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Bondage Reflections
36 images: Stephanie knows that Saturday is bondage day and was in the bathroom primping and when I saw the insanely sexy outfit she chose to wear I couldn't wait and roped her up right then and there! Steph took a moment to admire her bondage in the mirror before being put on the floor where she would spend the rest of the afternoon...and she would have it no other way!
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Strung Up And Groped Porn Star
29 images: Xaya is one of those rare girls who not only is a porn star but she also finds herself bound and gagged on occasion as she does today and I took full advantage of her naked body! Xaya's body is a playground for heavy fondling and groping and she is even made to taste herself through the ring gag after being salaciously fingered...and she loved every minute of it!
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Briella's First Squirt!
32 images: Briella has experience many forced orgasms while in my rope so at first glance it seemed like a normal afternoon but, for whatever reason, today was much more intense and as the drool poured from her gagged mouth her pussy added to the mess when she experienced the very first squirt of her life! And don't forget that the video is posted at www.badmanvideos.com
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Erin's Bundled Punishment
31 images: When Erin misbehaves she knows the punishment is typically tight bondage so when she was acting like a brat she knew what would happen and she was absolutely correct. My sexy girlfriend soon found herself in extremely tight bondage and a drool inducing gag...and she'd have it no other way!
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Tied And Tickled Amazon
29 images: Six foot tall Sabrina is tied to a chair and she was curious as to why I would use a ring gag instead of something more silencing, when I brought out Pantera and told her to tickle Sabrina as long as she wanted the tied girl understood about that gag......I wanted to hear every tickled scream!
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Classic Bondage!
30 images: Bondage star Rachel Adams is wearing tight jeans, a skimpy white top and sexy-as-hell heels as she endures a simple yet extremely tight afternoon in bondage! Her elbows are dragged together, the gag is large and drool inducing and when you finish with a hogtie it's as classic as it gets! Enjoy!
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Arm Twisted In Heels
36 images: Nyxon's arms are wrenched up behind her back in an almost impossible reverse prayer and to make it even rougher zip ties were used to secure her arms and wrists in that brutal position and even the ball gag is zip tied in her mouth! When you add classic 5 inch heels you have a wank inducing photo set that will melt your screen!
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A Day At The Pool For Heather
32 images: Take a buxom beauty, have her wear a sexy bikini, take her out by the pool and tie her to a pole and you have the makings of a classic photo set that is sure to please!
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Exposing Sebrina
26 images: Every inch of Sebrina's incredible body is on complete display as the Badman ropes the naked beauty into a sexy and vulnerable position that leaves nothing to the imagination!
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Terminally Tied And Naked
36 images: Briella is among the select few girls who has the endorphin responses to endure extremely tight bondage for extended periods of time and she would need every bit of that genetic disposition for what she experienced today. I seriously could not have cinched the ropes any tighter on her limbs nor strapped the ball gag in her mouth any tighter until eventually she could barely twitch a muscle. For your pleasure!
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A Double Dose Of Bondage
30 images: I left Bella in a stressful lotus tie for 30 minutes and when I took the rope that was holding her bent over she thought her day was over, but instead that same piece of rope was used to put her into a strict hogtie where I let her spend another 30 minutes. She later told me that an hour can seem like an eternity! Included are a few bonus photos of my sexy cam assistant Raquel Roper "getting the shot!"
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Naked Breast Bondage
25 images: Doing something to a girl who had never experienced it before is always a treat and such is the case with Natalie as she endured her virgin breast bondage! The clit smashing crotch rope was added just because I felt like going all Badman on her and the results speak for themselves. Hotness!
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Please Mister, I'll Be Good!
39 images: Being robbed is bad enough but even though she promised to behave the burglar roped the sexy girl up and when she complained too much she was gagged and the final insult was being hogtied while he made his getaway! This is as classic as it gets!
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Orgasms And Hogties
31 images: After being stripped naked and tied Amanda was forced to spread her legs for my leering eyes which utterly shamed her but her day was just getting started. I used a ring gag because I wanted to hear every scream that came from Amanda when I used a vibe to wring one orgasm after another from her bound body, then I hogtied the exhausted beauty and left her for the rest of the afternoon.
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Natalie's Bondage Fantasy
33 images: When Natalie's boyfriend was called out of town for work it left the nubile beauty frustrated for bondage so she got out her favorite magazines and started to masturbate to the photos...but then something happened! Was it real? Is it a dream? No matter what though she was finding herself tied up tighter and tighter, a gag was somehow strapped deep in her mouth and she was eventually hogtied and left to wonder if this was a fantasy come true or just a dream. Either way I know it's OUR fantasy come true!
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Hogtied In Latex
31 images: Nyxon looks absolutely fabulous in the skin tight latex catsuit she is wearing and when you add the high heel boots this girl is a dream come true. A Bondage Dream! The white rope plays perfectly against the shiny black outfit, especially the crotch rope which splits the struggling girl in ways that will melt your screen with hotness! Nyxon is finished off with a ball gag and a hogtie making for one of our hottest and sexiest updates ever!
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Shelby Makes A Mess
31 images: It was a day of firsts for 19 year old Shelby, she had never experienced a strappado and the ring gag was also something new and as she sat perched on a stool with her arms wrenched up behind her back she was making an absolute mess! Thick trails of drool fall from both her upper and lower lips which are captured in fantastic close ups and it's something you just have to see!
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Humiliated And Hogtied
27 images: When I threw Xaya's bound legs over my shoulder and started playing with her pussy through her shorts she had no way to protect herself from my probing fingers which utterly shamed the gorgeous girl! When she begged me to stop I was happy to comply but the price she paid for getting her way was a severe, arm twisted hogtie that I kept her in for the rest of the afternoon. Be careful what you wish for Xaya!
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Kelly Socks
33 images: At nearly six feet tall Kelly is an imposing woman who is used to getting her way with people so when she naively asked about bondage I made it my mission to bring the haughty bitch down a few pegs which, as you can see from the preview image I was completely successful. By the end of the afternoon Kelly was a broken and contrite woman who learned her proper place in the world but I kept her bound and gagged a few extra hours than we originally agreed just to make sure she understood who the boss is around here.
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A Steel Embrace
25 images: While Maria Jade had been cuffed a few times in her life she had never experienced thumb and toe cuffs and right from the start she was stunned at how deviously restrictive those things are! She said they bite like the devil and by the end of the day she was quite ready to have them removed.
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