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Drea Morgan Forced To Tie And Gag Herself
6:18 Minute Bondage Video: Drea is working on a secret file that a rival company wants, so they sent a henchman to get the file and innocent Drea is about to endure a day in bound hell! She is first made to strip naked then tie her own ankles and knees, then he tosses a ball in her lap and orders the terrified woman to gag herself which she whimperingly does and that's just the start of what's to come!
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Cherry Morgan Pushed To Her Limit!
4:08 Minute Bondage Video: One look at porn star Cherry Morgan's gagged face will tell you of the hell she is enduring from the much too tight rope the Badman has bound her with, she's drooling and whimpering desperately and is a wonderful vision of sweet feminine suffering! Her eyes are begging for some sort of mercy, her arms are turning a nasty shade of red, her hands hang numb and useless behind her back and how long she can last is anybody's guess.
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Porn Star Cherry Morgan In Hell!
4:15 Minute Bondage Video: Cherry Morgan is a porn star and does virtually no bondage, she's also is not flexible at all so when she whimpers, "OW OW OW!" you can believe it's 100% real! The sexy blonde squirms and struggles but every movement brings new agony and when she's gagged it only gets worse yet she desperately tries to endure the bondage but it's only a matter of time until she gives in. Wanna watch?
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Perky Coed Nabbed And Bound! Part 1
7:06 Minute Bondage Video: Cute Zoe is going door to door asking for donations for her class but unfortunately she knocked on the wrong door and when she accepted his invitation to come inside the perky coed's fate was sealed. After being rendered unconscious she awoke to find herself tightly tied and soon learns what his plan is for her ripe young body...she is to be sold overseas as a bondage sex slave and there isn't single thing she can do to stop this!
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Elbow Wired And Ball Gagged!
5:15 Minute Bondage Video:Things heat up big time for Lacey Scott as she endures her first wired bondage and now it's time for her elbows! But more than that Lacey is so utterly submissive that your screen might melt when you see her reactions, especially after being deeply ball gagged, groped, spanked and manhandled by the Badman!
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Lacey Gets Wired!
5:14 Minute Bondage Video: Stunning beauty Lacey Scott had never been bound with speaker wire and the following is her incredibly erotic submission to extremely tight bondage...and more! After being stripped naked the tan beauty feels the wire for the first time on her flesh and soon exclaims, "Damn, that shit is tight!" But so much more is in store for Lacey and Chapter One is just the beginning!
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Housewife In Hogtied Hell!
6:19 Minute Bondage Video: Constance has been struggling desperately on the floor in the brutal bondage she has been roped into by the intruder who has robbed her, the gag prevents anything more than pathetic mewlings but mercifully he has what he wants and Constance thinks she'll be untied. Instead he has more rope and puts the innocent, whimpering girl in a strict hogtie to make sure she's utterly helpless while he makes his getaway!
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Voluptuous And Hogtied!
6:35 Minute Bondage Video: Lylah is enduring very tight bondage from her pissed off boyfriend who is tired of her cock tease ways, now he's achingly tied her elbows and as if that isn't bad enough he ends up hogtying her into utter and absolute helplessness! The gagged girl has never seen this side of him and it's scary because tied as she is he can do whatever the hell he pleases and there isn't a single thing she could do to stop him!
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Lylah: Roped Up Buxom Cock Tease!
6:14 Minute Bondage Video: Buxom blonde beauty Lylah Ryder likes dressing in sexy outfits when going out in public but her boyfriend has had enough and intends to put a stop to it and the best way he knows is tight bondage! The sexy babe looks amazing in her skin tight leather pants and strappy heels but make no mistake, Lylah is NOT a happy camper and it's going to be a long afternoon of bound helplessness before she knows freedom again!
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Constance: Housewife In Bound Terror!
6:14 Minute Bondage Video: Constance silently curses herself for leaving the back door unlocked and now as she sits tied up and being robbed she wonders what will happen to her. The intruder keeps adding rope so tight she could never get loose in a million years, her elbows are in agony and now he's strapped a huge gag in her mouth thus ending all hope of yelling for help! Classic DiD featuring extremely tight bondage!
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Raquel: Hogtied For Therapy!
6:07 Minute Bondage Video: Raquel's nightmare concludes with her therapist now roping her into a brutal hogtie, then kneels beside her and continues to make notes to document the experience. And worse yet he intends to leave the hogtied girl for six hours and has asked her boyfriend to come over later so he can see how the therapy is going and all Raquel can do is squirm, cry and deal with her personal therapy hell!
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Brooke: Sold Into Slavery!
5:07 Minute Bondage Video: Brooke Thomsen lays heaving, gasping and sobbing on the filthy floor where she's been held the last several days and she is near the breaking point when suddenly her captor says he's found what he wants on her computer and has no need for her any longer. But instead of letting the abused girl go Brooke learns she's been sold as a sex slave and tomorrow she'll be put into a container while hogtied and shipped overseas to her new owner! Very Intense stuff!
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Bound, Groped And Stripped For Therapy!
6:05 Minute Bondage Video: Raquel is cruelly elbow bound and her therapist now gropes her helpless body to again observe her reactions and she screams through her gag when his hands touch her in places he has no business touching! Then after being put on the floor he yanks the sobbing girl's pants down and keeps touching her all under the pretext of this being therapy but Raquel isn't buying it any more yet is helpless to prevent it!
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Bound And Stripped Blonde Bombshell!
5:05 Minute Bondage Video: As if being tied to a pole in a deserted stairwell wasn't bad enough Amanda has been gagged and now her top is yanked up exposing her incredibly perfect tits but even worse her captor has now rucked her jeans down leaving her in her skimpy panties! Amanda twists her wrists and tries desperately to get loose but it's all in vain until her captor returns and takes Amanda to her fate!
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Gagging A Blonde Bombshell!
5:00 Minute Bondage Video: Gorgeous, big breasted blonde bombshell Amanda Kent is tied to a pole in an abandoned stairwell, she has no idea how she got there or why she is here and she struggles desperately. Eventually her apparent captor appears with a knotted rag in his hands and when Amanda realizes what it's for she begs him not to gag her! Too bad bitch, it's going in your mouth so deal with it!
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Sobbing, Gagged And Elbow Bound Therapy!
6:11 Minute Bondage Video: This is VERY intense stuff as Raquel has been coerced into bondage by her therapist so he can observe and document how she reacts when severely bound and gagged. The frightened girl writhes and sobs desperately on his floor and is then gagged and eventually he ties her elbows so tight Raquel cries in agony at the abuse and she silently curses herself for allowing this to happen.
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