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Taken For A One Way Ride!
10:00 Minute Bondage Video: A beautiful girl lays bound and gagged in the back seat of her captor's car, she was taken from her apartment and is being transported to his secluded home where she'll be kept for as long as he sees fit. Sebrina achingly lifts her head from time to time and tries to see outside to get her bearings but it's useless and when they arrive, she's pulled from the car and watches in misery as the garage door closes trapping her forever with this maniac!
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High Heeled And Writhing
3:31 Minute Bondage Video: Natalie looks seriously hot as she struggles in bondage, her jeans have been rucked down, her heels are on prominent display, the gag is deep and tight making for terrific eye candy. Her captor however didn't appreciate her in HIS neighborhood dressed like a slut and is teaching the young babe a lesson in respect!
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Naked, Bound And Desperate!
5:07 Minute Bondage Video: Samantha groggily awakes to find she has been severely tied, ball gagged, blindfolded and somehow she's lost all her clothes, she has no idea where she is or why this is happening but one thing is for sure...she has to get away! Samantha somehow manages to work her blindfold off but that's little comfort to the helpless girl and so begins her desperate struggle for freedom!
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Forced To Strip For Bondage
6:55 Minute Bondage Video: Luna's nervousness is very evident as she's dragged into a room where she is told to strip nude, she's groped and teased before the rope is applied and then after a fade in we see the sexy young girl is tied for the first time ever! "It's a lot tighter than I thought." she whimpers but that's just the beginning and it's a video that you have to see to appreciate!
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Young, Hot And Naive
4:12 Minute Bondage Video: Your eyes may pop out of your head with the sheer hotness of April Dawn as she naively agrees to do a bondage shoot with the Badman, she's more of a porn girl but wanted to dabble in fetish and good gawd is this babe amazing! April's high heels, long legs and voluptuous figure are all on prominent display as she primps and poses in one delectable scene after another and trust me, you do not want to miss a single moment!
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One Long Brutal Struggle!
12:14 Minute Bondage Video: A beautiful girl wakes in a strange bed, she's been stripped naked, bound cruelly tight, deeply gagged and she has no recollection of why this is happening but one thing is certain....she must get away! What follows is something you can never appreciate unless you've been in Candle's predicament, she drags her tethered body from room to room hoping to find a knife or scissors but finding nothing she achingly makes her way down the stairs and hops towards a door. But her tied wrists can't work the handle and she falls exhausted and spent on the floor to await her fate!
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Tying A Naked Brat's Elbows!
4:06 Minute Bondage Video: To say Abby is a brat is putting it mildly and not only that she's a cocky wench to boot so to bring her down a peg I decided to give the naked babe her first elbow bondage experience. She really doesn't understand what that means but as the ropes are cinched, Abby winces and starts to lose that brattiness and says, "You're right! This sucks!" Indeed it does you cocky bitch, indeed it does!
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Buxom, Ball Gagged And Ball Tied!
4:01 Minute Bondage Video: Porn babe Charlee Chase isn't so sure about all this, at first she was okay with mild bondage but things are getting to the point where she's had enough but if she thinks her day is over she has another thing coming! Instead of being set free her voluptuous body is roped into strict ball tie that leaves her a gagged, groaning and helpless female!
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Struggling To Exhaustion
4:01 Minute Bondage Video: Candle is bound extremely tight with electrical tape that teases her with the tiny bit of give it has which gives the sexy babe a false glimmer of hope. Her legs are eventually folded against her ass in a modified ball tie to make things more difficult then she REALLY goes bonkers! Thrashing, writhing and twisting her body like a contortionist Candle is desperate to get that damn tape off but all that does is pass some time until she is utterly exhausted and lays helplessly on the floor to await her fate!
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Hooters Waitress Whitney's Bound Ordeal!
6:01 Minute Bondage Video: As Whitney lays bound and gagged in the trunk of a car she wishes she would have been nicer to one of her customers who asked for her phone number, he took exception to her refusal and as she walked to her car that evening he tied her up and threw the stunned babe in his trunk! Upon arriving at his destination Whitney is taken out and forced into his home where lord knows what awaits her! TONS of hot bound eye candy!
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High Heeled Tease Roped And Groped
6:00 minute Bondage Video: Natalie has a habit of walking around the neighborhood in skin tight jeans and strappy heels, she enjoys being a cock tease but has drawn the attention of someone who didn't appreciate her teasing and decided to put a stop to it! She wakes in very tight bondage and a knotted rag tied deep in her mouth, her captor is going to make her pay for her flirtatious ways by teaching the sexy bitch a lesson she'll never forget!
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The Taking Of Summer Monroe!
6:01 Minute Bondage Video: Summer is a trophy wife of unquestioned beauty, her husband is wealthy and she's a very pampered girl but that pampered beauty has gotten the tall babe in trouble! Her mile long legs are on total display as her captor torments and teases the terrified beauty, he's going to keep her bound and gagged until her rich husband pays up and for Summer she prays it's soon! Don't miss the opening chapter of this classic tale!
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Bound And Delivered! The Beginning
5:10 Minute Bondage Video: If you know the right people and have enough money you can literally have anything, or anyone delivered right to your doorstep and such is the case for Cali. A box is dragged into a house and then into the garage and when opened a beautiful girl looks up with fear in her eyes, she's tied, gagged and about to endure a nightmare of epic proportions!
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High Heeled Naked And Hogtied!
3:57 Minute Bondage Video: Kelly is a model of unquestioned beauty and dabbles in fetish work but this is way more than anything she's ever experienced and she's not a very happy girl as she is put into a severe hogtie that leaves her utterly helpless and writhing! It's one classic scene after another of the naked beauty twisting, squirming and groaning past her gagged and taped mouth and you have a front row seat to watch it all
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Strung Up And Crotch Roped
3:14 Minute Bondage Video: Kobe Lee is not only strung up by her wrists in an uncomfortable strappado position but she is enduring a very tight crotch that splits her tender girls part causing her to groan past the bit strapped into her mouth. The position is simple yet deviously effective and all Kobe can do is twist, struggle and hope this doesn't last much longer.
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Bound, Stripped And Terrorized Jogger!
4:01 Minute Bondage Video: When Annabelle groggily awoke she was bound, gagged, blindfolded and in a box and her terror was palpable and now her captor delights in tormenting and abusing his sexy captive who he snatched as she was on her daily morning jog. His hands run salaciously over her bound body but he's also very rough and makes one lewd comment after another which is all bad enough but when he yanks her shorts down exposing her pussy Annabelle wails and thrashes desperately as her body becomes his personal playground.
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