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Lexi: Spread and Squirting
18 images: Lexi said that being tied and exposed makes her wet, she loves the helpless feeling it gives her and when she was stimulated to orgasm the naked babe squirted all over the bed soaking the sheets! She wasn't kidding, Lexi REALLY loves naked bondage and the sheets are proof positive!
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Buxom Bikini Babe Bound In Paradise!
38 images: Fan favorite Heather is on total sexy display in this incredibly hot photo set that is going to rock your world! Bound out on the pool deck the busty beauty twists her voluptuous body in all the right ways giving you one fantastic image after another until the final position which is a very strict hogtie complete with a mouth filling gag making this one of the hottest photo sets we've ever done!
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Big Breasted Baby Sitter's Nightmare
32 images: When April agreed to play Cops And Robbers with her charges she had no idea what they planned to do to her, at first it was all fun and games with the ropes not being too bad. But then she was tied much tighter, including her elbows, she was stripped, gagged and eventually hogtied into absolute helplessness where she'll have to wait for their parents to come home and set her free. Brats!
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Bailey's Bondage Fantasy!
31 images: Bailey was desperate to be tied up but with no one home to help her out she put on her highest heels and cutest outfit, got some rope and a gag and simply took matters into her own hands. After tying her own ankles and knees and then gagging herself Bailey slipped a hand beneath her pants to touch herself and soon drifted into her special place and when she came to her wrist have been somehow tightly tied! It seems her fantasy is turning into reality!
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Hogtied Betrayal
30 images: Luci's boyfriend owes the Badman a debt that he's balking at paying off so the innocent girl is being used as a pawn to get the cheap bastard to pay up or his girlfriend will be kept cruelly bound and gagged until the debt is taken care of. But to her horror he refuses and thus sacrificed Luci to the whims of the Badman and for the pretty girl it's going to be a long, night in tight bondage!
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Raquel's Nightmare! A Custom Commission
37 images: A stipulation for Raquel to do this custom video/photo shoot she would not be told what was planned and if she stopped it at any time she would not be paid and what follows is mind blowing! Clover clamps are attached to her tender clit, she is tied in one fierce position after another, she's made to orgasm time and again and that barely scratches the surface! And yes, she somehow managed to get through the entire ordeal without stopping and if you want to see the video check out www.badmanvideos.com
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Arm Twisted And Gagged Submission
37 images: Shelby knows why she's here, until today she had never, ever been bound or gagged so her nervousness can be expected but her submissive nature soon calmed the pretty girl and while the bondage wasn't overly complicated it was very strict and the gag mouth filling. Shelby is very photogenic as the pics will show, her eyes speak volumes making this is an update you're going to love!
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Damn it You Don't Have To Hogtie Me!
36 images: Sebrina was already stressing from being tied so tight but that got worse when I wrenched her elbows together and tied them and replaced the mouth packing with a ball gag but she managed to endure it...hatefully but she endured and she thought this was as bad as it would get. Wrong! After stripping the sexy girl I roped Sebrina into a strict hogtie and left her there while I watched a ball game on TV in peace and quiet. ;)
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I Zip Tied My Insanely Hot Roommate!
41 images: Ever since Sebrina moved in I have been dying to put her into bondage so one afternoon I kind of made it a game when I zip tied her wrists and at first she was having fun. But after I crushed her elbows together, packed her mouth and bound her legs at the ankles and knees Sebrina wasn't having any fun...at all! 41 action packed bondage photos!
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Real Life Applebee's Waitress In Bondage!
30 images: It's common for us to take a model to dinner after a shoot and that's how we came to meet a cutie named Laurie who was working as a waitress at our local Applebee's where we took Annabelle. Laurie was very curious about the rope marks and sexy clothes that my wife and Annabelle wore and, after some casual conversation she actually said she wanted to give it a try and these photos are her very first time in bondage! The gag shots in particular show her submissive side so sit back and enjoy a true bondage virgin!
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Sebrina Brought Her Friend Heather Over For Bondage!
44 images: Sebrina told me she had this crazy hot friend at work that I would love to tie up but said we would have to trick her because she's the prudish type so we set a date and when Sebrina walked in with Heather my jaw dropped! The girl was stunning! Before Heather knew what was happening Sebrina held her while I roped her up and I made it ultra tight too, Heather was hogtied and I even tied her toes! And the the close up gag shots are worth the price of admission alone making this is an update you just can't miss!
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Special Delivery
34 images: With enough money you can have virtually ANYTHING delivered, even a human being as innocent Annabelle is finding out when she awakens in a cramped box. I spotted the sexy girl jogging on a lonely trail and knew I had to have her so I made a call to a very special delivery service, paid their fee and simply waited for Annabelle to be delivered to my back door and I wasted no time indulging my bondage fantasies on the terrified women. Oh she tried to beg and plead for release but all that got her was brutally regagged and tied tighter into an eventual ball tie that left her whimpering, desperate and utterly helpless! Just like I paid for!
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Hogtied Porn Star KendraLynn!
33 images: Smoking hot porn babe Kendra is more used to having cock in her mouth than ball gags so I made sure I used the hardest and one of the largest I had to strap in her mouth and it put her in immediate distress! Of course the harsh hogtie didn't matters nor did the clothespins on her tender nipples and she looked at me with pure hate as she endured a typical day with the Badman! And don't forget, the video is available on our sister site www.badmanvideos.com
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Bella's Shoot Goes Downhill! The Conclusion
28 images: What started out as a fun glam type of shoot for Bella has morphed into an agonizing ordeal that finds the sexy babe tied excruciatingly tight and hard gagged! She naively agreed to try some "fetishy" shots but never envisioned the cruelty of the photographer and now she lays groaning in a sever ball tie that she could never escape from in a million years! Included are a couple bonus shots of Raquel Roper filming the action.
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Grabbed, Bound, Stripped And Groped!
43 images: As Raquel walks into her house she is brutally grabbed from behind, her mouth is covered and she is made to submit to being bound and eventually gagged but she doesn't take her captivity without a fight! She desperately tries to use her phone but after being caught her captor roped her elbows achingly tight and helped himself to her sweet 19 year old body before eventually leaving Raquel hogtied and left to struggle til someone finds her! Included are 12 bonus screen shots of the action!
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Missy Meets The Badman!
28 images: 19 year old Missy Lovett said she wanted to come over and have me tie her up, I warned her though that my bondage is no game and that she'll be roughed up, stripped and tied seriously tight but she said she was up for it and today's update features her very first Badman experience! Be careful what you wish for Missy!
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Please Daddy! Help Me!
43 images: It's not Heather's fault she comes from a rich family but that doesn't matter as she finds herself bound, gagged, blindfolded and in a strange place, she's being held for ransom and she prays her father will pay up soon. Her captor eventually straps a ball gag in her mouth which is bad enough but then the bastard tied her elbows and then hogtied her while he went to collect his money but he never returned to let her go. Instead she'll be forced to wait for daddy to come and rescue her and that could take hours!
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I Hogtied My Sexy Maid!
34 images: When the agency sent over the maid I requested I had no idea what a sexy girl would show up, Sebrina was stunningly beautiful and when she noticed the bondage art on my wall she had no idea that was to be her fate as well. I roped her elbows and hobbled her knees and forced to clean that way and to her credit she tried her best but I had much more in store for the innocent girl. Soon Sebrina found herself cruelly ball gagged and hogtied into utter helplessness, her eyes begged for mercy but I paid for the entire day and this is how she's going to spend it!
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They Tied Gagged And Stripped The Baby Sitter! Part One
39 images: When Raquel answered an ad for a baby sitter she saw a great opportunity to make some easy money and all goes well at first and she even agreed to play a game of "tie up" with her charges. But that game soon turned into shame, painful bondage and a huge gag being strapped in her mouth and making it worse the brats pulled her top down exposing her fear stiffened nipples and then they unzipped her jeans! As drool falls from her mouth Raquel wonders just how long they plan to keep her tied up! 39 fantastic fantasy bondage photos!
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Samantha's Naked, Brutal Struggle!
41 images: After waking up tightly tied, gagged and blindfolded Samantha does the only thing she can and that's to make a desperate escape attempt and after managing to rub the blindfold off she begins the long, dangerous journey to possible freedom. But just as the bound girl reaches a door she is caught and achingly hogtied and left to wonder what will become of her! 41 action packed bondage photos that'll rock your world!
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