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Hogtied For Cheating
6:10 Minute Bondage Video: Angel Lee is paying a high price for being a cheating bitch, her boyfriend has kept her bound and gagged in their garage all afternoon and to make sure she stays put for the night he ropes the distressed girl into an excruciating hogtie! One sexy scene after another makes for a video you do not want to miss!
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Terrorizing Ariel
3:45 Minute Bondage Video: Statuesque beauty Ariel Andersen has fallen prey to a masked figure who delights in terrorizing her with bondage, he is now tying her elbows cruelly tight and changes her gag from a knotted cloth to a huge ball gag! Super sexy struggling with a great theme make this an instant classic!
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Gagged Secretary!
3:10 Minute Bondage Video: Temp secretary Star Nine is about to learn what awful fate awaits her as she sits tied up on the floor, her fake boss gags the feisty girl and the look in her eyes is priceless! It's then that a call is made to make arrangements for her to be shipped overseas, this temp job was all a scam and now it seems her fate is sealed!
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Roped And Groped Therapist!
4:00 Minute Bondage Video: Luci made the mistake of allowing her patient to tie her up so he can experience what it feels like to tie up a girl, he also gagged the big breasted beauty and the power trip he's on now is scaring the sexy therapist big time! He exposes Luci's magnificent tits as she drools uncontrollably and begs him to stop but he's in a zone now and she is powerless to stop him!
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Chained Punishment
5:01 Minute Bondage Video: Natalie has been bad and expected to be punished with rope as usual but instead I used several lengths of chain, two pairs of steel cuffs and, just to be mean I used cuffs on both her thumbs and her toes! And trust me, Natalie didn't not enjoy any of it but when a girl misbehaves her enjoyment isn't taken into consideration.
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Where's My Money Bitch!
3:00 Minute Bondage Video: A naked Wenona sits tied up on her bathroom floor, her captor is owed money and he intends to force the terrified girl to reveal where she's stashed it but Wenona insists she has no idea what he's talking about and begs him to leave. Instead he gags his captive and continues to terrorize her with threats if she doesn't tell him what he wants to know...it's a grim scene for the helpless beauty and makes for as classic a DiD scene as you could ever wish for!
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Hogtied For The Night
3:52 Minute Bondage Video: An intruder robbed and roped Samantha into a truly excruciating, elbows together hogtie, he packed her mouth and left her like that while he made his getaway and the poor girl is in a very dire situation! She frantically struggles but all that does is pass some time, it's been hours since he left and it's now starting to get dark and with no one expected home until morning she faces the prospect of remaining in this nightmare for the rest of the night!
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Big Breasted And Hard Gagged
3:00 Minute Bondage Video: Summer Monroe looks at the ball gag with sheer terror, she knows what's about to happen and sure enough the orb is strapped cruelly deep in her mouth and she is left to struggle and squirm in that dreary room with no idea how long this nightmare will last!
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Hogtied Girl Meat
4:09 Minute Bondage Video: Paris lays achingly hogtied on the cold garage floor, her shorts have been yanked down exposing her shaved pussy, she's gagged and utterly miserable and mumbles to be let go. She is there to be punished for cheating though and unfortunately for her there are no plans to free her anytime soon.
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Mouth Packed And Struggling
3:33 Minute Bondage Video: Rachel is struggling furiously as she sits precariously on a chair, she is all kinds of pissed off and it shows on her face as she twists her bound body in a useless effort to get free! Suddenly the Badman appears and in super hot close ups he forces a huge rag all the way in Rachel's mouth and seals it in with medical tape and if she was angry before it's doubly so now!
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Rude And Elbow Tied
5:07 Minute Bondage Video: Briella made the mistake of being a very rude and inconsiderate house guest and naively thought there would be no consequences but the sexy babe is being taut a lesson in respect! With harsh bondage! Briella is deeply gagged, salaciously groped and endures the cruelest of elbow ties while she drools pathetically and silently curses herself for yet another bad decision in life.
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Hotel Room Horror!
5:13 Minute Bondage Video: I was easy to lure porn babe Kendra Heart up to my hotel room with the promise of a big payday for her, what she got instead is cruelly tight bondage and a gag that has her drooling profusely all over the carpet! I stripped her damn near naked before inviting a few of my friends over to have our way with her and to keep Kendra from fighting I hogtied the terrified girl into absolute helplessness where she'll await her fate.
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Arm Twisted Bondage
3:09 Minute Bondage Video: Sebrina is the classic damsel-in-distress as she squirms, twists, struggles and writhes in this hot video that is as good as it is simple! The beautiful girl is tied in a stressful position and desperately tries to somehow get loose but of course when the Badman ties a girl she stays tied but it sure is fun to watch them struggle!
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Brittany's Bound Frustration
3:40 Minute Bondage Video: Brittany wrists are tied in an awkward back-to-back position, her long legs are tied tight, the ball gag is punishingly large and she has but one objective.....to get free and what follows are classicly hot scenes of the young babe struggling valiantly. But the longer she squirms the more frustrated she gets as she realizes that there is just no way she'll ever get her hands free and damn is it fun to watch!
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Keeping Rachel Quiet
3:02 Minute Bondage Video: Rachel's captor clamps a hand over her mouth for no other reason that to terrorize the bound girl, her eyes look up at him in fear but he has much more in store for the lingerie clad babe. After watching her struggle for a bit he straps a huge, jaw stretching ball gag deep in her mouth and leaves Rachel to deal with her predicament!
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The Disappearing Model
3:26 Minute Bondage Video: When her modeling agency sent April out for a fetish/bondage shoot she had no idea it would be the last time she would be heard from again and it's gut wrenching. The photographer even makes a call to the agency with a phony story that she never showed up and when April hears that she sobs into the hand covering her mouth and curses her decision to take the job without checking any references but it's too late now. Bye Bye April!
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