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Ebony Meets Ivory
33 images: Paris is a true Amazon, at nearly six feet tall she is an imposing woman but harbors a secret craving to be dominated and having never been tied I decided to give her what she wanted...and more! Her dark skin contrasts with the white rope beautifully, the red ball gag, also a first for her, fills Paris' mouth to the brim and when her elbows were tied before being hogtied she started to understand what bondage is all about! Welcome to MY world!
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Zip Tied Slave
34 images: Sebrina is having a hard time dealing with her new life as a bondage slave, after spending the night chained and cuffed in the garage her captors wake the innocent girl, remove the steel from her body only to replace it with cruel zip ties which are pulled excruciatingly tight! She is deeply gagged and more zip ties are used to bind her into what can best be described as punishment bondage, the goal is to break her will and by the look on Sebrina's face it's working.
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The Eyes Have It!
36 images: One look at Lyndsey's expressive eyes as she pleads with her captor for release is going to melt your heart, her arms are cruelly lashed behind her back, the gag is strapped deep and tight leaving only her eyes to convey what she is dealing with. And trust me...this is as special and classic as it gets!
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Hogtied Hollis
43 images: High heels. Check! Sexy outfit. Check! Gorgeous woman. Check! Tight bondage. Check! Hogtied. Check! Yep, Hollis pretty much checks all the boxes as she and the Badman create something very special, the imagery is stunning, the bondage is everything you'd expect and it's an update you can't afford to miss!
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Pretty In Bondage!
34 images: Kendra Heart is hands down one of the prettiest girls ever to grace the pages of NaughtyTies, today she's in a flirty summer dress and sexy-as-hell shoes and striking one incredible pose after another! The beautiful girl eventually loses her panties before being hogtied and but that doesn't scratch the surface of this smoking hot update that is custom made for one handed surfing!
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Stripped Strapped And Vibed!
33 images: You saw the video at www.badmanvideos.com so now sit back and get a whole new perspective with this super hot set of very intimate photos that put you right there on the floor with Nyxon as she endures extremely tight bondage, a knotted cleave gag and then an enormous ball gag that stretches her jaws to the max! Badman bondage at it's finest!
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Watering The Yard Decoration
35 images: Some people decorate their yards with garden gnomes but I prefer tied up girls and Natalie is the unfortunate victim of my latest home improvement. Roped permanently to a post she was getting sunburned so I watered her down after exposing her bare bum and left her to dry while I enjoyed the view of our newest decoration. And head on over to www.badmanvideos.com for the full video!
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Hogtied Revenge!
33 images: One thing that drives a photographer crazy is when a model cancels at the last minute, it screws up the entire schedule so when Amanda Bryant did just that several weeks ago and then asked to re-book I agreed but it was something she would regret! To vent my anger I tied her up excruciatingly tight putting Amanda in serious bound distress that shows on virtually every image of her agonized face and to finish things off I hogtied the suffering girl and left her for the afternoon to ponder the error of her ways!
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Big Breasted Nurse With A Curse
35 images: Angel Lee was assigned as a home health care nurse to a perverted man who, when he saw her very inappropriate uniform, decided to do what we all fantasize about...tying her up! Over the course of the afternoon Angel is bound, gagged and systematically stripped nearly nude and eventually hogtied where she is left to writhe, drool and curse her lousy luck at being assigned this job!
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High Heeled Hogtied Housewife
43 images: It's bad enough that Constance is being robbed and she can almost understand why the burglar would tie her up while he did his business but he didn't need to tie her elbows so tight and the gag was totally unnecessary, she wasn't going to scream and make him angry. Then when he finished the bastard roped her into a brutal hogtie that will keep her helpless while he makes his getaway! 43 classic DiD images!
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Big Breasted Bound Eye Candy
33 images: Oh my, this update is going to jump off the screen at you with it's sheer, classic hotness! Big breasted real life tri-athlete Summer Monroe submits to some of the sexiest bondage photos ever, her firm toned body is on complete display, the gag is deep and tight and Summer's heels are icing on the cake making this a must see update!
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Strung Up Hooker
38 images: Daena is a high priced call girl and is used to getting her way with men but I had other plans for the sexy babe, after having her strip naked except for her boots she thought it would be a prelude to sex. So naive. She soon found her hands tied overhead, ring gagged so I could hear her scream and after letting her struggle I roped one ankle up making Daena very vulnerable to anything I wanted to do!
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A Severe Hogtie For Summer Monroe
43 images: Summer Monroe's body is the very reason that tying a girl's elbows was invented, in that position the breasts are thrust forward in the most provocative way imaginable and when you finish things of with a hogtie you have a set of photos that will rock your world! I guarantee it!
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Hard Chained Hell
38 images: Annabelle sits on the cold tile floor in chained bondage and she's not happy about it, rope is bad enough but the steel is even more unforgiving as she is about to find out when her elbows are excruciatingly bound together! She's gagged with a thick chain locked around her head, then she's hogtied and left in groaning, bound distress that is as unique as it is hot!
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Hard Tied Hottie!
34 images: Mandy thought she was going out for a jog but when I saw her in that insanely sexy outfit I decided she'd get her exercise a different way...by struggling in the tight bondage she soon found herself roped into! And what a sight she made especially in those ass hugging shorts and skimpy top which made for some of the best bondage eye candy on the planet!
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Bikini Bondage Fantasy
33 images: We've all seen her, that impossibly beautiful girl in a teeny bikini walking on the beach without a care in the world and we wonder what it would be like to have her bound and gagged. Well Nikki brings that fantasy to stunning life as she sits tied tight, deeply gagged and wearing the sexiest bikini you ever saw making for bound eye candy that will make your eyes pop! I guarantee it!
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Sarah's Hard Gagged Afternoon!
31 images: When Sarah Brooke comes over for an afternoon of bondage she expects it to be rough and today was no different! After roping her extremely tight I packed her mouth and left her to writhe for about an hour, then when I pulled the saliva soaked rag from her mouth she thought she would be let go but instead I strapped a huge ball in her mouth, hogtied her then left Sarah to squirm for another hour! Yeah, she likes it rough but this was a bit much even for her...but she keeps coming back for more. 😉
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Hard Bound Hard Body!
41 images: When they created Kerri Taylor they broke the mold, from her perfect tits to her flat tummy to her sexy mouth this babe has it all and when you add rope it's a bondage dream come true! Kerri is elbow tied in one her sexiest outfits making for a photo set that is sure to please!
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Earning Extra Credit
36 images: Paige was having trouble in her calculus class and asked her professor if she could earn some extra credit, he said she could and to come to his house that evening but the instant she walked in the door he plugged her mouth and roped her up tight! He then tossed the stunned and helpless coed on an old mattress and said she could earn that credit by squirming for his leering eyes and what choice did she have? Classic DiD stuff for sure!
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Break In At The Cabin!
36 images: Kristen went to their mountain cabin a day before her husband was to arrive to clean and tidy things up, as she's doing some dishes she hears the screen door creak open and when she turns the beautiful housewife is stunned to see a masked figure standing in the doorway! Before she knows it he tied her hands behind her back, shoved her to the floor, shoved a filthy rag in her mouth, roped her ankles and left her helplessly tied while he robbed the place and then he simply walked out leaving Kristen terrified, tied and praying her husband will come early to rescue her!
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