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Ball Gagged Drooling Hell!
12:32 Minute Bondage Video: The gag strapped in Kim's mouth is so deep, so brutally tight that she whimpers and groans non stop as she deals with her bound predicament. Her wrists and ankles are tied with ultra thin paracord that bites hatefully into her flesh but it all goes back to the cruel gag, Kim drools profusely and you are treated to incredible images of the suffering beauty as she deals with something she never bargained for!
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Elbow Bound Baby Sitter Left Hogtied For The Night!
8:25 Minute Bondage Video: Anabelle can't believe she let this happen to her but the more she struggles the more she realizes those two brats really know how to tie a girl up cruelly tight and now that she's been gagged she can't even call for help! And to make matters worse Bobby hogtied her and now she's REALLY helpless but when she hears the parents come home Anabelle thinks she'll finally be set free...or will she? You'll have to watch to find out!
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ChiChi's Own Vibrator Used Against Her!
8:10 Minute Bondage Video: Snatched from her bathroom and tied spread eagle by an intruder ChiChi Medina screams through the used undies he gagged her with as he threatens to use her own vibe on her helpless body! And then he does it, she writhes and cums for the prevert and as a last torment before he leaves he brutally crotch ropes the naked girl and attaches it all to the bed frame so that when she wriggles it yanks hatefully on her abused pussy! And that's just how he leaves her to be found by her husband that evening.
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Glam Model Gets Her Elbows Brutally Bound!
7:17 Minute Bondage Video: Gagged and helpless glam model Terra Mizu is struggling desperately during what was supposed to be a lingerie shoot but she got talked into trying bondage and now the photo is using a roll of tape to cruelly bind her elbows together! Groaning and in agony the beautiful girl is then left to thrash and squirm on his floor and she silently curses herself for allowing this to happen and the worst part is he has no plan to let her go...ever! Very Intense stuff!
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High Heeled, Naked And Bound!
10:11 Minute Bondage Video: Star Nine is squirming playfully on the floor in very tight bondage, she talks about her day so far, including a hot forced orgasm scene Raquel Roper administered earlier, the mood is light and she's enjoying her last video of the day. But what starts out as fun eventually morphs into a nasty semi ball-tie which she is left in while the rest of is go out for dinner, the camera angles will blow you away with hotness and as the video ends we've left Star struggling, gagged and utterly helpless!
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Big Boobed Housewife Robbed, Bound And Stripped!
15:42 Minute Bondage Video: It happened so fast Charlee never had a chance, after his hand clamped her mouth shut the beautiful woman was told she'd be robbed and tied up, something she would endure as long as that's all he had planned. Unfortunately it wasn't and before he left the masked intruder put the girl into excruciating bondage, stripped her nearly naked and touched her in ways he had no business doing and left her hogtied for her husband to find that evening!
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Naked, Hogtied And Terrorized!
7:04 Minute Bondage Video: Hazel is trying desperately to use her tied feet and wrists to open the door she worked so hard getting to but she falls to her knees in frustration and it's then she is discovered by her captor who delights in her foolish attempt to escape. He drags Hazel away from the door, folds her calves painfully tight against her thighs and ropes them tight putting the terrified girl into a cruel position that makes escape nothing but a dream! And he's never letting her go!
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Naked, Bound And Struggling!
6:04 Minute Bondage Video: This is as classic as it gets, Hazel awakes in a strange place, stripped naked, gagged and very tightly tied with no recollection of how or why this is happening but she must try to get away and so begins her perilous journey down a steep staircase! At the bottom she hops towards a door and tries to use her tied feet to work the handle but fails and sits gasping, exhausted and terrified and wondering if she'll ever know freedom again! Non stop struggling in every single frame of this hot video!
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Naive Baby Sitter In Roped Desperation!
8:15 Minute Bondage Video: Anabelle was warned not to play their tie up games but she thought how bad could it really be so she foolishly let Bobby and Cindy tie her up and she soon realized this was for real! They tied her elbows cruelly tight, yanked her shorts down and then they put a "ball thingy" as she called it in her mouth and sat back to watch their sexy sitter squirm and struggle helplessly! Oh this is sweet stuff folks!
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Tied And Teased Amazon!
12:22 Minute Bondage Video: Alexis is an honest six feet tall and makes a spectacular sight when she's tightly bound and today she even brought her own gag for me to use and I wasted no time strapping the drool inducing device in her willing mouth. Soon she was writhing on the floor looking oh so sexy so I had to tease the girl by rubbing Alexis salaciously right through her jeans until she was moaning with sexual frustration, she's drooling all over the place and you have a front row seat to watch it all!
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High Heeled Jewell Makes A Mistake!
5:05 Minute Bondage Video: Jewell knew she should have checked this guy out before allowing herself to be tied by him, she's hitting one sexy pose after another but he gives her no feed back and the creepy bastard just snaps his pics and takes his videos and it's just weird. Then when he wrenches her elbows together and ties them painfully tight she knows coming her alone was a mistake but she naively goes along with him and hopes it won't go any farther!
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Glamour Model Gets Her Mouth Packed!
6:01 Minute Bondage Video: Terra naively allowed herself to be tied during her glamour shoot when the photog asked about doing some fetish shots, the tape is a lot tighter than she imagines yet she tries to model and strikes hot poses for him. But then he ups the ante and says she'll need to be gagged for it to be true bondage and although she knew better Terra opens her mouth and it's soon packed full and taped over! This is getting out of hand and she struggles desperately and wonders what will happen next!
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Glam Model Talked Into Bondage!
7:02 Minute Bondage Video: Terra Mizu is a high end glamour model who is striking one incredibly hot pose after another for her shoot today and all is going very well when the photographer asks if she would try doing some "light" bondage. Being a pro she agrees and again hits one smoking hot pose after another but soon she realizes she might be in over her head, the tape seems to get tighter with each passing moment and she is starting to regret her decision and hopes he won't take this any farther. Silly girl......
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Luna's Sobbing Submission!
5:23 Minute Bondage Video: "You fuckin' asshole!" Those are the words Luna manages to garble from her gagged mouth right after I clip clothespins on her tender nipples and damn does that girl scream like a banshee!! She's incredibly stubborn though and refuses to give in so her agony...and I DO mean agony continues and it's truly something special to watch. Luna's bondage is incredibly tough, the gag is pure hell and she makes a perfect vision of sweet feminine distress that will rock your world!
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Please! Don't Leave Me Hogtied!
5:19 Minute Bondage Video: Big breasted Mandy is struggling desperately on her bedroom floor while the intruder searches her home for valuables, she twists her wrists and moans pitifully, so much so that he plasters strips of duct tape across Mandy's already gagged mouth to keep her quiet. Eventually he finds what he wants but instead of untying his sexy captive she is rolled to her belly and achingly hogtied into utter helplessness and left for her husband to find later that evening!
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Cali's Erotic Bikini Bondage Concludes
7:42 Minute Bondage Video: If you thought the first part was hot then sit back and get ready for something even hotter as Cali Logan wriggles delightfully in tight bondage, including her elbows and makes those sexy little feminine gasps that tell you how much she's enjoying this. After watching her struggle she is then put into a tight hogtie and left to moan softly and squirm for your viewing pleasure....and trust me...it WILL be a pleasure!
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