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Amanda Gets The "Whopper"
36 images: As you've seen from the two previous updates from this series Amanda Foxx has had progressively larger and more stressful gags put in her mouth but now she is about endure what can best be described as The Whopper! It's punishingly large, causes he to drool uncontrollably and when you add the hogtie it's an update you have GOT to see!
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Lexi Runs Afoul Of Her Pool Guy
20 images: Lexi was lounging on her pool deck when she noticed her pool cleaner staring at her as he worked, she took exception to his gawking and chastised him for it and that was the biggest mistake she ever made. He dragged the stunned girl into her house, spread her legs on her own table and did unspeakable things to her vulnerable body and truth be known....Lexi loved every minute of it!
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Amanda's Elbows
36 images: She's baaaaack! It's been years since Amanda Bryant has been tied up but she's made a long awaited return and admittedly was nervous about being tied by me because of the tightness I'm known for and that nervousness was well founded as you can see from the preview image. The nylon cord has zero give and when I dragged Amanda's elbows together she realized how rough a day it's going to be! Welcome back to bondage Badman style!
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Glamour Puss In Severe Bondage
52 images: When I told Alyssa to put on her most elegant dress and heels she thought we were going out for an expensive dinner...then she saw the rope and knew she wouldn't be going anywhere except the living room and she wasn't too happy about it. But I never let those little things bother and by the time I was through Alyssa was in the tightest bondage of her life which is how would spend the rest of her evening.
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Fitness Babe Booted And Spread
41 images: Sit back and get ready for one of the sexiest photo sets we've ever produced here at NaughtyTies, it features incredible fitness babe Amy in a leather outfit complete with thigh high boots that will knock your socks off and when you add rope it's going to melt your screen with hotness! Enjoy!
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Hard Bound And Forced To Cum
44 images: Natalie endures a very strict elbows together position as she squirms on the floor and the huge ball gag is every bit as severe so to ease the naked girl's suffering she is vibed to an orgasm that she is VERY grateful for!
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Hogtied Barista
41 images: Angelica had no idea she was being watched as she worked at the local coffee house, when her shift ended she walked home unaware that she was being followed and when she unlocked her door he burst in behind the beautiful women and had her roped up before she knew what was happening! She thrashed so much he ended up hogtying his sexy captive and all Angela could do was wonder what he planned to do with her tethered body. Hot fantasy images come true in this terrific update!
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Monika Learns The Ropes
38 images: Monika is a real life model from Russia who was here visiting and was curious about fetish and bondage in particular and when she asked to shoot in the cutest accent you can imagine I couldn't say yes fast enough! And this sweetheart is a natural, she hits one sexy pose after another evoking the perfect damsel-in-distress imagery and it's an update you just can't miss!
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High Heeled And Strapped
42 images: Paige Turner! That very name evokes images of a beauty in bondage and this fabulous set of photos brings that to life as that sexy woman is wearing a very sexy outfit complete with classic five inch heels and ready for an afternoon in bondage. But today instead of rope a set of nylon straps is used to bind her voluptuous body, they wrap Paige like coils of a snake, tight, constricting and oh so delicious!
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High Heeled And Hard Gagged!
38 images: Oh my! The bondage eye candy is simply off the charts hot and features the incredible Bella Lovez in her sexiest heels, skin tight tank top that barely contains her perfect breasts and teeny shorts that are the stuff of dreams and when you add rope it just doesn't get any better. Oh, and I did mention the harsh gagging she endured? Yeah, this is one for the ages!
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Brianna Ray Tied And Told To Strip
35 images: Real life, honest to to goodness soccer mom Brianna is as beautiful a woman as you will ever lay your eyes on and she is curious as to what bondage is all about, So I educated her! After tying her hands and strapping a gag in her mouth the sexy blonde was told to strip her jeans off, she balked at first but I told Brianna her hands would stay tied until she completed the task and knowing she was totally at my mercy for release she dutifully did as told!
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Ball Tied Beauty
30 images: As stringent as a good hogtie can be most every women who's been tied will tell you that a ball tie is even more restrictive, there is virtually no movement other than fingers and toes which is exactly the predicament Nicole finds herself in. When you add rope dragging her forearms close together you have a naked girl in serious bondage making for an update you will absolutely love!
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Chained Baby Sitter's Sloppy Breakfast
30 images: Former baby sitter Sebrina has accepted her role as a bondage slave for the Johnson's and has spent the night chained in their garage, when morning mercifully arrives the half naked girl is hungry and is given a bowl of milk for her to lap up. But first she must earn her breakfast by deep throating a dildo to show her servitude and the images on the screen are gut wrenchingly submissive and as hot as anything you could possibly imagine!
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Natalie's Virgin Ball Tie!
40 images: Natalie is still very new to bondage, she's been tied just a few times so far and is curious about other positions so I suggested we do her first ever ball tie and while she had no idea what that actually meant she was eager for the experience. After packing her mouth I roped the lithe beauty into that harsh position, including her elbows and the results were fantastic so join Natalie as her bondage journey continues! As a bonus there are several "aftermath" photos that you're going to love!
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Nyssa's Drooling Distress!
50 images: Nyssa begged me not to strap a ball gag in her mouth, she even said I could tie her elbows if I used another type of gag, it seems ball gags make her drool profusely and that's something she absolutely hates! So, being the Badman that I am, I did tie her elbows and then used the ball gag anyway and Nyssa was true to her word, she drooled all over herself and by the end she was one sexy but wet mess of bound and gagged female flesh!
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The Return Of Annabelle Genovisi!
26 images: It's been three years since Annabelle has had rope on her hot body, life has taken her in directions away from bondage but that has changed and this update is her first time tied up and it's something special! Her adorable socks and teeny thong add to the wonderful visuals of seeing Annabelle in as severe a hogtie as she's ever experienced so sit back and enjoy the return of Ms. Genovisi!
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Buxom Babe Bound In Lingerie
35 images: There's something inherently erotic about a girl surprised while getting dressed, is given no chance to put the rest of her clothes on and is then bound and gagged in her sexy lingerie! The gag was another unwelcome surprise as was the hogtie that eventually followed and the result is an update that is going to rock your bondage loving world!
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Lingerie Heels And Rope
27 images: Jessie evokes the stuff of bondage dreams as she struggles and squirms in her sexiest lingerie complete with classic black pumps and when you add a deep gag you have an update that is as good as it gets! Guaranteed!
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Real Estate Agent Gets Snatched!
31 images: Fayth is showing a home to a perspective renter who has evil intentions on his mind and as the pretty real estate agent shows him around she's grabbed from behind until she passes out, then carried to a dreary back room and dumped on an old mattress. When she groggily wakes Fayth finds herself mouth stuffed and tied cruelly tight as her captor stands over her helpless body and she wonders what he has in store for her!
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A Hogtied Drooling Mess!
31 images: Girls hate to drool! Which means I love to make them do it and such is the case for Bella in this super hot update that has the beautiful naked girl hogtied on a table, hard gagged and left to drool and good gawd what a mess she makes! To make it more humiliating I caught her saliva in a bowl and poured it on her ass while she screamed past the ball in her mouth! And go check out the video at www.badmanvideos.com
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