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Captive Daughter In Peril!
7:01 Minute Bondage Video: Being the daughter of a rich tycoon Arielle always feared this might happen and as she sits bound and gagged in a dreary hotel room her nightmare has become a reality! The arrangements are taking a long time to secure her release but mercifully, when she thinks it's done her captor hogties Arielle where she'll be left for her father to rescue once directions are given...and that could take hours!
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The Unexpected Orgasm!
10:08 Minute Bondage video: What you are about to see took the entire room by complete surprise and is 100% real! MandyK is tied in a very strict reverse prayer hogtie, her toes are eventually tied and attached to her arms but the crux of it all is when her panties are tied off so they gusset her pussy hard and as harsh as the position is Mandy starts grinding her hips against her panties until...you guessed it...she actually stimulates herself to orgasm! Unbelievable and is a must see!
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Date Night Gone Wrong!
8:30 Minute Bondage Video: Lexi thought she was going to be taken out to a nice restaurant for dinner so she put on her sexiest dress complete with shimmering silver heels but her boyfriend had other plans! Instead of dinner he tied Lexi up, taped her bitchy mouth shut and enjoyed the show she put on as she struggled and whimpered for the evening. Hot stuff for sure!
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Lexi: I Don't Have A Safe!
13:14 Minute Bondage Video: A beautiful girl sits tied to a chair, she's gagged, blindfolded and terrified! An intruder has roped her up while he searches the house and is angry that he can't find the safe that he's sure Lexi has but she continually whimpers that she doesn't have a safe which makes things worse for the innocent girl. She is eventually put on the floor and hogtied and that's how she's left once he found what he was looking for and you can feel the misery in the air as Lexi struggles helplessly!
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A Delivery Girl's Nightmare!
16:59 Minute Bondage Video: Britney was always afraid that the skimpy uniform her company forced her to wear would get her in trouble....and that day is today! After delivering the packages to the resident what follows is off the charts hot classic DiD bondage, she's grabbed, tied, gagged, stripped and utterly shamed, strung up in a strappado and finally dragged to her fate as she wails and screams through her gag! If you like bound eye candy this video is going to rock your world! I guarantee it!
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Real Life Bondage Virgin!
13:52 Minute Bondage Video: Brianna Rae, who works at one of our local grocery stores, asked about the t-shirt I wore one day that had a bondage image on it, she seemed genuinely curious and after talking for a while she agreed to come over to be tied up. The pretty girl was a true bondage virgin, no one, not even her boyfriend had ever bound and gagged her and this vid documents that first time and I spared Brianna nothing, she was roped very tight, gagged deep and left to squirm!
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Booted, Elbow Bound And Drooling!
14:16 Minute Bondage Video: Ah yes, it doesn't get any better than this! MoRina sits with her ankles, knees and wrists bound, she's struggling hard but her day is about to get a whole lot worse when her elbows are wrenched together, a gag is strapped ridiculously tight in her mouth, her top is peeled up exposing her nipples and she is eventually hogtied into utter helplessness! Fantastic low angle shots of the struggling girl as she tries to endure a day with the Badman!
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Snatched From Her Shower!
12:23 Minute Bondage Video: As Danielle showers she has no idea that she's being watched and when the fresh and glistening girl steps out to dry off her nightmare begins! She is quickly bound hand and foot, put on the floor and left to struggle, she has no idea why this is happening and to make it worse she soon has a gag tied into her mouth before being left to squirm again. When her captor returns Danielle is forced to hop towards a bedroom where her bound body is thrown onto the bed, hogtied and left to writhe and squirm!
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Lorianna Hogtied
8:54 Minute Bondage Video: If you like your women in painted on tight jeans with big boobs, classic heels, a huge gag and severely bound elbows Lorianna is going to rock your world! Oh...and did I mention she's strictly hogtied! The bitchy girl writhes, squirms and struggles non stop as she endures excruciating bondage, her top is pulled down exposing her firm breasts..... it's all that and more making this a vid you just can't miss!
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Chair Bound And Crotch Roped!
4:49 Minute Bondage Video: Danielle is tied tight to a chair, she's gagged and a lip splitting crotch tugs her panties deep into her crotch and trust me, she's not a happy girl right about now. Long, hot scenes document her sexy struggles, Danielle wriggles, twists her wrists and does all she can to somehow get loose but all that does is pass some time because she's not going anywhere!
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Terra's Desperation!
12:10 Minute Bondage Video: This is as classic a video as it gets and features the gorgeous Terra Mizu struggling non stop as she tries desperately to somehow get free! During her efforts the table she's sitting on falls to pieces dumping the tied girl on the floor where her supreme efforts double and the scene where she uses her toes to try and call for help is off the charts hot! One sexy struggle scene after another highlight this top notch vid and it's one you don't want to miss!
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Alexis: A Walk In The Woods
9:03 Minute Bondage Video: Alexis is taking a carefree walk in the woods unaware that she is being stalked, in a terrific opening scene we see the pretty girl being watched and then it happens...she is grabbed, forced to the ground where he stuffs a rag in her mouth and then swiftly binds her! Throughout the afternoon Alexis endures being heavily groped and tight bondage before eventually being walked off into the deep woods where she'll meet her fate!
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Captured Elegance
7:41 Minute Bondage Video: Nikki looks incredible in her sexy red dress and gorgeous heels as she sits bound, gagged and blindfolded, she has been taken as a hostage and if her husband ever wants to see his sexy wife again he'll need to pay! Nikkie whimpers and squirms during her ordeal making for fantastic bound eye candy, the ropes hold firm and she has no choice but to wait this nightmare out and pray her husband will come through with the money. Classic DiD action!
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Jade's First Bound Orgasm!
13:51 Minute Bondage Video: As if watching a tied girl being made to cum with a vibe isn't hot enough when it's done but a gorgeous woman that hotness is increased a thousand times and such is the vid you are about to witness! Jade is a bit nervous so to ease her mind I bring in Sebrina to administer her own brand of erotic girl on girl bondage and she wastes no time indulging Jade's fantasy and trust me...this is as erotic as it gets! From sexual teasing to dildo sucking to intense orgasms this vid has it all!
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A Baby Sitter's Nightmare! The Conclusion
6:10 Minute Bondage Video: Hogtied, exposed and cruelly bound Sasha Fae was tricked into thinking she was applying for a baby sitting job but instead it was all plan to take her prisoner and as she writhes hogtied and gagged she wonders what will become of her. She doesn't have to wait long when her captor makes a call to a friend to invite him over to take advantage of the captive girl and all Sasha can do is groan and writhe in bound terror knowing she will never know freedom again!
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I Told You My Dad's Not Home! The Conclusion
9:25 Minute Bondage Video: Tired of worrying about Anabelle escaping her ankles are being tied before her captor resumes his search for what he's owed and the poor girl groans in bound terror! Very long scene of intense struggling, she's stripped, groped and shamed endlessly before eventually being sadistically hogtied and left for her father to find when he gets home from work that evening! Top shelf stuff here folks and it's something you do not want to miss!
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