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Hogtied Housewife!
28 images: Rachel had no idea that when she answered the door that an intruder would force his way into her home, savagely tie her, tape her mouth shut and rob the place! When he had his loot poor Rachel was cruelly hogtied while he made his getaway, her husband won't be home for hours meaning she'll remain in that harsh position until she is mercifully released!
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Whitney's Brutalized Arms
35 images: There's something truly sadistic about putting a girl in such extremely tight bondage that there is zero hope of ever getting loose and such is the case with what the Badman did to poor Whitney Morgan with cruel zip ties! And the gag is every bit as harsh, a zip tie was threaded through the ball and strapped insanely tight compressing Whitney's cheeks making it impossible for her to even open her mouth around that ball to beg for mercy! Yeah, the Badman got a little carried away today!
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The Agony And The Ecstasy
32 images: Whitney endures a roller coaster of emotions and physical duress as she kneels tied painfully tight to a post in the chilly autumn air. Her agony is having her elbows wrenched together behind that pole and a huge ball gag strapped brutally deep in her mouth and as she deals with that her bikini bottoms are untied and a vibe taped to her thigh and pressed against her clit where it remains until she gets what she craves...a hot orgasm thus her ecstasy!
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Wired Agony and Ecstasy
25 images: Rachel Lilly is being put through the wringer as she endures one intense emotional experience after another, her elbows are brutally wired together so to ease her suffering she is given a hard orgasm with a vibrator to take her mind off the bondage. But after she cums the Badman binds Rachel into an excruciating hogtie with the hated speaker wire and that's just how she is left for the remainder of the afternoon!
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Annabelle: The Lost Photos
41 images: When photos are taken for NaughtyTies it's important that the updates are a value to our fantastic members so when, for whatever reason, there are just a handful they are stored and usually never seen on line. However I discovered a treasure trove of such images featuring Annabelle Genovisi from several shoots and decided it would be a shame to waste these hot photos so I gathered them up for a spectacular update that is sure to please!
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Hitchhiker's Final Ride
30 images: Sebrina never had a problem with hitchhiking, she always wore her skimpiest outfits knowing that some poor slob will pick her up but that strategy has backfired and she was picked up by the wrong guy! Before she knew what was happening he had roped up in his car and taken to a dreary warehouse where her new life as his bondage slave will begin!
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Putting The Force In Forced Orgasm!
33 images: Chrissy is tied nude and spread eagle on her bed and makes an incredible sight, being so open and vulnerable is a huge turn on for the sexy babe and she is about to be vibed to one orgasm after another. But, as any girl will tell you, after a while it can go from uncomfortable to downright painful and when you see her face you'll know just how true that is, she screams into her gag and writhes desperately as she tries to avoid the toy but it's useless and she is eventually left a naked, exhausted, sore...and satisfied female!
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Table Tied Terror
30 images: Summer Monroe lays on a table in very tight bondage, at first she's blindfolded but eventually her captor removes it and you immediately see the fear in the beautiful woman's eyes! She's forced to listen to plans being made for her release but until that time she'll be hogtied to await her fate!
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Gags For A Hogtied Girl
31 images: The premise is simple, hogtie a sexy girl and gag her so tight she drools uncontrollably and just sit back and watch! The first gag Amanda endures is a tape wrapped ball gag the sits deep in her mouth and after her mouth is properly tenderized a much bigger gag is strapped deep and tight which really get's her saliva flowing and if you look closely at the edge of the table you'll see several drips clinging to the edge. Some of the very best gagging images we've ever posted!
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Bound Nurse Forced To Cum
29 images: Innocent Home Health Care worker Lexi had the lousy luck of being assigned to me, her insane hotness sealed the big boobed beauty's fate, she's been kept bound, gagged and is now about to endure even more! After frog tying her creamy tan thighs Lexi is forced to spread her legs for a vibe which wrings not one but two hot orgasms from her tethered body and as a final touch I go down on my sexy nurse and tongue her pussy to my hearts content!
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Arm Wrenched Naked Hell!
31 images: Few girls can attain the bondage position Nyxon has been forced into today and making it a thousand times worse is that zip ties were used instead of rope, it's an almost impossible position to endure but endure it she does...there's no choice! But to ease her distress a bit a vibe is used to give Nyxon a sweet orgasm that, at least for a little while, takes her mind off of the brutal bondage.
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Roommates Revenge!
45 images: Paige had always had the hots for her gorgeous roommate Charlee but her advances were always rebuffed so one day she decided to take matters into her own hands and waited with rope until Charlee came home from her waitress job. The tall, high heeled blonde was surprised as she walked in and before she could resist Paige had her tied tight, when Charlee complained she taped her mouth and spent the rest of the afternoon in bondage and at her roommates mercy!
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And Now Your Toes!
25 images: Nyxon is already bound in a deceptively harsh position, her wrists are twisted and crossed behind her back, she's gagged with an enormous ball, and then it gets worse...much worse! After roping the lingerie clad beauty into a hogtie paracord is used to tie her big toes together which are then attached to the rope around her upper arms and the result is simply beautiful!
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Rachel's Wired Frustration
37 images: It's no secret that Rachel Adams can endure even the most grueling of bondage predicaments and this exemplifies that perfectly, instead of using rope I tied Rachel with ultra thin speaker wire and let her thrash around in a hopeless attempt to find comfort. Then, just to frustrate her I cut the wire at her wrists but left her upper arms harshly bound and to see her deal with that is pure bondage magic!
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So Badman, Are You Going To Use That Vibe Or What!
33 images: It's no secret that Anabelle Pync loves her bondage hard, she loves to be naked and she love orgasms so I combined all three of those things for one helluva sexy update! The beautiful girl is severely elbow bound and looking absolutely incredible as she poses for the camera and when she sees the vibe her eyes go wide with anticipation and she is given exactly what she craves.....bondage orgasms!
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I'm Going To Wipe That Smile Off Your Face!
37 images: Chrissy Marie is simply one the prettiest girls you will ever see, as she poses in rope her smile would light up a room but that's about to take a very dramatic turn as her afternoon continues. It seems the photographer wants something much darker though and by brutally tying her elbows that was a start, then the gag was strapped ridiculously tight in her mouth causing Chrissy to drool uncontrollably and by the time he semi hogtied her on the bed that smile was long forgotten!
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They Did Unspeakable Things To The Baby Sitter
34 images: After being discovered by the parents of the hellions Sebrina was hired to watch she tried to tell them she was innocent in all this but they refuse to believe her and as punishment they keep the sitter bound, gagged and helpless! She's stripped of her panties, her ankles are retied which allows access to her already abused pussy and she is driven to several crushing and painful orgasms! Yeah, this is an update you just can't miss!
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Bound Eye Candy!
31 images: This update has all those sexy little things we all love in bondage photos like wrist twisting, that classic damsel-in-distress look, very tight bondage, a sexy as hell girl in a sexy as hell outfit and so much more and Whitney Morgan brings all that and more in this sweet update that will rock your world!
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High Heeled Glamour Puss!
39 images: MandyK is a bondage superstar and loves being in rope but she's also a top notch model and loves flirting for the camera and it would be a crime against humanity for these photos to sit unposted. Each picture is hotter than the one before, Mandy teases and entices you mercilessly as she hits one smoking hot pose after another and while there may not be rope involved, trust me, you're not going to notice!
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Sultry And Abused
48 images: There are 48 images in this photo set and every one is hotter than the next and may very well be the best batch of pics we've ever posted! Sebrina is screen meltingly sultry as she poses naked except for her heels and as the afternoon progresses she is taken in so many directions her head was spinning, including a severe dildo throat fucking that has got to be seen to appreciate! The bondage is tight, the gag is harsh and to see this naked girl deal with each scenario is the stuff of bondage dreams!
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