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Trophy Wife Panty Gagged And Hogtied!
11:06 Minute Bondage Video: Abby isn't taking her captivity without a fight, she thrashes, screams and fights as her captor makes arrangements for the money to secure her release to where he used a dirty pair of her own undies to gag her. He gropes and exposes her gorgeous body during the ordeal and when he leaves to collect the cash Abby is roped into a tight hogtie where she'll be abandoned for her rich husband to find! Classic Stuff!
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Drea Morgan Hogtied In Heels!
12:22 Minute Bondage Video: Drea knows why she is here today, for bondage but what she wasn't ready for was the rough handling, harsh gagging, heavy groping, having her jeans unzipped and a myriad of other things but the real problem for Drea was the severe hogtie she was eventually put into! And trust me, I go all Badman on her sexy ass, it's extremely tight and if you like bound eye candy this video will rock your world!
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Chrissy's Arm Twisted Workout!
12:08 Minute Bondage Video: Chrissy Marie is a serious gym rat, she loves to keep her body in tip top shape but all that working out has taken a toll on her relationship, her boyfriend feels ignored so he decided to take matters into his own hands by roping his sexy girlfriend into an excruciating position! Chrissy begs and pleads for release but it's not going to happen and she is eventually left in a reverse prayer hogtie that truly tests her legendary flexibility!
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Britney: Captured
12:08 Minute Bondage Video: Britney took a part time job as a rent-a-cop process server and as her bad luck would have it her first assignment was trying to serve a man who deals in slavery and before the stunned beauty knew what was happening he had her gagged and tied tight! Britney fights as best she can but it was useless, she listens as plans are made to sell her and as the vid closes she's slung over his shoulder and taken to her fate!
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Trophy Wife Held Captive!
15:39 Minute Bondage Video: Being the sexy wife of a rich boyfriend certainly has it's advantages but it also made her a target for abduction as is the case now, Jen is dragged into a dreary garage, bound with tape and is forced to wait for the money to be paid. But her captor isn't satisfied with just waiting, her rips her hose, deeply gags the terrified woman and binds her cruelly tight and all Jen can do is pray her boyfriend comes through soon!
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I'm Not So Sure About This Anymore
14:12 Minute Bondage Video: Heather blew the rent money at the casino last week and knew her husband would be furious, so in desperation she asked if I would tie her up for the web sites she knew I operated for some quick cash. I warned her it wouldn't be a picnic but she was confident and decided to do it but as the day wore on Heather started to change her mind, it was a lot more painful than she imagined but it's too late now babe, you're gonna get the Badman treatment and earn your money!
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Penthouse Pet Jessica Bound In Her Jammies
11:54 Minute Bondage Video: Jessica groggily awakes in her bed and finds that somehow she's been tightly bound with tape, she struggles futiley when suddenly her apparent captor enters, straps a gag in her mouth and unbuttons her top exposing those magnificent tits! Jessica has no idea who is he or why this is happening, he just watches her writhe, squirm and groan past the ball in her mouth. Classic DiD featuring an incredibly beautiful girl!
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Hotel Horror!
10:53 Minute Bondage Video: Nikki was using the stairs at her hotel when the elevator was over crowded, she was followed into the stairwell and that's where it happened....abduction! Tied to a pipe with a rag tied in her mouth Nikki wriggles and squirms while her captor watches until he eventually releases her from the pole, slings her over his shoulder and carries the terrified woman to his room where he hogties Nikki, ballgags her and leaves her to writhe!
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Tying Up The Hot Temp!
9:30 Minute Bondage Video: When Lola applied for a temp secretary job she dressed the part and looked fabulous but what she didn't know is that it wasn't a secretary job, it was a bondage modeling job and before she knew what was happening the sexy girl was tied tight, gagged and left to struggle! Her new boss even unbuttoned her blouse exposing the bra that barely contained her ample chest and all Lola could do was pray this is all a joke.
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April's Long Brutal Struggle! The Conclusion
9:56 Minute Bondage Video: If you thought the first 10 minutes of this video was hot you ain't seen nuthin' yet as April Dawn continues her aching journey across the room towards a phone and those phone scenes are as hot as anything you can ever imagine! You'll think it's really happening, the sheer emotion and desperation April brings in her performance is the stuff of bondage legends, especially when she is caught, hogtied and left to writhe, sob and begs to be let go!
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Bondage Video: Tied, Gagged, Exposed And Robbed!
11:23 Minute An intruder has broken into Brittany's house, he tied her to a chair, gagged her and went to search the place for loot but the pretty blonde isn't taking her situation without resistance! She fights the ropes and struggles frantically but all that does is pas some time, this creep has her tied securely yet she has to try, it's what any girl would do, right? To make matters worse he peels Brittany's top up exposing her fear stiffened nipples and that's just how she is left when he makes his getaway with her valuables! Classic DiD stuff right here folks!
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Mandy's Long Desperate Struggle!
12:42 Minute Bondage Video: A bound and gagged babe somehow manages to open her bedroom door and what follows is nothing short of amazing. Mandy inches her way down the hall all to the stairs and achingly drags her bound body all the way to the bottom where she desperately tries to use her cell but she's caught and as punishment her captor ropes the buxom beauty into a brutal hogtie before making his getaway! Classic stuff!
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Hot Blonde Bound And Burgled!
7:34 Minute Bondage Video: Fresh from a shower Angel was attacked and bound tight in her bathroom and as the vid opens the naked babe is being forced to hop into her bedroom where she is thrown on the bed while her captor searches the place. Not stop struggle scenes follow, Angel drags her bound body to another room where she is caught, gagged, groped and again left to squirm! Absolutely classic stuff!
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You KNOW You Wanna Watch!
17:08 Minute Bondage Video: Sit back and get ready for some seriously erotic bondage featuring Bailey Paige as she explores her fantasies starting with some self bondage, she describes what she feels as she ties her ankles, knees and tightly gags herself and then it gets even hotter! After several fade ins we see the sexy girl is tied tighter and tighter, including her elbows until she's eventually hogtied and squirming for your viewing pleasure and it ends with all the rope splayed out before her and you are treated to hear what she has to say about her experience!
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Hogtied Sisters!
12:04 Minute Bondage Video: Lexi's sister Frankie knew her older sister did bondage videos and was curious and asked if she could give it a try so when she came over I couldn't resist tying up Lexi along with her sis and left the two of them to writhe and squirm until they got loose on their own. Which was never going to happen! Then Frankie was roped into her virgin hogtie and along with Lexi's hogtie that's just how they spent the rest of the afternoon!
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Bondage For Rent: A True Story
12:45 Minute Bondage Video: We all seen the hot themes about a girl trading bondage for rent money but for Anna it's the honest to God truth, she was short on rent and asked if I would tie her up for photos and video! No brainer there...of course, and I held nothing back either, I tied that girl bone crushingly tight and it's an update you do not want to miss!
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