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Big Breasted Cheerleader In Chains
12:19 Minute Bondage Video: Kessa is the head cheerleader for a rival school and without her to help lead her team to victory our chances of winning the big game are much better so we did what we had to do...take her captive. Kessa is bound with chain, including her elbows and she groans desperately all afternoon while the game is being played, her huge tits are exposed and there's nothing she can do but wait it out and hope we let her go. If she only knew.....
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Prude Wife In Roped Distress
8:09 Minute Bondage Video: Lylah has never understood my love for bondage so when she discovered my stash of magazines my buxom wife thought it was disgusting so I decided to give the pretty bitch a taste of what she's missing. And she is NOT happy about it! The elbow tie is cruel in the extreme and before she's gagged Lylah pleads and makes promises to be more accepting but it's much too late for that now, she's going to learn what bondage is all about whether she likes it or not!
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Strung Up Nudity
3:02 Minute Bondage Video: Tammy is gloriously naked and strung up by her wrists, her legs are spread by a wooden pole which puts her sweet shaved pussy on complete display for your viewing pleasure. And trust me, watching this girl squirm and dangle IS a total pleasure! Don't miss this short but oh so sexy video that is sure to please!
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Roped And Groped Exchange Student
13:04 Minute Bondage Video: One of the stipulations Amber naively agreed to was that she would submit to bondage in exchange for a free place to live while she's in school but she had no idea what that would truly mean, it's more than just being tied up as she's now finding out. Her panties are yanked down, her body is groped and fondled and she's eventually hogtied for an afternoon of bound misery that makes her regret ever agreeing to this.
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I Don't Want To Be Tied Up!
5:03 Minute Bondage Video: Chrissy Marie sits in very tight bondage, including her elbows and her husband is enjoying the show immensely, she has refused his bondage games for weeks and enough is enough so he roped up his sexy-as-hell wife in their bedroom for what promises to be a very interesting afternoon! After gagging her he drops a vibe in Chrissy's lap and says she'll be experiencing it before the day is done but for now she whimpers and squirms deliciously for his leering eyes!
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Booted Sales Girl Hogtied And Gagged!
4:02 Minute Bondage Video: All Jade wanted to do was sell some cookies for her school project but she knocked on the wrong door and quickly found herself bound, gagged and terrified and what's worse it seems her captor has no intention of letting her go anytime soon! In fact he hogties the gorgeous coed and tells her of the sexual things she will endure while in bondage and all Jade can do is groan, struggle and pray this is just a joke.
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Nightmare In Her Bedroom!
13:45 Minute Bondage Video: It happened so fast Ariel had no chance to resist and now finds her self tied up on her own bed and in her sexiest lingerie and heels the tall beauty makes an incredible sight! Throughout the afternoon she is never given a reason for her captivity, his hands touch her in ways he has no business doing and when she whimpered too much he gagged and hogtied the terrified woman and there's not a sungle thing Ariel can do to stop him!
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Caged Whore Left In Misery
9:58 Minute Bondage Video: As you saw in Part One Ariel has been taken down to her husband's newly built prison room as punishment for her sexual indiscretions and it's been a horrific day which is about to get worse. She is given one bite of fruit for her dinner, her elbows remain brutally tied, he collars her to the bars and after re-gagging his sultry wife Ariel is left in naked misery below their house where she'll spend the rest of her life in bondage!
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Hogtied Maid!
5:02 Minute Bondage Video: Hannah is being forced to do her chores with her wrists and elbows tied tight behind her back, she's also hobbled at the knees and in the five inch heels she makes an incredible sight but things are about to get much worse for the innocent maid. Her employer ties her ankles and then ropes the gagged girl into a modified hogtie that leaves Hannah totally helpless and makes for fantastic bound eye candy!
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Bundled And Stashed Nudity
5:11 Minute Bondage Video: The camera angles are going to blow your mind with the fantastic perspective they give you as innocent Star Nine endures very strict bondage, she's naked except for her heels, the gag is punishingly tight and once she's roped up she's left to writhe while the rest of us go out for dinner. When everyone returns hours later the poor girl is laying right where they left her and again, the low cam angles truly highlight the entire video that is sure to
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Hogtied Innocence
3:53 Minute Bondage Video: Luna is being trained to endure elbow bondage, she is NOT a flexible girl and she is stressing badly from the tight ropes crushing her arms together but there's more to it than just bound elbows as she is about to find out. Luna is roped into a groaning hogtie so she can discover what this whole bondage thing truly means and the sounds of the beautiful girl's distress are heart wrenching as she lays to await her next phase.
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Uppity Bitch Taught A Lesson
6:00 Minute Bondage Video: In her own words, "I'm a very important model."That's the attitude Angel has as she works for a well known photographer, she's incredibly beautiful but her narcissism is making him angry so he decides to teach the hot bitch a lesson. In a stunning move he threads a crotch rope through her "very important" pussy and quickly gags her and leaves Angel to writhe and struggle on the floor making for some of the sexiest and hottest scenes you can imagine!
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Table Tied Niece
10:00 Minute Video: Drea Morgan stars in a video so hot it might melt your screen, her uncle is forcing the young beauty to endure his bondage or get kicked out of the house and what follows is bound eye candy of the highest order! Hand-over-mouth scenes, forced stripping, close up gagging scenes and terrific struggling just scratch the surface of what you'll see and for you fans of Drea this is as good as it gets!
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Roped And Groped
3:59 Minute Bondage Video: It must be frightening for a girl who is helplessly tied up, gagged and at her captors mercy and such is the case for Summer, she tries to hop away but it's useless and as punishment for trying to escape her forearms are achingly bound against her back! Then his hands touch her in ways he has no business doing yet what can she do?
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Bound, Frantic, Hogtied And Helpless!
11:58 Minute Bondage Video: Raquel is bound and gagged and not happy about it, she's struggling furiously on her captor's floor and when I say furious that barely describes the intense struggling she does in every single scene of this classic video! Her high heel boots are on prominent display as she writhes and the hogtie scene is off the charts hot, Raquel's gagged screams are desperate but useless and as the vid closes she's hogtied, exhausted and awaiting her fate!
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Sadie's Bound Punishment Begins!
8:53 Minute Bondage Video: Sadie tried to sneak out of the house in an outfit she knew her step father would never approve of and when she's caught he ties her wrists and orders the pouting girl up to the Punishment Room, a place she has been before and it's never a pleasant experience. The high heeled beauty is then further tied and chastised by her cruel step dad and the perv even exposes her firm tits to further embarrass her...and so Sadie's punishment begins!
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