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Big Breasted Baby Sitter's Mistake!
41 images: When Heather agreed to play "tie up" games with the ones she is baby sitting she thought it would be a fun way to entertain them but the pretty girl had no idea of the hell that would follow. It started out as fun but when she asked to be untied they gagged her and then her top was yanked up and before the afternoon was over Heather was cruelly hogtied and she wondered what their parents will say when they find her...which is hours away!
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Elbow Hell Revisited!
22 images: You've seen Angel Knight's virgin elbow tie on both NaughtyTies and badmanvideos.com, she was told her body could never handle it but after lots of tears, screaming and masochistic effort her elbows were crushed together and Angel was so proud! But when she literally asked to be bound that way again I was in disbelief, why would a woman subject herself to such hell but she insisted and here are the photos from that supreme submission.
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Special Delivery
34 images: With enough money you can have virtually ANYTHING delivered, even a human being as innocent Annabelle is finding out when she awakens in a cramped box. I spotted the sexy girl jogging on a lonely trail and knew I had to have her so I made a call to a very special delivery service, paid their fee and simply waited for Annabelle to be delivered to my back door and I wasted no time indulging my bondage fantasies on the terrified women. Oh she tried to beg and plead for release but all that got her was brutally regagged and tied tighter into an eventual ball tie that left her whimpering, desperate and utterly helpless! Just like I paid for!
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Hogtied Porn Star KendraLynn!
33 images: Smoking hot porn babe Kendra is more used to having cock in her mouth than ball gags so I made sure I used the hardest and one of the largest I had to strap in her mouth and it put her in immediate distress! Of course the harsh hogtie didn't matters nor did the clothespins on her tender nipples and she looked at me with pure hate as she endured a typical day with the Badman! And don't forget, the video is available on our sister site www.badmanvideos.com
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Bella's Shoot Goes Downhill! The Conclusion
28 images: What started out as a fun glam type of shoot for Bella has morphed into an agonizing ordeal that finds the sexy babe tied excruciatingly tight and hard gagged! She naively agreed to try some "fetishy" shots but never envisioned the cruelty of the photographer and now she lays groaning in a sever ball tie that she could never escape from in a million years! Included are a couple bonus shots of Raquel Roper filming the action.
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Grabbed, Bound, Stripped And Groped!
43 images: As Raquel walks into her house she is brutally grabbed from behind, her mouth is covered and she is made to submit to being bound and eventually gagged but she doesn't take her captivity without a fight! She desperately tries to use her phone but after being caught her captor roped her elbows achingly tight and helped himself to her sweet 19 year old body before eventually leaving Raquel hogtied and left to struggle til someone finds her! Included are 12 bonus screen shots of the action!
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Whitney's Leg Twisted Elbow Crushed Afternoon!
33 images: Whitney Morgan is doing her best Gumby impersonation and trust me, it was rough as hell on the sexy blonde but somehow she managed to get through it but it wasn't easy. Not only are her arms welded together behind her back but I twisted her leg up towards her arms and the did the same with her foot and by the time I was done she was in one the most awkward and strict positions she's ever experienced! Oh...and did I mention the huge ball I strapped in her mouth? Yeah, it was THAT kind of a day for Ms. Morgan!
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Missy Meets The Badman!
28 images: 19 year old Missy Lovett said she wanted to come over and have me tie her up, I warned her though that my bondage is no game and that she'll be roughed up, stripped and tied seriously tight but she said she was up for it and today's update features her very first Badman experience! Be careful what you wish for Missy!
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Please Daddy! Help Me!
43 images: It's not Heather's fault she comes from a rich family but that doesn't matter as she finds herself bound, gagged, blindfolded and in a strange place, she's being held for ransom and she prays her father will pay up soon. Her captor eventually straps a ball gag in her mouth which is bad enough but then the bastard tied her elbows and then hogtied her while he went to collect his money but he never returned to let her go. Instead she'll be forced to wait for daddy to come and rescue her and that could take hours!
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I Hogtied My Sexy Maid!
34 images: When the agency sent over the maid I requested I had no idea what a sexy girl would show up, Sebrina was stunningly beautiful and when she noticed the bondage art on my wall she had no idea that was to be her fate as well. I roped her elbows and hobbled her knees and forced to clean that way and to her credit she tried her best but I had much more in store for the innocent girl. Soon Sebrina found herself cruelly ball gagged and hogtied into utter helplessness, her eyes begged for mercy but I paid for the entire day and this is how she's going to spend it!
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They Tied Gagged And Stripped The Baby Sitter! Part One
39 images: When Raquel answered an ad for a baby sitter she saw a great opportunity to make some easy money and all goes well at first and she even agreed to play a game of "tie up" with her charges. But that game soon turned into shame, painful bondage and a huge gag being strapped in her mouth and making it worse the brats pulled her top down exposing her fear stiffened nipples and then they unzipped her jeans! As drool falls from her mouth Raquel wonders just how long they plan to keep her tied up! 39 fantastic fantasy bondage photos!
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Samantha's Naked, Brutal Struggle!
41 images: After waking up tightly tied, gagged and blindfolded Samantha does the only thing she can and that's to make a desperate escape attempt and after managing to rub the blindfold off she begins the long, dangerous journey to possible freedom. But just as the bound girl reaches a door she is caught and achingly hogtied and left to wonder what will become of her! 41 action packed bondage photos that'll rock your world!
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Briella Booted And Bound! Part One
33 images: There are few outfits as classicly hot as a girl in skin tight jeans and knee high high heel boots just like what Briella has on today and when you add a brutal gagging and severe elbow bondage you have the makings of one hot-as-hell photo set. Of course Briella didn't really consent to being stripped and groped but I never let those little things bother me, I had her helpless and I'm damn sure going to take advantage! 33 damn fine bondage photos!
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Strung Up Whipped And Hogtied!
34 images: Angel is a masochist, that's no secret but I take her desire for pain to a whole new level when I rope the high heeled beauty in the garage and administer an absolutely brutal belt whipping that leaves her ass and thighs welted and sore! The gagged and drooling girl is subjected to much more before eventually being hogtied and left to deal with her pain for the rest of the afternoon. 35 incredible photos!
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Terra Tied To Be Tickled!
29 images: Make no mistake, Terra Mizu hates being tickled but over time she's gotten used to my style so I threw the pretty girl a curve ball and invited a buddy over to work his magic on her tied body and the results were spectacularly intense! Terra was spared nothing as her ribs, arm pits, thighs and belly were tormented and he even used a hair brush on her tender soles eliciting screams that could be hears for miles! Check out this hot update that is sure to please.
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Ball Tied Amazon!
32 images: Former Playboy model Jessie stands an honest 6' 2" in her bare feet and makes quite the imposing figure and is used to getting her way with men...until today. She naively agreed to let me tie her up but the gag was something she didn't expect, or want and to bring the sexy Amazon down another peg or two I ball tied her into utter and total helplessness and left her for the afternoon. Yeah....she should have known better!
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A Naked Angel In Bondage! Part One
33 images: Angel Lee! That very name evokes images of a stunningly beautiful blonde naked, bound with rope and securely gagged and that's exactly what you get with this hot photo set featuring that legendary model Angel Lee! This girl knows what you want to see and she delivers with one sexy pose after another that will get your motor running big time. I guarantee it!
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The Hogtied Submission Of April Dawn
32 images: April's elbows are now severely bound as she sits on the floor, she accepts the rope, although painful, because she simply craves helplessness and the following photos are absolutely incredible! The voluptuous 19 year old is then hogtied and left to squirm and as icing on the cake the close up gag pics will knock your socks off. I guarantee it!
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The Agony And The Ecstasy
45 images: Sarah Brooke is put through the both the physical and mental ringer in this insanely hot photo set that is going to rock your world and it starts with the lithe beauty roped into an excruciating reverse prayer hogtie that leaves her utterly helpless! When her legs are later untied Sarah's panties are removed, she spreads her legs and a vibrator is planted hard against her exposed pussy driving her crazy with the forced sexual pleasure until she cums...hard! Don't miss this eye popping update, it's one for the ages!
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Amazon Domination Concludes!
27 images: Annabelle is in a state of utter and absolute submission as she dangles from the rope harness that Sabrina has rigged her in, this is her very first taste of being dominated by a woman and the six foot redhead is having her way with the helpless girl with a strap-on. When the dong is pulled from her pussy Sabrina shoves it right in Annabelle's mouth forcing her to taste herself which she does eagerly and submissively! Don't miss the final set of these exclusive, never before seen photos featuring female bondage sex that will rock your world!
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