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Strung Up In Lingerie And Heels
41 images: When I asked Kendra to put on her sexiest lingerie and heels she thought a night of romance would follow, and it did but not in the way she envisioned. Tying her hands was not unusual for us but when I yanked her arms up and strapped a gag in her mouth the sexy redhead knew this night was going to be different for sure!
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Hogtied Hottie!
34 images: Dre knows I have a weakness for girls in cutoff shorts, skimpy tops and sneakers, it's the classic All American Girl look and she loves to tease me when she comes over to hang but enough is enough! She thought I was joking when I showed her the ropes and gag but before she knew what was happening I had Dre bound painfully tight, hard gagged and just watched her struggle and beg with her eyes! And for some reason this keeps happening every week...go figure.
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A Tribute To Lexi
50 images: I met Lexi Richelle in 2006 as a fresh faced girl curious about bondage, I was the very first one to tie and photograph her and from that day we became great friends, she eventually married into our family and is the mother of our grandson. Tragically her life was taken from us all too soon and so we will never forget what an amazing women she was I have put together the very best of her photos. RIP dear girl....we miss you...
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Lured Into Bondage
29 images: Real estate agent Fayth responded to a request to show a very old home that had been on the market for ages, rather odd she thought but since it's her job she agreed and met the guy at the property. And that was the last time she was ever seen........
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A Day Of Firsts For A Sexy Porn Star
22 images: Quinn Waters is a big breasted porn star who has taken the plunge into bondage and I'm the lucky person that broke her bondage cherry and as you would expect from the Badman I spared Quinn nothing. The ball gag I used was distressingly large, her elbows were crushed together and bound, she was achingly hogtied and that just scratches the surface of what you will see of this sexy porn babe in her first ever bondage shoot!
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Rude Guest Rudely Tied!
47 images: Briella spent the night as our house guest but kept us up half the night with her partying and when morning came instead of an apology she was arrogant and then expected to raid the kitchen and that was the last straw. The sexy girl was bent over a table, her wrists were tied painfully tight and as the afternoon progressed she was put into tighter and harsher bondage and by the end of the day she was one very sorry girl!
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45 images: Although Sebrina can't see the clock from where she's being kept she knows by the way the fading sunlight is filtering through the blinds and playing across her bound body that it's now close to evening meaning she's been bound and gagged for the better part of an entire day. She naively left her door unlocked and as you can see from the photos it was a mistake she is desperately regretting, every muscle in her body is aching, her jaws are a disaster from the gags and as she eventually lays hogtied she wonders if she'll ever know freedom again.
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Ball Tied Beauty
45 images: Scarlette absolutely loves being bound and gagged, the tighter the better by her own words and since I always aim to please a lady I gave the sexy girl what she wanted...and more. Scarlette endured a very stressful elbows together ball tie for almost an hour and once she was released she proudly showed off the "bracelets" of her recent captivity. 45 of the sexiest pictures we've ever produced!
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Nyxon Meets The Creep
37 images: Nyxon knew she was in a bad situation when the photographer started tying her up, he barely said a word and tied her much tighter than was necessary so she tried to flirt her way out of this but all that did was piss the guy off so he hogtied her! Then when mercifully he had his pictures instead of letting Nyxon go he stuffed her fee down her rucked down panties and said the only way she gets paid is if she gets loose and grabs the cash. Good luck with that......
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Revenge Bound Bitch
37 images: When I found out through the grapevine that my girlfriend Maria was cheating on me she had no idea what was in store when I invited the sexy bitch over for drinks and before she knew what was happening I had her tied tight on the floor! Maria endured heavy groping, elbow bondage, a severe gagging and eventually a hogtie that she spent the entire night bound in and by morning she was a completely changed lady. Revenge is indeed sweet!
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Sebrina's Desperation!
22 images: Sebrina was given a powerful aphrodisiac, then taken out to the garage and put in a predicament for the ages that had the poor girl out of her mind with horniness! She desperately wanted the dildo taped to a chair inside her and tried to impale herself but the rope circling her throat made it impossible....or did it! You'll have to join to find out!
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Welding Summer's Elbows
30 images: While not being a bondage model per se Summer Monroe still takes great pride in her ability to endure extremely harsh bondage as she does in this hot update featuring the busty girl in flesh crushing zip ties. In fact she even managed a smile or two as we shot, even when clover clamps were clipped to her nipples she never backed down making for one terrific set of bondage images!
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Bondage Reflections
36 images: Stephanie knows that Saturday is bondage day and was in the bathroom primping and when I saw the insanely sexy outfit she chose to wear I couldn't wait and roped her up right then and there! Steph took a moment to admire her bondage in the mirror before being put on the floor where she would spend the rest of the afternoon...and she would have it no other way!
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Strung Up And Groped Porn Star
29 images: Xaya is one of those rare girls who not only is a porn star but she also finds herself bound and gagged on occasion as she does today and I took full advantage of her naked body! Xaya's body is a playground for heavy fondling and groping and she is even made to taste herself through the ring gag after being salaciously fingered...and she loved every minute of it!
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Briella's First Squirt!
32 images: Briella has experience many forced orgasms while in my rope so at first glance it seemed like a normal afternoon but, for whatever reason, today was much more intense and as the drool poured from her gagged mouth her pussy added to the mess when she experienced the very first squirt of her life! And don't forget that the video is posted at www.badmanvideos.com
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Erin's Bundled Punishment
31 images: When Erin misbehaves she knows the punishment is typically tight bondage so when she was acting like a brat she knew what would happen and she was absolutely correct. My sexy girlfriend soon found herself in extremely tight bondage and a drool inducing gag...and she'd have it no other way!
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Tied And Tickled Amazon
29 images: Six foot tall Sabrina is tied to a chair and she was curious as to why I would use a ring gag instead of something more silencing, when I brought out Pantera and told her to tickle Sabrina as long as she wanted the tied girl understood about that gag......I wanted to hear every tickled scream!
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Classic Bondage!
30 images: Bondage star Rachel Adams is wearing tight jeans, a skimpy white top and sexy-as-hell heels as she endures a simple yet extremely tight afternoon in bondage! Her elbows are dragged together, the gag is large and drool inducing and when you finish with a hogtie it's as classic as it gets! Enjoy!
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Arm Twisted In Heels
36 images: Nyxon's arms are wrenched up behind her back in an almost impossible reverse prayer and to make it even rougher zip ties were used to secure her arms and wrists in that brutal position and even the ball gag is zip tied in her mouth! When you add classic 5 inch heels you have a wank inducing photo set that will melt your screen!
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A Day At The Pool For Heather
32 images: Take a buxom beauty, have her wear a sexy bikini, take her out by the pool and tie her to a pole and you have the makings of a classic photo set that is sure to please!
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