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Hogtied Cheerleader!
3:09 minute bondage Video: Lexi's school rivals have arranged for her to be taken prisoner until the big game is over tomorrow, she is utterly terrified and after being stripped and groped she is now being hogtied to keep her secure for the next 24 hours. The time will pass slowly for the sobbing girl, being kept bound and gagged for that long is going to be hell but what choice does she have. None!
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Heather Gets The Honey
6:00 Minute Bondage Video: Big breasted Heather sits defiantly as she awaits whatever the Badman has planned, after watching this beauty squirm for a while she is introduced to something brand new. Honey! She tries to resist but it's useless, a small paint brush is used to swab honey on her tongue and inside her mouth and it's sickly sweetness makes her wretch, she is then gagged and left to struggle and struggle she does making for the hottest bound eye candy you could ever imagine!
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April's Bound Awakening
4:58 Minute Bondage Video: At the time of filming April was all of 19 years old and had never been in a bondage video and what you are about to see is a girl learning about her submissive side that is mixed with sexual stimulation and pure eroticism! This is unique and something you will never forget.
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Groped And Bound Nurse
6:25 Minute Bondage Video: Angel works as a home health care worked and had the bad luck of being assigned to a pervert who decided to take advantage of the insanely hot girl! During the initial exam he tries to touch her and when Angel protests her arms are twisted behind her back, her uniform is yanked up exposing her gorgeous ass which he gropes and then she finds herself tightly tied up for his lecherous pleasure!
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Going Potty With Her Elbows Tied
3:30 Minute Bondage Video: Briella is kneeling with her elbows tied behind her back as she waits submissively for her husband to return home, she was instructed to remain where she is except if she needs to use the bathroom and sure enough she needs to pee. The following scene is wonderful to see as she walks still elbow bound into the bathroom, manages to pull her panties down to relieve herself before gently wiping herself...it's as sweetly obedient a thing as you will ever see. She then walks right back, kneels down to await her hubby who, when he returns treats Briella to some sexy kisses and groping!
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Punished Princess
5:02 Minute Bondage Video: Cherry Morgan is dragged outside on a cold, windy and raw day wearing nothing more than a thong, she's to be punished and the already gagged girl is tied to a post and left to struggle in the elements! Great cam angles document her efforts to get loose, the struggle scenes are classic making this a must see video!
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Nude And Spread
4:11 Minute Bondage Video: Candle is strung up in a wicked elbows together strappado, she'd drooling past the gag and is already in a bad way which is about to get worse! Her captor attaches cuffs to her ankles and uses them on a wooden pole which spreads Candle's legs dangerously wide making balance extremely difficult yet she still struggles frantically and wonders how long she'll be kept like this.
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Hooter's Girl In Bound Terror
5:43 Minute Bondage Video: Innocent Hooter's Kelly waitress has been taken captive by a sociopath who took issue when she wouldn't give him her phone number and as she sits perched on a stool she is begging to be let go. However that just get's her gagged, groped and bound much tighter and as Kelly struggles helplessly on the floor the big breasted beauty wonders if she'll ever know freedom again. Classic stuff!
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Burgled, Bound, Exposed And Mouth Packed
5:38 Minute Bondage Video: Abby is the victim of a home robbery and is tied up as her captor searches the place for loot but as if that wasn't bad enough the creepy crook exposed her pert tits and has fondled them humiliatingly! Eventually he packs Abby's mouth to keep her quiet while he plans his getaway, her eyes beg for mercy but none is to be had and she wonders how she'll ever get out of this. Simply classic!
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She Wants To Be A Victim
8:00 Minute Bondage Video: Briella is talking with her friend Sebrina about a fantasy she has about a stranger breaking in, tying her up and taking advantage of her. Sebrina says she knows a guy who could her with that fantasy and what follows is something very special...but is it more than what Briella wanted? Will he go too far? You'll have to watch the vid to find out!
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Breaking An Amazon's Cherries
8:07 Minute Bondage Video: Paris is an honest six feet tall and is used to getting her way so to see this ebony goddess being forced to endure harsh bondage is a real treat! The ball gag is her first and is huge so she is spared nothing, the rope at her elbows causes Paris to whimper in very real distress as she experiences yet another aspect of bondage for the fist time, she is manhandled, rope whipped and heavily groped. That and SO much more is on tap in this super hot video featuring a girl in bondage for the very first time!
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Whitney's Frantic Desperation!
5:16 Minute Bondage Video: Captured Hooter's waitress Whitney is enduring cruel bondage at the hands of a customer she pissed off and now he threatens the terrified girl with scissors at her nipples! Fortunately he just wants to scare her but when he walks away he inadvertently leaves the scissors on the floor and what follows are some of the most incredible scenes of Whitney trying to cut the tape binding her! Does she succeed? You'll have to watch the video to find out!
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Hogtied And Betrayed!
8:16 Minute Bondage Video: Heather is desperately trying to escape, she drags her bound body as best she can but it's useless and actually gets her in trouble when her captor hogties the gorgeous woman to keep her safe while he goes for the cash pick up to secure Heather's release. When he returns several hours he has terrifying news that her husband alerted the police who then staked out the drop site thus sealing Heather's fate! She will never see her family or friends again! Bondage eye candy of the highest order!
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Sexy And Groped
9:00 Minute Bondage Video: Kendra seems to be enjoying doing a rare bondage shoot, the pretty girl hits one sexy pose after another making for incredible imagery but as things progress more rope is added, a huge gag is strapped into her mouth and when her panties are removed Kendra realizes she is in way over her head! Wanna watch? Of course you do!
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The Disappearance Of Cherry Morgan
8:04 Minute Bondage Video: It's a grim fate that awaits hot trophy wife Cherry, she has been taken captive and the high heeled woman sits cruelly bound and gagged and wonders what will become of her. The visuals are shockingly hot as she squirms, whimpers and begs for her release, her shoes are on prominent display throughout the video making for fantastic viewing but will she be set free? You'll have to see the video to find out!
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Forced To Tie And Gag Herself
6:12 Minute Bondage Video: When a girl is being robbed she can expect to be tied up and gagged, but not to have to do it herself which is what the intruder forces Amanda to do. He tosses two lengths of rope at her and makes the terrified girl tie her own ankles and knees, then makes her gag herself with a huge ball and seal it in with a cloth he gives her! Amanda's hands are then tied behind her back and the naked girl is left to writhe while he searches the place for loot. Classic bondage with a twist!
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