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Amazon Gia Left To Suffer For The Night!
7:11 Minute Bondage Video: Gia's husband has her strung up painfully in their garage, her body is soaked with sweat from stress and now he's clipping clothespins on her tender nipples as further punishment for cheating! Very long sexy scenes of the six foot two inch stunner struggling helplessly, she tries to say how sorry she is through the gag but her husband ignores his wife and leaves her to suffer through the night and as the lights are turned off all you can hear is Gia's gagged, desperate whimpering.
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The Disappearing Detective! Part 2
6:06 Minute Bondage Video: Detective Lee desperately tries to convince her captor to let her go promising him money in exchange for her release but the deal is done and the poor detective is brutally gagged and forced to listen to plans being made for her shipment overseas! Tons of sexy struggling highlight the action as Kobe thrashes desperately, hot close ups put you right there on the floor with the terrified woman, her face shows the stunned fear she is enduring and all because she was just doing her job.
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Epically Abused Porn Star! The Conclusion
9:13 Minute Bondage Video: Porn babe Cherry Morgan is enduring, and I mean ENDURING her afternoon in Badman's bondage, now bound in a cruel lotus the sexy girl is forced to bend over and eventually she falls to her side where her sweet pussy is totally exposed! But one final hell awaits and it's something Cherry will never forget...her virgin hogtie! It's excruciatingly tight and unforgiving, the drool pours from her gagged mouth and her eyes speak of the agonies she is dealing yet, as the video concludes the gag is removed, Cherry is grabbed by the hair and made to promise to return or she won't be untied for the rest of the afternoon. Yeah...this is hot stuff!
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The Disappearing Detective! Part 1
6:10 Minute Bondage Video: Kobe Lee is investigating the disappearance of Hannah Perez, a local model who has gone missing but the unfortunate detective she is about to find out first hand what's happened to Hannah after knocking on the wrong door. Kobe informs the resident of her investigation and after naively accepting a spiked drink that's the last time Ms. Lee will ever know freedom again! Hours later she groggily awakens to a bondage nightmare and is informed she has been taken captive to be sold as a sex slave, just as her friend Hannah was and there is nothing she can do to stop it!
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Amazon Beauty Strung Up For Cheating!
8:02 Minute Bondage Video: Okay, strap yourselves in for bondage eye candy of the highest order as six foot two inch Gia is strung up by her husband after he caught the bitch cheating! Oh she tries to deny it but he's not having any of her lies and soon the stunning woman is stretched taut, her body glistens with sweat as she squirms and to humiliate her further the string of her thong is pulled free exposing her cheating cunt! Hot stuff for sure!
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Chair Bound, Exposed And Robbed!
11:21 Minute Bondage Video: Brittney Lynn sits tied to a chair in this classic tale of a young housewife taken captive in her home by an intruder intending to rob the place. Non stop hot struggle scenes including a crazy hot ungagging and regagging scene that will rock your world, Brit's top is eventually yanked up exposing her prefect breasts and she is left to squirm while he makes his getaway! Yeah...as classic as it gets!
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Porn Star Cherry Morgan!
8:05 Minute Bondage Video: Let me make it clear that Cherry is NOT a bondage loving girl, it's not her thing so when she foolishly agreed to try my ropes I made sure it was an experience she would never forget! It all starts sweetly with Cherry posing and looking insanely hot but the gag was unexpected as were the clothespins on her tender nipples, the drool is humiliating in the extreme as are the spankings and you have a front row seat to watch it all unfold!
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Elbow Bound, Panty Gagged And Exposed!
12:30 Minute Bondage Video: THIS is why I love tying a girls elbows! Raquel is not flexible and with her arms so cruelly wrenched together behind her back it forces the pretty girl to thrust out her chest to ease the stress making for incredibly hot images. When I added the panty gag and frog tied her legs for maximum exposure the final result is bondage freaking heaven! Yeah, you have to see this set!
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Trophy Wife In Bound Terror! The Finale
12:21 Minute Bondage Video: You will never....EVER see a more terrified woman than trophy wife Sienna as she endures cruel bondage, stripping, and humiliation at the hands of her captor who has taken her for cash that her husband better pay or he'll never see his gorgeous wife again! Sienna wails and struggles as her body becomes the playground of her captor who strips and touches her in ways he has NO business doing and you can literally feel the terror in the air as Sienna awaits her fate and it's a video you just can't miss to see how it turns out!
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Sorority Pledge Driven To Intense Orgasms!
19:45 Minute Bondage Video: Candle Boxxx provides a great intro as her personal pledge Luna hopes to be accepted into a very exclusive sorority and to do that she'll have to prove she can have multiple orgasms in front of people watching. Luna is tentative though but is convinced to strip naked before being tied to a chair with a vibe on her clit and what follows is screen meltingly hot as Luna cums, screams, drools and writhes helplessly as her bound body is forced to respond!
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Hot Asian In Elbow Bound Hell!
16:34 Minute Bondage Video: Mercedes had never had her elbows tied but today she would experience that stressful position and to see this beautiful woman endure the severity is exactly what you want in a bondage video! Mercedes drools and groans desperately as she writhes in very real distress and it gets worse when her toes are tied back to the gag strap, she either has to hold her head up or risk wrenching her delicate toes and that's just how the poor girl is left as the video closes!
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Briella's Brutal Kitchen Assault!
16:19 Minute Bondage Video: As Briella innocently gets a glass of water an intruder grabs the lithe beauty from behind, clamps a hand over her mouth and so begins her ordeal in brutal, humiliating bondage! He tapes her right there in the kitchen before searching for cash, Briella struggles but to no avail but as punishment he binds her body so tight she can barely move and even worse the bastard strips and touches her in ways he has NO business doing! After being panty gagged she is left alone to wait for rescue while he makes his getaway!
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A Model's Nightmare!
16:12 Minute Bondage Video: Kessa knew she was there for a bondage shoot but she never figured her elbows would be so brutally tied or that a ball gag would be forced into her mouth and strapped excruciatingly tight! That's the least of her worries though because when she is achingly hogtied on the floor the pretty model learns she is to be sold overseas as a bondage sex slave and there's not a single thing she can do to stop it!
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Drea's Chained Terror!
14:48 Minute Bondage Video: Drea groggily awakes and soon realizes she has been painfully bound with chain, her mouth is packed with cloth and she has no memory how this happened or where she is. Eventually her apparent captor enters and tells the terrified girl that her cock tease ways at the bar last night would not go unpunished so he took her captive and what follows is a nightmare of epic proportions for innocent Drea as she endures both physical and mental torment at the hands of this sociopath
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A Slobbering, Crying, Abused Party Girl! The Finale
14:20 Minute Bondage Video: Cock Tease Bella was taken from the bar last night and has spent the night bound, gagged and blindfolded on a filthy mattress and now as day breaks her sadistic captor is about to put the terrified woman through absolute hell! Her pantyhose is ripped, she's strung up in an excruciating strappado and you can see the huge gobs of drool and snot drip from her gagged face as he torments the innocent girl. The the bastard then puts a vibrator on her exposed pussy and forces the crying girl to orgasm over and over and over again before leaving her to dangle for yet another night of pure bound hell!
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They Set The Baby Sitter Up For Bondage!
17:23 Minute Bondage Video: Paige and I intentionally didn't tell our new baby sitter that her charges like tricking their sitters into excruciating bondage and when we fade back in gorgeous Brooke is tightly tied and struggling! Over the course of the evening she is cruelly gagged, stripped and eventually hogtied and all they do is watch with weird little smiles on their faces, oblivious to her agony. Will she be rescued when the parents get home?
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