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Screaming, Drooling And Suffering!
6:04 Minute Bondage Video: Luna Vera is one tough girl and is experiencing some of the most excruciating bondage of her life as she endures a cruel, arm twisted lotus on my floor! The drool pours from her mouth as she struggles and screams past her gag, her face shows the extreme distress she is going through and, being the Badman that I am I have no sympathy for her and in fact I taunt the young beauty to see just how far I can push my captive. Rough stuff here folks!
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Cali's Erotic Bikini Bondage 1
7:08 Minute Bondage Video: Sit back and enjoy one of the most erotic bondage videos we've ever produced and it features the incredibly gorgeous Cali Logan writhing and squirming in the tight bondage I have her bound in! She's gagged on screen with a thick cloth, her elbows get tied and somehow manages to lose her bikini bottoms along the way making for some sweet bondage eye candy!
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A Prelude To Suffering For Pretty Luna Vera
6:01 Minute Bondage Video: Luna is a bondage neophyte and has no idea what a lotus tie is or what it entails but she is about to learn...the hard way. The pretty girl is submissive and accepts the ropes, she's in a good mood until I jerk her arms high up behind her back and gag her, it's then that she realizes this is about to be something she wishes she never agreed to and I'm only getting started!
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Big Boobed Girl Snatched And Tied Spreadeagle On Her Bed!
5:05 Minute Bondage Video: ChiChi never saw it coming when suddenly a hand was clamped over her mouth, she was dragged into her bedroom where she was bound spread eagle on her own bed! It gets worse when her captor gags ChiChi with her own USED PANTIES and leaves her to squirm helplessly while he pokes around her bedroom where he finds her vibrator and threatens to use it on her! Oh gawd...surely he wouldn't do that, would he?
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Dre's Silent Bound Terror Continues!
5:04 Minute Bondage Video: Dre has been bound and gagged for hours and her desperate whimpers are absolutely gut wrenching as she squirms on the floor! But by far the worst thing is her captor still has not said a word and as he now hogties the pretty blonde he continues with his creepy way of silence even as he gropes and touches her helpless body and she is about to lose her mind if the bastard doesn't tell her why this is happening!
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Please, I Don't Have Any Money! Part One
5:14 Minute Bondage Video: This is as classic as it gets folks! Big boobed Mandy sits on her bedroom floor tightly bound and deeply gagged, the victim of a home invasion robbery the innocent girl whimpers and moans helplessly, twists her tied wrists and prays she won't be harmed by the intruder. Tons of hot bound struggling and a hot re-gagging scene that will rock your world making this a not-to-be-missed video!
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Elbow Bound Orgasm For Lacey!
5:19 Minute Bondage Video: The erotic submission of Lacey Scott continues and it's absolutely incredible to watch this beautiful girl give herself so willingly, especially considering that her elbows have been wired together the entire time! One orgasm after another is pulled from her body, Lacey shakes and quivers with each one and it's one helluva way to wrap up the series!
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The Breaking Of Daena!
7:41 Minute Bondage Video: Pretty 18 year old Daena sits nude, except for her high heels boots, in a chair and she knows she's about to be tied and gagged, she's in a good mood and smiles as the Badman gets started. But things go downhill quickly when her elbows are tied and a huge gag is strapped in her mouth, it's gets to be too much for her yet she refuses to give in and the sexy girls ends up in a panic and begs to be untied. Rough stuff here folks!
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Drea Left Brutally Hogtied!
7:07 Minute Bondage Video: Drea Left Brutally Hogtied! The henchman who attacked Drea in her home has finally found the secret file he was sent to retrieve and now thinks he'll untie her and make his getaway but that's not going to be the case. Instead he ropes the whimpering girl into an excruciatingly tight hogtie and simply walks out the back door leaving her to struggle and writhe and pray someone finds her soon! Classic stuff here folks!
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Dre's Silent Bound Terror!
4:05 Minute Bondage Video:Being helplessly tied is bad enough but what makes it a thousand times worse is when a girl has no idea why and her captor is as silent as a grave as is the case for this terrified woman! Dre is half naked and struggles frantically but the ropes are painfully tight and there is no hope of getting free when suddenly her apparent captor quietly walks over, gags her without saying a word and just walks off. WTF!
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Sarah Brooke: Hard Tied Hard Body!
5:02 Minute Bondage Video:Fitness babe Sarah Brooke is endure some of the Badman's tightest bondage, she's groaning and writhing all over the floor but it's about to get a whole lot worse! After being shoved to her tummy by his foot Sarah feels rope at her ankles and she is then bound into a cruel arched hogtie that stresses her body to the max and it's something you do not want to miss!
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Drea Morgan Punished With Rope!
6:04 Minute Bondage Video: As Chapter Two Opens Drea writhes and struggles on her floor, her captor is searching the place for a secret work file but gets frustrated when she doesn't cooperate and decides to punish the innocent girl with more severe bondage! He ties her elbows and arms, then wrenches her wrists up higher behind her back putting Drea in severe distress, her eyes speak of the agony she is enduring and all because of her damn job!
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Sexy Coed Hogtied For Sale!
6:49 Minute Bondage Videos: As the third and final chapter opens Zoe is struggling helplessly, she can't believe she is being sold overseas as a sex slave but as she listens to the calls being made she realizes this is a nightmare come true. To keep her subdued until her pick up in the morning her cruel captor ropes the booted coed into an excruciating hogtie which she'll be kept in for the next several days while she is being shipped to her new owner. What a cruel fate!
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Lacey Goes Weak In The Knees!
5:15 Minute Bondage Video: Sit back and get ready for maybe one of the most erotic forced orgasm scenes we've ever filmed as Lacey Scott literally swoon with erotic sexual stimulation! Standing against the wall she drools uncontrollably as the vibe does it's work and it gets so intense Lacey literally slumps into the Badman's arms, her knees too weak to hold her up any longer. It doesn't end there though, after she cums Lacey's legs are untied, she's spread open and again driven to intense sexual arousal that you have GOT to see to appreciate!
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Sarah Brooke Arm Twisted And Mouth Packed!
4:02 Minute Bondage Video: Gorgeous fitness babe Sarah Brooke stars in our first Hi Def video and trust me it's something you do not want to miss! I subject the sexy beauty to wicked arm twisting bondage, fill her mouth with an enormous wad of cloth and sit back to watch Sarah writhe and squirm deliciously!
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Gagged And Desperate Coed!
7:01 Minute Bondage Video: As part two open Zoe is begging to be set free, she has been abducted and will be sold overseas by her captor who tires of her whimpering and straps a foul tasting ball gag brutally tight in her mouth! Zoe is beside herself in misery, this isn't supposed to happen to girls like her but he ignores her desperate struggling and even ties her arms tighter adding to her hell! Poor Zoe, what will become of this innocent girl who just wanted to help her class.
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