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Sadie Learns The Awful Truth
9:06 Minute Bondage Video: After waking up bound, gagged, naked and in a strange place Sadie has dragged her bound body all over the house in search of escape and now the unfortunate girl is caught and it's then she learns the terrible fate that has befallen her! Her captor achingly hogties the terrified beauty and informs her that she is going to sold on the open market as a slave and as she lays helplessly Sadie whimpers desperately as she ponders her fate. Gut wrenching stuff!
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The Case Of The Disappearing Detective
9:00 Minute Bondage Video: Detective Rachel Adams had the terrible luck of being assigned to a case of local missing women and the latest house she made an inquiry to was the last time she was ever seen again! After being put out she groggily wakes tightly bound and is told she'll be sold just like all the other unfortunate women he's captured, she's even forced to listen to a call made to arrange her travel and all she can do is curse her luck for knocking on the wrong door!
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Sadie's Naked Desperate Struggle
8:01 Minute Bondage Video: After waking up nude, bound and gagged a bewildered Sadie does what any women in that situation would do...try desperately to escape and what follows is as classic as it gets! Sadie squirms all over the room using her feet to open drawers to find something to cut her ropes, she finds nothing and drags her bound body down a perilous flight of stairs, towards a door and hopefully freedom.
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Hogtied Porn Star In Heels
9:08 Minute Bondage Video: There is something inherently hot about seeing a truly beautiful girl tied up in sexy heels and when that girl is porn babe Renna Ryann it makes that image even better! Renna writhes, squirms and drools as she struggles helplessly making for fantastic eye candy and when she's hogtied it's icing on the proverbial bondage cake!
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Stalked And Bound Jogger
11:28 Minute Bondage Video: Luci has always thought nothing of the revealing outfits she wore when jogging but a neighbor got tired of her cock teasing and decided to teach the sexy girl a lesson and uses rope to get his point across! Luci wails and begs desperately as she is kept helplessly tied, he gropes and feels her up in humiliating ways until he eventually hogties the terrified beauty leaving her to ponder the error of her ways. Classic DiD!!
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One Long Brutal Struggle!
15:08 Minute Bondage Video: A naked girl wakes on a couch, she's bound and gagged with tape and she has no recollection of why she's there or who did this to her but one thing is sure, she MUST get free somehow! Dragging her bound body from one place to another she uses her tied feet and bound wrists to open any drawer she can reach but finds nothing to help, she eventually manages to get to the door but it's locked and she groans in frustrated misery and lays on the cold floor still tightly bound and utterly helpless! Classic DiD non-stop struggle scenes!
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Left Hogtied For The Weekend
7:55 Minute Bondage Video: As you saw in the first chapter gorgeous coed Heather has run afoul of the college janitor who has kept her bound and panty gagged for being a cock tease and now as she struggles Heather wonders how long she'll be kept by him. After he yanks her teeny skirt off the perv informs the frightened girl that she'll be hogtied and left that way for the entire weekend when he'll come in Monday and set her free and all she can do is whimper into the soggy panties stuffed in her mouth! Classic stuff right here!
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I Need To Cum Badman!
13:08 Minute Bondage Video: Luci truly loves being bound and gagged, it makes her horny by her own admission and what follows is a terrific ride where she is teased, hard gagged and left to try and use her tied feet to maneuver the vibe where she wants it. Eventually though I give the sexually frustrated women what she so desperately wants and wring not only one but two crushing orgasms that leave her exhausted but oh so satisfied!
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Aerobics Instructor In Hell
14:19 Minute Bondage Video: My wife hired Bailey to come teach an aerobics class at our home each week but I neglected to tell her that Paige was out of town for the week which gave me the opportunity I was lusting after...tying up the sexy leotard clad girl! What follows are incredibly intense and scenes filled with very tight bondage, heavy groping, brutal gagging and everything else you expect from the Badman!
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The Silent Suffering Of Rachel Adams
6:01 Minute Bondage Video: As Part Two opens Rachel is writhing in severe elbow bondage, the ball fills her mouth cruelly yet there is so much in store for this unfortunate girl and it starts when rope is used to crush her arms to her body. From there her framed nipples are brutally pinched and twisted and Rachel's face tells the story of how that feels...it's agony yet her day is nowhere near over. More rope is used to pull her chin towards her knees and with the way her elbows are wrenched it's obvious she is suffering and suffering bad. And you know you wanna watch!
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Home Invasion Bondage Nightmare
12:42 Minute Bondage Video: This is as classic as it gets and starts off with a beautiful woman asleep in her bed thinking she's safe but when an intruder enters Sienna is quickly bound with tape, her mouth is packed and securely gagged before he goes in search of cash. Unfortunately for Sienna though he can't keep his hands off her incredible body, she's stripped naked, heavily groped and threatened with a good fucking causing her to wail in terror! Does he do it? You'll have to see the vid to find out!
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Hogtying A Penthouse Pet Of The Year
11:37 Minute Bondage Video: Yep, this is as good as it gets and features the stunning Penthouse Pet Martina Warren who gets in over her head when agreeing to get tied up by the Badman. After Martina is told to strip naked her bondage begins and right from the start she realizes this might not be the picnic she envisioned and by the time the gorgeous woman is hogtied on the bed and deeply ball gagged she's absolutely sure this isn't going to be a fun day at all! Hot bondage eye candy for sure!
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Hogtied In Her Jeans!
4:03 Minute Bondage Video: It's obvious Lyndsey is not happy about being tied so tight with paracord and she groans past her packed and taped mouth as she writhes and struggles on the floor but as bad as it is now it's about to get even worse. She is achingly hogtied and left to writhe and you are treated to great close ups and low angle shots of the sexy blonde struggling helplessly! Simple and classic!
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Star's Bondage Fantasy! Part One
11:09 Minute Bondage Video: Star is looking at her favorite bondage magazines when the doorbell rings, she finds a mysterious box which when opened contains a cryptic note telling her to call a phone number and all her bondage fantasies will come true. Naively she makes the call and when a man arrives at her home Star's afternoon of bondage begins....but it's NOT what she expected!
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Chi Chi Medina Mercilessly Tickled
13:11 Minute Bondage Video: This video is a lot of fun to watch if only for the sight of gorgeous Chi Chi squirming deliciously as she is tickled almost to tears! Her sexy feet, toes, ribs, thighs and even her butt are ticklish beyond belief and to up her squirming quotient several ice cubes are dropped down her panties and damn does ChiCho scream! Don't miss this terrific bondage tickle video from the Badman!
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Two Hogties Are Better Than One!
15:22 Minute Bondage Video: If you like watching a beautiful naked girl tied extremely tight and struggling frantically this vid is custom made for you! After several hot scenes the Badman ropes her calves back to her thighs and lets Bella squirm deliciously and then, after several more hot scenes, that same rope is used to re-tie Bella into a more conventional hogtie that is absolute perfection! Yep, two hogties are better than one!
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