Strung Up In Lingerie And Heels
41 images: When I asked Kendra to put on her sexiest lingerie and heels she thought a night of romance would follow, and it did but not in the way she envisioned. Tying her hands was not unusual for us but when I yanked her arms up and strapped a gag in her mouth the sexy redhead knew this night was going to be different for sure!
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Hogtied Hottie!
34 images: Dre knows I have a weakness for girls in cutoff shorts, skimpy tops and sneakers, it's the classic All American Girl look and she loves to tease me when she comes over to hang but enough is enough! She thought I was joking when I showed her the ropes and gag but before she knew what was happening I had Dre bound painfully tight, hard gagged and just watched her struggle and beg with her eyes! And for some reason this keeps happening every week...go figure.
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