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Hogtied Porn Star Cherry Morgan!
46 images: Cherry Morgan is a stunningly hot porn star who does VERY little bondage and certainly nothing like what TheBadman does but she decided to take a chance and even asked to be taken out of her comfort zone. Big mistake because after a grueling lotus tie Cherry ended up in a strict cross ankle hogtie that left her helpless, drooling and wondering why the hell she agreed to this!
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Lylah's High Heeled Hogtied Hell!
38 images: Lylah's husband got tired of his voluptuous wife going out with her friends dressed in super tight pants and sky high heels so he decided to put a stop to it and if that meant excruciating bondage then so be it! Lylah is incredulous at being treated so roughly, the rope around her elbows is particularly brutal but he ignores her whimpering and eventually leaves his sexy wife strictly hogtied for the afternoon to teach her a lesson!
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ChiChi Kitchen
38 images: When ChiChi Medina learned the repairs on her car would be a lot more expensive than she hoped she used her incredibly hot body and feminine charms to talk the guy into trading his repair services for something other than money. But what she didn't realize was that he was a bondage loving freak and jumped at the chance to tie up his hot neighbor and poor ChiChi was subjected an afternoon of excruciating bondage, a brutal gag and being embarrassingly exposed!
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Amanda Kent Stairwell
39 images: Amanda has no idea why she's tied to a pipe in the abandoned warehouse she finds herself in, her captor keeps exposing more and more of her body yet never says a single word and it's scaring the hell out of her! Time passes slowly and it seems like hours since she's seen anyone....and what if he never comes back! No one will ever find her in this dreary place and if she is truly abandoned what a terrible fate that would be for the sexy beauty.
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It's Okay If You Hogtie Me Daddy, I Don't Mind
33 images: When Raquel's mom died her dad was grieving, she knew he had no one to tie up anymore so she simply offered herself to be bound and gagged like the dutiful daughter she was raised to be and although it seemed a bit taboo he agreed. Raquel submitted herself completely and was soon severely elbow bound, hogtied and after being ball gagged he changed it to a ring gag so he could hear the sweet little gasps that escaped her lips as she struggled for his pleasure. And yours!
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Drea And Kendra Two Girls Too Tight!
27 images: You get a double dose of hotness with this sexy update featuring two fetish legends Kendra James and Drea Morgan tied extremely tight! Notice the sweat on Drea, she's been struggling for hours and is utterly exhausted while Kendra is naked except for high heel boots and tied in a very uncomfortable arm twisted position and both are at your mercy. Enjoy!
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Annabelle Stripper Tricked Into Bondage!
37 images: Annabelle thought this was going to be just another bachelor party stripping gig but what she didn't know was that the guy who set this up was lying and had some ulterior plans for the unforunate stripper! Once she was inside his house she was attacked from behind and before she knew it her hands were tied and from there she was roped into excruciating bondage and left to writhe while the perverted bastard watched!
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Forced Lesbian Bondage!
33 images: Raquel has always hinted that she would like to get intimate with another girl but it was always a tease so after I tied her hands I surprised her with a captive female I snatched from a bar. Briella is an innocent girl in all this but she has no choice as she is forced to kiss Raquel, suck her tender nipples and that's just the beginning of one sexy afternoon filled with lesbian bondage sex!
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The Hot Baby Sitter's Mistake!
43 images: Angel Lee was warned by their parents not to play their tie up games but she ignored that warning thinking how tight could they really tie her? But now as she lays on the floor excruciatingly bound and cruelly gagged she's not wondering how tight any more! She's also been embarrassingly stripped, her elbows are bound and their parents won't be home for hours.....what a mistake this was!
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Sarah's Erotic Bound Submission!
33 images: Sarah knows why she is here and she also knows it's going to be rough but as the naked girls stands bent over the stool she is ready for what's in store for her today, or so she thinks! The bondage itself is not severe but it is very tight and when the clothespins were achingly clipped to her tender nipples the ropes were the least of her issues. Hogtied, deeply ball gagged and vulnerable it was an extremely...ummm.... interesting day for the beautiful girl!
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Samantha's Robbery Scam Gone Bad!
38 images: Samantha gambled away the rent money but devised a plan where a friend would tie her up and make it look like a robbery so her husband wouldn't blame her for losing the money. But her friend got carried away with tying her up, he exposed Samantha's huge breasts and tied her much tighter than what they agreed on and now she lays in an elbows together hogtie and gagged with her own panties to wait out the next several hours til her husband returns.
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Twice The Hell For Terra Mizu
36 images: I was in a mood today and that was unfortunate for pretty Terra Mizu who paid the price with being bound in two excruciating positions, severe elbow bondage included! First Terra was progressively tied into a brutal elbows together ball tie that left her barely able to move a muscle and then, as if that wasn't enough she was re-tied in a nasty hogtie which is how she spent the rest of the afternoon. Yeah... I was in a mood.
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She Paid For Bondage But Got Agony Instead!
38 images: Ever since breaking up with her boyfriend Zoe has craved bondage so when a friend hooked her up with a professional rigger she happily paid his fee but what she got was a hundred times more than she bargained for! Her elbows were crushed together, the ball gag was much too big and the hogtie was excruciating and that's just how he left her for the afternoon!
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Hard Tied! Hard Gagged!
19 images: Bella is finding out that a gag doesn't have to be huge to be effective and stressful, the blue orb in her mouth is secured excruciatingly deep and when combined with the tight, progressive bondage I subjected her to Bella is in one helluva predicament! Yep, the Badman strikes again!
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Katie: Hand Cuff Fun With Katie!
30 images: Katie was our roommate for the summer so she was aware of all the bondage that goes on around here and one day she got curious and wanted to try it herself with a fun fantasy. So we got her naked and used several pairs of hand cuffs to help the pretty girl fulfill her sexy fantasy and it's an update you don't want to miss!
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Sebrina: Nude Ball Tied Hell!
40 images: Sebrina knew she was going to be bound and gagged today but she had no idea how brutal it was going to be and by the time I tied the final knot her naked body was totally and utterly helpless! The poor girl could barely move a muscle and that's just how I left her while I went to grab some dinner.
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Sarah Brooke: High Heeled, Naked And Hogtied!
41 images: If you like bound eye candy you're going to lose your mind over this set featuring rising super star Sarah Brooke! The sexy girl endures a huge gag, clothespins on her nipples and clit, is eventually hogtied and left to squirm for your viewing pleasure!
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Cheating Wife Chained In The Garage!
34 images: Once I found proof that my wife Annabelle was cheating on me she found herself chained by the throat on her knees in our garage for the night and by the next morning she was desperate to be let down! Instead I kept her elbows chained, severely gagged the bitch and left her to writhe on the filthy floor until I was sure she learned her lesson!
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Terra Mizu Arm Twisted And Drooling!
40 images: Terra Mizu wasn't too happy with being tied in the nasty reverse prayer I had her in, but then I never let those little things bother me and roped the bitch up in that nasty position! As if being arm wrenched and drooling wasn't bad enough I finished Terra off with a wicked, back breaking hogtie and left her like that for the afternoon while I went to dinner with friends.
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Amanda Foxx: Naked Bound And Terrified!
41 images: Amanda has no idea where she is, why her clothes are gone or why she's tied up but one thing is for sure, she has to get away! But her captor keeps returning to make things more difficult including strapping a huge gag deep in her mouth and eventually the naked blonde is hogtied and left to wonder what will become of her!
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