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Hard Tied Hottie!
34 images: Mandy thought she was going out for a jog but when I saw her in that insanely sexy outfit I decided she'd get her exercise a different way...by struggling in the tight bondage she soon found herself roped into! And what a sight she made especially in those ass hugging shorts and skimpy top which made for some of the best bondage eye candy on the planet!
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Bikini Bondage Fantasy
33 images: We've all seen her, that impossibly beautiful girl in a teeny bikini walking on the beach without a care in the world and we wonder what it would be like to have her bound and gagged. Well Nikki brings that fantasy to stunning life as she sits tied tight, deeply gagged and wearing the sexiest bikini you ever saw making for bound eye candy that will make your eyes pop! I guarantee it!
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Sarah's Hard Gagged Afternoon!
31 images: When Sarah Brooke comes over for an afternoon of bondage she expects it to be rough and today was no different! After roping her extremely tight I packed her mouth and left her to writhe for about an hour, then when I pulled the saliva soaked rag from her mouth she thought she would be let go but instead I strapped a huge ball in her mouth, hogtied her then left Sarah to squirm for another hour! Yeah, she likes it rough but this was a bit much even for her...but she keeps coming back for more. 😉
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Hard Bound Hard Body!
41 images: When they created Kerri Taylor they broke the mold, from her perfect tits to her flat tummy to her sexy mouth this babe has it all and when you add rope it's a bondage dream come true! Kerri is elbow tied in one her sexiest outfits making for a photo set that is sure to please!
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Earning Extra Credit
36 images: Paige was having trouble in her calculus class and asked her professor if she could earn some extra credit, he said she could and to come to his house that evening but the instant she walked in the door he plugged her mouth and roped her up tight! He then tossed the stunned and helpless coed on an old mattress and said she could earn that credit by squirming for his leering eyes and what choice did she have? Classic DiD stuff for sure!
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Break In At The Cabin!
36 images: Kristen went to their mountain cabin a day before her husband was to arrive to clean and tidy things up, as she's doing some dishes she hears the screen door creak open and when she turns the beautiful housewife is stunned to see a masked figure standing in the doorway! Before she knows it he tied her hands behind her back, shoved her to the floor, shoved a filthy rag in her mouth, roped her ankles and left her helplessly tied while he robbed the place and then he simply walked out leaving Kristen terrified, tied and praying her husband will come early to rescue her!
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Buxom, Naked And Hogtied
30 images: Ah yes, the eye candy is off the charts hot as Anabelle Pync endures serious bondage at the hands of the Badman! Her naked body is trussed tight, the leather belt is tight between her teeth and her beautiful eyes tell you all you need to know about her situation making for an update you just can't afford to miss!
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MILF In Heels
31 images: Traci brings forth the very essence of a sexy MILF, she works hard to keep her body in shape and has always had a love for rope so I added a pair of strappy heels, tied her tight and the results were...well....spectacular!
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Nyxon's Hard Tied Distress
37 images: When Nyxon comes over for some bondage fun I'm really the only one having fun, she knows it's going to be harsh yet she never complains and simply endures bondage Badman style! Today her mouth is packed to it's limit, her elbows are welded together, she's been stripped of both her clothes and her dignity and finally hogtied! You have GOT to see this update!
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Rachel Booted And Savagely Hogtied
34 images: Rachel Adams is stunning in her skin tight jeans, cute top and sexy high heel boots and she is enduring progressively tighter and rougher bondage as her day goes on. The leather belt gagging her is pulled brutally deep in her mouth adding to her torment...then her elbows were lashed together...then Rachel was hogtied and left for the rest of the day in that grueling position! 34 bone crushingly tight action bondage photos!
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The Return Of Lexi Richelle!!!
34 images: Twelve years ago a strikingly beautiful 18 year old girl burst on the bondage scene when she first experienced rope with NaughtyTies, her name was Lexi Richelle and over the next four years Lexi was the hottest thing around! Eventually life took her in a different direction and she hasn't been tied since.....until now! We've always stayed in touch and when she reached out asking to get together again I jumped at the chance and this update is her first bondage since those early days! And you are gonna love it! Welcome back Lexi...we've missed you!
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Sebrina's Hard Tied Afternoon
38 images: It's no secret that Sebrina can endure very strict bondage, in fact sometimes she craves it and when she asked if I would put her into something extreme I gave her what she wanted...and more! She drooled in buckets as she writhed and twisted in the brutal hogtie that included her toes, every single image is hotter than the next and trust me, you don't want to miss this!
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Lori's Tape Tied Terror!
21 images: Lori awoke in her bed with her hands, ankles and knees bound tight with tape, duct was plastered across her mouth and she has no recollection how or why this happened but one thing is sure...she must get away! After working her way downstairs she is discovered by her apparent captor who helps himself to her lush body before carrying her away to her fate!
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Hogtied Hotness
33 images: Xaya (pronounced Zaya) is one of the girls who could be the sexy yet demure librarian or the checkout girl at the grocery store or any other scenario you could imagine and to have her bound, gagged and stripped of both her shorts and her dignity is the stuff of dreams! Welcome to my world Xaya!
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I Want It Rough Badman!
42 images: As the first few photos will show Sebrina was feeling impish and a tad cocky today, she was in the mood for bondage but nothing tame, she wanted to have her physical limits pushed and that's exactly what she got. In spades! The term "tied to tears" comes to mind, I roped her into a truly brutal hogtie that yep, pushed her hard and if you're a fan of extremely tight, classic bondage this update will rock your world!
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Summer Taken From One Hell To Another
34 images: Summer is enduring a nasty hogtie by her captor and there is no end in sight for the terrified woman, but when he comes and starts untying her she prays it's over but she couldn't be more wrong. In fact it gets worse when he ropes the buxom babe into an excruciating position on the floor that leaves her defeated, drooling and utterly helpless!
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High Heeled And Helpless
32 images: Briella is being held captive and sits in bound and gagged terror, as much as she squirms the ropes hold firm but when her captor prepares to leave to pick up his money he decides to rope the young beauty into an absolutely excruciating ball tie that leaves Briella utterly helpless!
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Stunning Beauty Gets Hard Tied!
31 images: Summer Monroe is one of those women who turns heads wherever she goes, her long, tan legs, perfect breasts and tight ass are amazing and to see that perfect body roped tight is the stuff of dreams! Summer was enjoying herself a little too much though for my liking so I added an enormous ballgag and bound her elbows excruciatingly tight which quickly wiped that smile from her face and makes for an update you do not want to miss!
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Elbow Bound Hogtied Nudity
27 images: We all love a girl in a sexy outfit but there's something very primal about a beautiful girl totally naked and tied simply yet extremely tight and such is the case with this hot update featuring uber babe Sarah Brooke! Yeah...this is something special!
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Bikini Babe Kendra's Vacation Nightmare
36 images: Kendra Heart was on vacation and lounging at the resort pool when someone who said he was from the hotel staff brought her a drink on the house and that's the last thing she remembers...until now. Groggily waking the gorgeous girl finds herself bound, gagged and in a strange room and desperately struggles for freedom! Bound eye candy in a classic situation!
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