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The Harshest Bondage Of Her Life!
53 images: Briella was pushing my buttons all afternoon, I was already in a bad mood and her mouth made it worse so I decided I'd take it all out on her by tying the sexy girl in the most sadistic way I could imagine. With Twine! The cord is so thin it almost disappears into her flesh, including her elbows and how she endured this nothing short of a miracle and trust me, she was near tears but got no sympathy from me at all. Like I said.....I was in a mood.
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Something New For Raquel Roper
37 images: Raquel said she wanted to be tied in something different for a change and challenged me to come up with something new but once I had her body twisted like a pretzel the young girl was regretting that challenge! The poor girl could barely twitch a muscle and by the time I let her go an hour later Raquel was one exhausted, sore but grateful that she was able to endure the devious mind of the Badman.
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Hard Bound Hottie!
38 images: KendraLynn hits one sexy pose after another for her glamour shoot but eventually the photographer talks her into trying some "fetish" shots to which she naively agrees. Soon the pretty girl is tied much tighter than she could have ever imagined, the ball gag is brutal and when he stripped her panties down and hogtied her Kendra wonders why she ever agreed to this bondage hell!
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Hogtied Porn Star Cherry Morgan!
36 images: Uber hot porn star Cherry Morgan submits herself to bondage for one person and one person only...the Badman, and today I have the gorgeous blonde strip herself naked and get ready for rope. Cherry is not fond of gags at all, especially ball gags so of course I strap a huge one tight in her sweet mouth, hogtie her naked body and let her struggle for a few hours. You know you wanna watch!
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Please Daddy! Don't Tie Me Up Again!
33 images: Since the day she turned 18 Anastasia's dad has been tying her up, he says it's to show her how much he loves her but after months of being bound and gagged every week Anastasia has had enough. But her father is a stern man and insists that his beautiful daughter submit to his ropes yet again and what choice does she have so grudgingly she submits herself for another grueling bondage session and this time he even pulls her shorts down and leaves her hogtied while he goes to the bar with his buddies! Pervy bastard!
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Chi Chi Takes A Bondage Beat Down! The Conclusion
33 images: Chi Chi Medina is enduring a long day of limb stretching bondage and sexual torment, her tits are covered with her own drool and she's desperate for it to end. But after taking the naked girl down from the frame I put he suffering girl into a strappado and let her dangle for a few hours to make sure she knows who's the boss around here and when her day is finally over Chi Chi kneels exhausted on the cold concrete floor, still gagged and totally submissive.
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It Was All Fun And Games Until He Tied My Elbows!
33 images: I agreed to do a bondage shoot with this guy they called Badman, he has a reputation for extra tight bondage but so far I don't see that and I was having a fun time hitting sexy poses for him with my hands ankles and knees tied. But that all changed when the bastard forced me to endure having my elbows brutally tied and when he strapped a huge ball gag in my mouth I knew I was in trouble and now I can't talk to let him know I want to go home! What did I get myself into damn it!
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Rachel Adams In Bundled Hell!
31 images: Rachel was being a brat all day and after hours of her mouth I had enough and decided to do something about it, which around her means severe bondage! It was bad enough when I tied her elbows and strapped a fat ball gag in her mouth but it was when I roped her knees up towards her chest that I really got her attention and she looked at me with all kinds of sorry in her eyes. Too late babe, enjoy your afternoon in bound hell!
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Lacey's Elbow Wrenched Drooling Hell!
30 images: You saw in Part One how tight Lacey Scott was tied and now it gets much worse when her clothes are stripped down exposing her tan flesh, the ball gag is stressing her jaws to the max causing her to drool uncontrollably and finally Lacey is roped into a strict hogtie that leaves her utterly and completely helpless! Don't miss this super hot update featuring one of the sexiest girls you'll ever see!
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Ariel Anderssen Stumbles Into The Badman's Lair!
31 images: Statuesque Ariel had the bad luck of her car breaking down near an abandoned building, her cell wasn't getting a signal so she did the only thing she could...go into the old structure to seek help. What she got was to be taken captive by the Badman who didn't appreciate her intrusion, he tied the beautiful blonde to a chair, yanked her shirt up exposing her titties which were abused with cruel clamps, her mouth was packed and that was the last anyone ever saw of the unfortunate woman!
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You Can't Masturbate While I Have You Achingly Tied!
33 images: No man in his right mind wouldn't like to watch his hot girlfriend masturbate but Zoe was ridiculous about it, she played with herself so often she had little interest in actual fucking so I did what any red blooded man would do...I tied Zoe up! And I wasn't nice about it either, I taped her arms excruciatingly tight, the tape is embedded in her arms and she looks at me pleadingly for relief but got none, instead I diddled her to the point of orgasm but left her frustrated as punishment.
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Stripped, Hogtied And Abandoned!
37 images: Bella wasn't exactly happy about me stripping her naked before roping her up but I never let those little things bother me and tied her up tight in all her nude glory and sat back to watch. Then after re-tying her into an even stricter position I told Bella I was going out to run some errands and she would be left in that cruel position until I returned, which could be hours! Yeah...she wasn't happy at all!
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Tight Ropes And The Gag From Hell!
40 images: Amanda has been bitching the entire day about not wanting to do this or do that and I just got tired of her mouth and decided to teach the big boobed girl a lesson. So after tying her sweet ass up I jammed an enormous ball gag brutally deep in her mouth which stressed her jaws to their absolute limit, her eyes looked at me with desperate agony that I ignored and I left her hogtied for the afternoon to make sure she learned the error of her ways!
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Porn Star Cherry Morgan's First Crotch Rope!
33 images: When I told Cherry I was going to thread rope through her pussy she looked at me like I was crazy, she'd never even heard of such a thing let alone experience it and was quite nervous. And to make sure she got the full Badman treatment I pulled that rope extra tight burying itself in her labia until the rope actually disappears and was chaffing her most tender parts! The hogtie was something else she never expected and that's what makes tying girls like Cherry so much fun!
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Bondage Playtime With Three Hot Girls!
52 images: Lexi and Loren have been tied up a lot and their hot friend Ashlee has been curious to experience bondage herself so they brought her over one evening for me to tie and I wasted no time roping her elbows together, gagging her deep and tight and then sat back and let the girls have some fun with their newly tied friend! 18 year old titties were exposed, licked and caressed, tops came off and by the time the evening was over Ashlee was a bondage addict!
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Luna's Bondage Workout!
28 images: There's something inherently sexy about a truly beautiful girl wearing spandex workout clothes and when you add rope to the equation it's nothing short of bondage magic! Luna Lain is at once both demure yet erotic, her face is the stuff of dreams, her body is nothing short of perfection and to see her tied and gagged is something you don't wanna miss so drop in and see what this innocent minx has gotten herself into.
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Forced Orgasms And Double Gagged! Part Two
33 images: Raquel said she was bi curious and wanted to be tied with another girl but she never envisioned that it would turn into such a sexually intense experience! After I push her head between Briella's legs I open Raquel's legs wide and jam the vibe against her clit until she explodes with an orgasm while Briella groans from Raquel's expert tongue. Then I kneel both girls up and use a double gag on their mouths and left them attached to each other for the rest of the afternoon!
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Star's Bondage Fantasy!
35 images: Star has her hands in her undies as she looks at her bondage magazines, she wishes she were the one cruelly tied and made helpless in all those images and as she dozes off to sleep she dreams of ropes, gags and submission. Suddenly she awakes to find her body tied tight...is it a dream? As the afternoon passes she finds herself bound in harsher and harsher ways, deeply gagged and eventually hogtied and wondering if this really happening and if so she hopes it lasts all night!
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Gagged With Her Own Pee'd In Panties!
36 images: I told Sebrina to ease up on the tea before I tied her up but she ignored my warning and it came back to haunt her big time! About halfway in she asked to be released so she could use the bathroom but I wasn't about to have all this time wasted so she just had to go right there where she was and, even though she was embarrassed she did her business and thought that would be the end of it. But I got tired of the complaining and yep, you guessed it, I gagged Sebrina with her own soiled undies! This is 100% real folks, no switcheroo at all!
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CIA Recruit In Training Hell!
28 images: Annabelle was accepted into the rigorous CIA Training Program knowing full well that it's very intense and physically demanding but as she awakens cruelly tied with twine to a chair she had no idea this was part of that training. No notice was given and the masked figure reveals nothing so she thinks this was a true abduction and is forced to endure mind torture as well as physical torture for an entire day to see if she can resist an interrogation if captured. Will she pass?
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