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Strung Up And Crotch Roped
3:14 Minute Bondage Video: Kobe Lee is not only strung up by her wrists in an uncomfortable strappado position but she is enduring a very tight crotch that splits her tender girls part causing her to groan past the bit strapped into her mouth. The position is simple yet deviously effective and all Kobe can do is twist, struggle and hope this doesn't last much longer.
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Bound, Stripped And Terrorized Jogger!
4:01 Minute Bondage Video: When Annabelle groggily awoke she was bound, gagged, blindfolded and in a box and her terror was palpable and now her captor delights in tormenting and abusing his sexy captive who he snatched as she was on her daily morning jog. His hands run salaciously over her bound body but he's also very rough and makes one lewd comment after another which is all bad enough but when he yanks her shorts down exposing her pussy Annabelle wails and thrashes desperately as her body becomes his personal playground.
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Jewell's High Heeled Drooling Hogtie!
4:04 Minute Bondage Video: Bondage legend Jewell Marceau lays severely elbow bound and struggling, the gag is making her drool uncontrollably and she's in a bad way...which is about to get worse. The voluptuous women is strictly hogtied, her panties are yanked down exposing her neatly trimmed pussy and there's nothing she can do about it! Great low angle shots highlight this classic video that is sure to please!
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Robbed, Bound And Stripped!
4:00 Minute Bondage Video: Raquel lays bound and gagged on her living room floor the victim of an intruder intent on robbing the innocent girl but he has much more in store for his captive, it seems he can't help but ruck down her yoga pants and run his hands over the firm smooth ass now revealed to him. But his sadistic side really comes out when he uses more rope to achingly bind Raquel's forearms until her elbows actually touch putting her in instant desperate agony much to his perverted delight!
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I Have To Escape!
5:11 Minute Bondage Video: A beautiful girl wakes in a strange bed, she's naked, tied and has no idea why she's here or who did this but one thing is for sure...she has to try and escape and what follows is as classic as it gets! Anabelle squirms her way off the bed and around the room looking for something to cut her ropes but finds nothing so she drags her bound body towards the stairs and hopefully freedom.
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Anabelle's Naked Bound Desperation
5:01 Minute Bondage Video: After waking naked, bound, gagged and in a strange place with no knowledge of why she's here Anabelle does what any captured girl would do, she desperately struggles to somehow find freedom! After searching the bedroom where she woke and found nothing to help she achingly dragged her bound body down steep stairs and where she miraculously sees her phone and desperately tries to call for help!
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Strung Up Trophy Wife
10:52 Minute Bondage Video: The bound eye candy is off the charts hot in this classic tale of a beautiful woman taken captive until her husband pays cash for her safe return, it's a harrowing story with tons of raw emotion, the struggling is intense and Megan's eyes show the fear she is enduring and that's just the beginning. Will she be set free? Will her husband pay up? You'll have to see the vid to find out!
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I Didn't Know You Wanted My Pussy Shaved
5:04 Minute Bondage Video: Arielle should have known better than to show up for a nude bondage shoot with an unshaven pussy, it's how she keeps it personally but when she's being paid she should have been more considerate and the photographer is not happy about it. But he takes his photos while she's tied and it's going well but as things progress it starts to aggravate him more and more and that gets Arielle's elbows tied! Great theme + a hot girl = a great video!
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Ball Tied Beauty!
4:09 Minute Bondage Video: Sasha Fae lays on the floor in severe bondage, her elbows are crushed together, the gag is deep and tight and rope holds her body into a wicked ball tie that leaves the half naked girl utterly and totally helpless! She can barely move a muscle except for some finger or toe wiggling...the bondage is THAT tight and you have a front row seat to watch it all!
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Kendra's Virgin Ball Tie
4:15 Minute Bondage Video: I love tying up porn stars, they have no clue how harsh bondage can be and such is the case with the sexy Kendra Lynn, this is her very first ball tie and also the first time she's been ring gagged and damn what a drooling mess she is! But she endures it all with a good attitude and to see her squirm in such tight bondage is as good as it gets!
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Hogtied And Terrified!
4:06 Minute Bondage Video: Brooke is stripped naked and has been hogtied by her captor, she's utterly terrified and struggles furiously against the tight ropes that hold her captive, her beautiful eyes show the fear she is experiencing and it's a video you don't want to miss!
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It's Daddy Daughter Tie Up Day!
4:05 Minute Bondage Video: Raquel has a very special relationship with her father, she knows he loves bondage and is a willing participant in their tie up games and with today being Wednesday Raquel has no college classes so her dad walks in her bedroom with a handful of rope. The beautiful coed is fine with all this and soon finds herself tightly bound and gagged on her bed while her father takes photos for the Family Album! Hot sexy squirming with a taboo yet good natured theme!
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Heather's Hogtied Betrayal
5:07 Minute Bondage Video: Heather lays bound and gagged on the floor of her captor who is about to go collect the cash for her release, it's been a horrific afternoon but is about to get worse when he hogties the buxom beauty to keep her secure while he's gone! Heather groans as he ropes her up but after the money is paid this hell will end so she just has to wait this out...but her idiot husband called the cops who staked out the drop site and the money was never picked up and now it seems she is going to be permanently kept by this sociopath. Absolutely classic DiD video!
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Kendra James Gets Hard Tied!
6:12 Minute Bondage Video: There's something inherently special about a naked girl roped into absolute helplessness and then standing back and watching her squirm and that's exactly what you get with this hot as hell vid featuring bondage star Kendra James. The Badman ties this girl achingly tight and finishes her off with a strict hogtie that leaves her a groaning, desperate vision of female desperation that is screen meltingly hot!
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Vacation Robbery Nightmare
8:00 Minute Bondage Video: After bribing a hotel maid to gain access to Chrissy's room he waited out of sight until she returned from dinner, the pretty girl is grabbed from behind, hand gagged and told to behave during the robbery or else! Chrissy soon finds herself tied very tight, gagged and in a desperate escape attempt she uses her FEET to grab her cell but is caught and her captor is none to happy about this and puts the terrified girl on the floor while he continues his search for the cash he knows is there. Classic DiD in every frame of this hot video!
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Welcome To Your Nightmare
9:17 Minute Bondage Video: Lexi walks in her house, hangs up her keys and as she walks past the darkened bathroom door a man grabs the stunned girl from behind, clamps a hand over her mouth and so begins her afternoon in bound terror! He's there to rob the place and ties Lexi up, puts her on the floor and searches the house but he also takes advantage of her helplessness by exposing her massive tits and threatening much more! Classic DiD!
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