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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
26 images: Candle and Alexis were feeling frisky when they came over to hang out for the day and when Alexis actually asked me to tie her up I couldn't get my rope fast enough! Once I had the naked babe helpless Candle wasted no time having some fun with the hogtied girl making for some truly epic photos and an update you just have to see!
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Hellishly Hogtied For Being Late
48 images: Few things piss me off more than a model late for a shoot and Rachel made it worse by not calling to let me know so when she finally walked in the door I was in a foul mood and she would pay a huge price for her tardiness! She barely got in the door and was sputtering her excuses when she felt the wrath of my rope and before long I had Rachel severely gagged, elbow bound and eventually hogtied and trust me, she was a VERY sorry girl by the end of the day!
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A Strippers Mistake
31 images: Big breasted and stunningly gorgeous Summer Monroe answered an on line add for a private stripper at a party but little did she know it was a set up and she was barely in the door before she found herself bound tight! The gag was soon to follow and eventually a hogtie and her struggling was exactly the "dance" I was wanting to see!
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Hogtied Innocence
28 images: Xaya was forced to strip her own shorts off before being roped into a tight, cross ankle position and after letting her squirm for a while the beautiful girl was tied into a strict hogtie and hard gagged with tape which is how she spent the rest of the afternoon!
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Strung Up, Stripped And Hogtied
28 images: Bondage neophyte Paris Love is strung up in a grueling strappado and with her ankles crossed and tied it makes her predicament that much rougher. Her teeny skirt is yanked down and just when she thinks her afternoon is over when she's released from the strappado the helpless girl is roped into a tight hogtie that leaves her utterly helpless!
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Elbow Bound And Hard Gagged
29 images: Summer Monroe is NOT a flexible girl so having her elbows tied together behind her back pushes her to the brink of her physical limits but making it worse is that I used nylon instead of cotton rope. Nylon has almost no give unlike cotton which tends to be softer and relax with time but Summer was given no such consideration and the result is a girl in some of the tightest bondage of her life!
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Secretarial Abuse
32 images: Kristyna had no idea her boss was working on a highly secret project so when two thugs broke in late Friday after everyone else had gone home they tied her up in a storage room while they raided her boss' computer files. During the struggle her pantyhose got ripped exposing her crotch, they gagged her and when they got what they wanted the innocent secretary was left cruelly bound and gagged for the entire weekend!
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Maria's Fantasy
36 images: Sultry Maria Jade has always had a fantasy about waking up bound, gagged and held captive and I was only too happy to make her dream come true. After tying her up Maria was wrapped in a sheet where she was left to struggle, her eyes will melt you heart as she truly puts herself in the fantasy of it all making for one terrific update!
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Hogtied And Diddled
32 images: Natalie was wondering why I crossed her ankles before putting her into a hogtie but when I rolled the drooling girl on her side her legs were kept apart by the rope and she immediately understood the position. Her exposed pussy got some sexy attention before she was left to squirm for the rest of the afternoon! And wanna see the video? www.badmanvideos.com
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Reflections Of Kerri
31 images: Gorgeous Kerri Taylor sits atop the bathroom counter with her arms, wrists, ankles and knees very tightly bound, she can see in the mirror just how tight she's tied and pouts knowing it's going to be a long afternoon. It's one hot and unique photo after another that catches every aspect of Kerri's bound body and something you do not want to miss!
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Hot Wet Orgasms For A Naked Girl!
44 images: Bella knew when I frog tied her legs that she was in for something sexual to go along with her bondage and she certainly was right! Her tan thighs are spread wide exposing her sweet, shaved pussy and when the vibe hits her clit she damn near loses her mind from the sensations but Bella does more than just cum....she squirts! No less than three times soaking her thighs and the carpet beneath her! And go over to www.badmanvideos.com to see the ultra hot and very wet video!
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Decorating Anna
41 images: Anna Lieb is absolutely stunning in the creative way she's been bound, the green paracord makes a perfect contrast against her creamy skin and her eyes above the tape gag plead with you in the hopes you like her this way! Don't let this blonde beauty down, check out one of the sexiest updates we've ever done!
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Lady In Waiting
28 images: Briella sits naked, patient and submissive on the table, her ankles are tied wide apart exposing her sweet, shaved pussy and she's waiting for what she knows is coming next. Her wrists are then tied behind her back and a ball gag is strapped extremely tight in her mouth causing huge trails of drool that cover her body, Briella knows you want to see her like this and she's right! Don't miss this oh so sexy update!
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A Double Dose Of Discipline For Annabelle
31 images: Annabelle has been bad and she knows it and around here there is but one punishment...bondage. But she was especially naughty and her punishment will fit the crime so her elbows were severely tied until they touched behind her back and after gagging the already sorrowful girl a thick plug was pushed into her tight rectum and she was left to ponder the error of her ways.
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High Heeled And Helpless
33 images: What started out as a fun glamour bondage session eventually morphed into something much harsher. Whitney wasn't expecting paracord to be used but she dealt with it, then she didn't expect her elbows to be tied...but she dealt with it, the gag was much bigger than she is comfortable with...but she dealt with it but by now all the fun was gone yet she knows it will continue until her photographer is satisfied and that could be hours!
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Helpless Housewife
39 images: It happened so fast that Tabitha had no chance to fight off the intruders, it seemed in mere seconds they had her tied painfully tight, gagged then left her in the kitchen while they robbed the place. That's bad enough but one of the crooks had to get a look at her full, soft titties and yanked her shirt up before leaving to make their getaway. Classic DiD!!
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From One Oral Predicament To Another
30 images: It's been over two hours since the ball was strapped in Natalie's mouth and her jaws are aching, she needs relief desperately but I told her that if the ball comes out something else goes in. After nodding yes I took the gag out, placed a dildo in front of her face and told her either suck or the ball goes back in and damn did she do just that and what a mess she made too! I love having such an obedient bondage slave around the house!
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Bound, Spread And Squirting
41 images: Kendra Heart is bound in a vulnerable position that has her legs tied to give the Badman easy access to her sweet pussy and what followed was nothing short of intense orgasmic action! The dark splotches you see on the carpet are wet spots from Kendra squirting time and time again, her thighs are soaked with her girl cum yet she can't get enough and wants the vibe hard against her pussy for as long as the battery holds out! Hot wetness for sure!
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Summer's Virgin Zip Tie Bondage
26 images: Summer Monroe prides herself in being able to endure the strictest bondage and as such she asked to be bound with zip ties because after hearing me say how cruel they are she had to try it out. And I gave the sexy bombshell no mercy at all, her elbows were brutally zipped, the gag was strapped as tight possible and for good measure clothespins were clipped to her tender nipples! Join Summer in her virgin zip tie bondage, it's something special!
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Caught, Gagged And Hogtied!
37 images: Summer has no choice but to make her way down a perilously steep staircase while tied up and hopefully find a way to escape, miraculously she sees her phone across the room and desperately tries to call for help. But she's caught and tied in a very painful way as punishment and eventually roped into a modified hogtie that there is no escape from, her jeans are soaked with drool from the cruel gag, her ample chest is exposed and Summer is wondering if this nightmare will ever end!
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