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Bella's Shoot Goes Downhill! Part One
30 images: Bella makes for fantastic eye candy as she hits one sexy as hell pose after another for the photographer and everything seems to be going wonderfully so when he suggests they "try a little fetish" Bella agrees. At first it goes well, she continues to give him very sexy poses with her hands tied but then he roped her knees and ankles which she wasn't too happy about but when he tied her elbows Bella tried to end the shoot but he wasn't having it and all Bella can do is pray he won't tie her any further!
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Bailey's Ball Tied Hell!
44 images: It was bad enough that Bailey Paige had her arms twisted behind her back and tied and that the thick gag absorbed all her saliva making her mouth dry as a desert but when her body was bent into a nasty ball tie she was a girl in serious bound distress! The hours passed slowly for the unfortunate girl, she continually looked at the clock waiting for the appointed time to arrive when she was to be released and when that time arrived I kept her tied anyway....just because I could.
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An Interview Gone Terribly Wrong!
45 images: When Maria arrived at the location for an office temp job she is interviewing for the pretty latina was a bit apprehensive, the building was very isolated but she confidently walked in the door looking her best in a skirt, hose and heels. When the office manager handed her a pile of rope though and said being bound and gagged was part of the job she tried to walk out but the sexy girl never made it and soon was tightly tied and cruelly gagged! The bastard even unbuttoned Maria's top exposing her fear stiffened nipples and left her to squirm for the rest of the afternoon. What an interview!
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Star Nine Submits To Raquel Roper
30 images: As Star lays naked, exposed and vulnerable she had no idea who was waiting in the wings to "play" with her, not that she would mind but I find when it's a surprise a girls' reactions are so much better! Star willingly opens her creamy thighs wide giving Raquel easy access to her wet pussy with the vibe and she wastes no time using it on the wonderful gift presented to her. 30 sexy Sapphic bondage photos that will rock your world for sure
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Judgmental Bitch Roped Into A Hogtie!
28 images: My wife's sister Angel was visiting and while rummaging through a basket on the table looking for her car keys she stumbled on a dvd that featured Paige on the cover in a serious bondage predicament and she was absolutely furious! How dare her sister do such things she told me so I decided to show the uppity bitch what it's all about by roping her excruciatingly tight and I even gagged her with a pair of Paige's dirty panties before eventually hogtying her into bound agony! Take that you bitch!
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The Intense Struggles Of April Dawn!
39 images: One look at April's face will tell you all you need to know about her plight, she woke up bound and gagged in a strange place and seeing no one she agonizingly squirms off the bed and seeks a way to cut her ropes. Nothing is in the dresser though so the terrified woman achingly drags her bound body down the stairs and possible freedom but just as she tries to use a phone she is caught, brutally hogtied, groped and left to writhe! Classic DiD right here folks!
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A Day In Hell For Sarah Brooke!
30 images: Imagine the horror of waking tied to a chair, gagged and with a hood covering your head and you have no recollection of how or why you are there. That's the plight of Sarah but much more is in store for the beautiful woman, once the hood is removed a rope is tied around her throat and she is left gasping in severe distress until she is eventually yanked into a cruel, wrist twisted strappado with her panties pulled down which is how she is left for the rest of the afternoon!
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Hey! This Isn't Fun Anymore!
35 images: Arielle Lane is enjoying being photographed while she's naked and tied, she hits one sexy pose after another and the shoot is going wonderfully. Until I tied her elbows excruciatingly tight and strapped a huge ball gag in her mouth! All of a sudden what started out as a fun photo shoot morphed into a girl in severe distress and when I hogtied Arielle she knew she was in way over her head but it's too late now, I have her for the afternoon and this is how the naked girl is going to spend it.....bound...drooling...and helpless!
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Dildo Gagged Bitch! Part One
34 images: Okay, you saw the video on www.badmanvideos.com so now check out the hot stills that were taken during the actual filming of KendraLynn being seriously roughed up in bondage! This babe likes it harsh but I'm not so sure she was up for something this rough, but then again that doesn't matter to me, when I go all Badman on a girl I don't hold back so sit back and enjoy these hot as hell photos!
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You Broke My Heart So I Tied You Up In My Garage
35 images: Bailey stunned me when she said she wanted to break up, no amount of talking seemed to sway her decision so I had to act fast before she left so after dragging her into the garage I tied her up achingly tight until she changed her mind. And it took hours! The original gag I used was making her choke and I couldn't have her passing out so I changed it and strapped it extra tight and eventually hogtied my sobbing girlfriend and the good news is Bailey is still my girlfriend! Of course I can never let her go but that's a story for another day.
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Hellishly Hogtied And Brutally Gagged!
33 images: Samantha Grace is in a world of hurt right about now, I have her arms severely bound behind her back and adding to her plight is the huge gag I have strapped ridiculously deep in her mouth and she is quite ready for her day to end. Sorry bitch! She is made to endure a very strict hogtie that leaves her utterly helpless, she's drooling profusely and will do anything to end this but I'm having way too much fun watching her squirm and trust me...you will too!
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Big Boobed Lexi Leigh Achingly Hogtied!
35 images: When you have a really hot girl with huge tits stuffed into a tight tank top, bound, deeply gagged and strictly hogtied you have the makings of one helluva photo set and that's just what you have today featuring babe Lexi Leigh! And once the photos were finished I kept Lexi in the hogtie for another hour....just cause I felt like it and there wasn't a thing she could do except squirm, groan and drool!
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Olivia's Virgin Lotus Tie
32 images: While Olivia is not a bondage virgin per se but she has been tied precious little in her life and wanted to experience something a bit more harsh and I was only too happy to oblige the sexy 20 year old. The sheer helplessness and vulnerability was something she later told me turned her on, she could not protect herself from my groping hands which made her wet as hell she said and the best thing she can't wait to come back for more!
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Strip And Achingly Hogtied! T
31 images: he bound nightmare continues for innocent Carissa, she offered herself for bondage to her husband's boss in return for him getting his job back but this has gone way past what she expected! Now he insists the voluptuous woman strip herself naked for the next phase and while she hates it Carissa does as told to save her husband's job and soon finds herself again achingly tied, tape gagged and eventually hogtied and left to writhe and wonder if this is all worth it for her lazy, no account husband.
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Naked And Drooling!
22 images: Briella is tied in an unusual and awkward position that has her hands pulled behind her head, her ankles are crossed and tied which is all tough enough but it's Briella's gag that causes her by far the most distress! I strapped that hard rubber ball much tighter than necessary, right down to the last notch until it set behind her teeth and plugged her mouth cruelly deep and tight. And damn did the drool flow in buckets....just like I wanted. hehehe
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Agony By Request For An Elbow Virgin
36 images: Angel Knight had been told she wasn't flexible enough to have her elbows tied together which was very disappointing to her so I offered my skills as a rigger to try and make that happen and what follows is her incredible journey into bound submission. Yes I got Angel's elbows together....and yes there were real tears as she endured the hellish position, she drooled profusely as she sobbed and these photos are a testament to one woman's masochistic and determined journey into severe bondage. And the final photo shows what Angel did to her own ass with her tied hands as she did everything she could to endure what she wanted so badly to achieve.
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The Tightest Bondage Of Her Life
36 images: Raquel Roper is no longer new to bondage and thought she had pretty much been tied every way possible but I had a very nasty surprise in store for the budding porn star and she never saw it coming! It started in a simple lotus with her hands bound behind her back but then I brutally roped her elbows together and then brought her hands around front and by the time I was done Raquel was in the tightest bondage of her life and in a position she never knew existed! Oh...and I added the clover clamps just to piss her off. Yeah, she learned a lesson in humility for sure!
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Amazon Domination 2!
30 images: This sexy tale of Sapphic bondage continues as Mistress Sabrina as her way with helpless Annabelle and it takes a definite sexual turn! Annabelle's nether regions are explored, poked and prodded, her ass is spanked with a hair brush and a vibe is used to bring her full circle from pain to pleasure and back again, you can feel the trust in the air as the strung up girl submits herself body and soul to her dominant friend.
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Ball Tied Beauty
32 images: As any girl will tell you, being hogtied can be pretty rough but there's another position that is even tougher and more restrictive as Sarah Brooke found out today and that position is a ball tie. With her hands attached to her ankles and her knees drawn up towards her chest Sarah can barely twitch a muscle and when you add the rather cruel elbow bondage the poor girl could never get loose in a million years! Don't miss this hot update!
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Pool Time Bondage For A Naked Girl
26 images: Kendra Lynn thought I was joking when I told her I was going to tie her and then throw her in the pool but as she stood precariously above the deep end on the rim of the hot tub she found out I wasn't kidding. Splash! Kendra is a great swimmer though, she's at home in the water and she had a great time thrashing, splashing and doing her best mermaid impersonation so join this sexy beauty for some light hearted bondage fun from your friends at NaughtyTies!
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