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I Went All Badman On Raquel Roper Today!
32 images: Raquel said she was up for something different, a new way to be tied or something unusual for a change and the sexy young girl should have known better because it went paces she never imagined! It sounded simple to her but when she actually experienced having her wrists tied to her ankles Raquel realized she had to arch to relieve the stress and when I roped her elbows together and then tied her toes she was in a place she'd rather not have gone and her eyes told the tale of serious misjudgment on her part. Be careful what you wish for young lady!
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Ariel Anderssen In The Lair Of The Badman!
41 images: Ariel's car broke down as she traveled in an unfamiliar part of town while taking a short cut, her phone gets no signal so she wanders into a building seeking help and that was the biggest mistake of her life because she fell into the hands of the Badman! Strung up by her wrists, blindfolded and gagged she prays this is a joke but after hours and hours of captivity it's obvious this is no joke and unfortunately it will be the last place Ariel ever sees and as she lays achingly hogtied she wonders why she ever took that damn shortcut!
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Big Breasted Bondage Eye Candy!
34 images: Leigh is one of those drop dead gorgeous girl's that the stuff of dreams is made of and to see this big breasted beauty bound and gagged brings that dream to life! Her eyes can melt your heart, her body just won't quit and it's all right here for your viewing pleasure. Your welcome!
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Ariel: I hope daddy pays the money soon
34 images:Having a rich father has always been wonderful for Arielle but now as she sits bound and gagged in a dreary motel room it's come back to haunt her. The ropes are painfully tight and the gag is making her drool but she has no choice but to endure this nightmare until her dad pays the money, her captor has peeled her top down exposing the fear stiffened nipples beneath and he keeps looking at her with a weird smile on his face. Surely he wouldn't do that.....surely he wouldn't.....
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Taking Rachel's Paracord Virginity
32 images: For someone as experienced as Rachel Adams I was surprised she had never been tied with paracord, she was willing though and it was something she would soon regret! The thin cord doesn't distribute pressure on a girl's limbs and as soon as I bound her elbows you can see by the look on her face she was not enjoying herself! Too late now though, she was going to endure this for the rest of the afternoon whether she wanted to or not!
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Punishing Katie
43 images: Katie knew she had been bad and fully expected to be bound and gagged as punishment but she never thought I would put her in the cold damp garage for the night. Her deep brown eyes pleaded with me for me to bring her back inside, she is just so beautiful and I almost caved but I kept my resolve and to make sure I didn't give in I blindfolded my young partner, closed the door and left Katie there to ponder the error of her ways. 42 of the hottest bondage photos you may ever see!
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Self Bound Terror!
29 images: Kendra was forced to tie her own ankles and knees by an intruder and once that was done he bound the terrified girl's hands behind her back and left her to squirm while he searched for loot. Her screams got Kendra in trouble though and soon a huge ball was brutally secured in her mouth and as a final insult he hogtied and stripped the young housewife for the police to eventually find and all Kendra can do is groan, squirm and wait for rescue.
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Hogtied In Lingerie And Heels!
42 images: Lylah was happy to pose in some simple bondage poses for me and looked terrific doing it but she had no idea of what was to come and it started with being brutally gagged! From there Lylah was groped, stripped and eventually achingly hogtied, none of which she agreed to endure but when she get tied by the Badman things tend to happen and she should have known better! 41 action packed photos!
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Tied By Her Husband's Boss!
32 images: Bella's husband was sent out of town on a business trip by his boss, Mr. Johnson, so he could be alone with his wife who he decided needed to experience bondage and submission and once Bella let Mr. Johnson inside her life would change forever! He grabbed the stunned woman, tied her painfully tight, stripped her top down, strapped a gag in her mouth and told Bella this is how her husband should treat her. Screw that she thinks but her husband is gone for a week and it seems Mr. Johnson is going to use that time to show her just what she's been missing.
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In Memory Of Alexis Grace
68 images: We met Alexis Grace ten years ago when she was a fresh faced 18 year old girl trying to break into the fetish business and to know that at the tender age of 27 she is no longer with us is mind numbing. This photo set contains some of my favorite images of Alexis both in and out of bondage, she was a true friend, so full of life with a smile that would light up a room and the world is a lesser place with her no longer in it. These 68 photos are a testament to what Alexis was...someone VERY special. We'll miss you.......terribly....
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Home Cookin'!
41 images: Lydia is one of those girls who works as a house keeper who wears sexy outfits when doing her job and after watching her prance around the house all afternoon I had to ask if she would try some bondage and to my delight she said yes! I kept her in that incredibly hot outfit she was wearing, tied her right in the kitchen and I think you'll agree...this girl was born to be bound! 41 classic bondage photos!
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Chi Chi Came For Bondage, What She Got Was Agony!
34 images: Chi Chi Medina called me and asked if she could come over for some bondage fun and of course I agreed, she's frigging gorgeous! At first the big boobed babe is enjoying the experience but I decided to up the ante by roping her elbows excruciatingly tight and that's when it went from fun to agony and the ball gag was one more torment for her to endure that she never bargained for. Yeah, she's regretting making that phone call big time!
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Cherry Morgan At Her Post!
44 images: Porn babe Cherry Morgan had never been tied outside before so I had to make that happen but more than that I couldn't resist stripping her panties down before turning the hose on her! And it was a chilly day making the experience no fun at all for the hot blonde, her nipples went stiff from the cold, she shivered and shook like crazy and that's just how she spent the remainder of the afternoon! 43 Super Hot Photos!
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Spread Me Open And Fill Me Up Badman!
37 images: Raquel was feeling frisky today and actually asked that she be tied in a spread eagle position and toyed with until she orgasmed and being the wonderful man I am I did exactly that. I used a ring gag because I wanted to hear her sexy moans of excitement and trust me, Raquel was one VERY excited girl! Hot stuff here folks!
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Sarah Brooke: Agony By Request
37 images: Sarah actually said she was in the mood for some very tight elbow bondage, she wanted to test her endurance and told me to do my worst. That was a mistake! After tying her wrists and legs and strapping a punishing gag in her mouth it was elbow time and I roped her limbs just as tight as I could physically tie them, Sarah groaned with the stress and soon she was desperate to be let go! Instead I crushed her forearms against her back and let her suffer.....and I do mean suffer...for the rest of the afternoon. That's why they call me the Badman!
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Zip Tied Hell For Ariel Anderssen!
11 images: Ariel made it clear that she would not consent to being bound with zip ties, she said they hurt too much blah blah blah so you know what happened? I bound her with zip ties of course! And for being a smarmy bitch about it I pulled the nasty restraints excruciatingly tight, including her elbows and soon she was reduced to a drooling, whimpering naked mess of a girl that was desperate to be set free. Which was hours away!
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Panty Gagged, Hosed And Helpless!
39 images: After being gagged with her own pee'd in panties in the previous set Sebrina now endures even more misery when a hose is used to torture her as she sits on the cold wet concrete floor. Her pussy is especially targeted adding to Sebrina's ordeal but it's of her own making, she screwed up and this is the price the Badman demands! 39 unique and hot as hell photos!
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The Harshest Bondage Of Her Life!
53 images: Briella was pushing my buttons all afternoon, I was already in a bad mood and her mouth made it worse so I decided I'd take it all out on her by tying the sexy girl in the most sadistic way I could imagine. With Twine! The cord is so thin it almost disappears into her flesh, including her elbows and how she endured this nothing short of a miracle and trust me, she was near tears but got no sympathy from me at all. Like I said.....I was in a mood.
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Something New For Raquel Roper
37 images: Raquel said she wanted to be tied in something different for a change and challenged me to come up with something new but once I had her body twisted like a pretzel the young girl was regretting that challenge! The poor girl could barely twitch a muscle and by the time I let her go an hour later Raquel was one exhausted, sore but grateful that she was able to endure the devious mind of the Badman.
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Hard Bound Hottie!
38 images: KendraLynn hits one sexy pose after another for her glamour shoot but eventually the photographer talks her into trying some "fetish" shots to which she naively agrees. Soon the pretty girl is tied much tighter than she could have ever imagined, the ball gag is brutal and when he stripped her panties down and hogtied her Kendra wonders why she ever agreed to this bondage hell!
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