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Hogtied Tramp!
36 images: Look, I like girls dressed in sexy outfits as much as the next guy but Luci takes it to another level and as her guardian I couldn't have her walking out of the house in those teeny shorts. She fussed when I tied her wrists, ankles and knees and when I got tired of the whining I gagged her hard and tight and when that didn't get my point across I tied her elbows excruciatingly tight before hogtying her and by the end of the afternoon Luci was one very contrite girl!
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The Spreadeagle Submission Of Amber Deen
25 images: You've seen the video on www.badmanvideos.com and now the photos from that awesome afternoon are here for your viewing and perving pleasure! Amber is naked and spread on a bed, she's totally open, exposed and ready for play and you have a front row seat to see all her sexy photos!
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Rachel Lilly Hard Tied And Hard Gagged
31 images: Rachel bragged that she was a flexible girl so I took her up on that and roped her elbows just as physically tight as possible and at first the lithe beauty managed okay but as the afternoon wore on the ropes seemed to bite deeper, the gag seemed to stretch her jaws further and after being hogtied her cockiness was a thing of the past! Her eyes begged me to untie her so of course I left her for the rest of the afternoon, just to make sure she knew who was boss around here.
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At Angel's Request! Part One
31 images: Angel had never been tied with paracord and for context you need to understand that she is NOT limber at all yet being a true masochist she wanted the experience and what follows is her journey into the depths of the harshest bondage of her life. To ease Angel into it she was given several orgasms but then it began in earnest, including her elbows, a severe belt whipping and a drool inducing gag...and she loved every minute of it!
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A Day In Bondage With Sebrina
34 images: When Sebrina called me on the phone asking if she could come over for some bondage fun I couldn't wait for her to arrive and when she stripped down to the skimpiest thong I've ever seen I knew it was going to be a fun day! Sebrina likes her bondage harsh and inescapable and that's exactly what she got, including her toes and the results are just HOT!
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High Heeled, Mouth Packed And Hogtied
33 images: Briella Jaden is wearing one of my all time favorite outfits of tight jeans, cute top and six inch heels and when you add rope the ensemble is complete. I added a few accessories myself with a rag packed in her mouth and held in with a long cloth but for a more secure gagging I plastered several layers of duct tape across her mouth, hogtied her and that's how I left Briella for the afternoon.
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Luci: Bound, Gagged And Molested!
31 images: I couldn't resist, I just couldn't and honestly what man, or woman for that matter, could. When you have a beautiful girl naked, helplessly tied, gagged and at your mercy it's a no brainer to help yourself to her ripe, young body and such is the case with Luci Lovett. She was touched, teased and heavily groped the entire afternoon, her body was my personal playground, she looked at me apprehensively as she wondered what would be next which made for a very interesting afternoon!
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Ariel Anderssen's Impossibly Twisted Arms!
44 images: As you view these photos you'll wonder how a human being can endure not only having their arms so insanely twisted but having them bound that way with zip ties, it's nothing short of amazing yet that's exactly what Ariel is made to deal with! She's even gagged with the hateful plastic restraints! As an added bonus included are several "after" shots as the zip ties were systematically cut from her six foot frame giving you perfect insight into just how tight this was! This is an update you simply cannot miss!
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Ariel Anderssen: Hogtied To Exhaustion
36 images: Ariel woke to a terrifying reality, she's been stripped naked and tightly bound, she has no recollection how or why this is happening and when she calls out her apparent captor straps a huge ball gag achingly deep in her mouth! But he isn't finished with the statuesque beauty by a long shot, the sadistic bastard ropes her elbows cruelly tight and eventually puts Ariel into a hogtie which is how he left her when he simply walked out the door. What the hell is she going to do now! 36 superb bondage photos!
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Naive Model Strips and Poses
31 images: When this sexy girl agreed to get tied up and pose for me she had no idea that she would be required to ruck her own shorts off, or that she would be gagged or that I'd pull her panties down but that's what you get when you naively let the Badman tie you up! Hehehe
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Bundled Fury!
33 images: Rachel didn't really consent to being bound this way, nor did she envision the huge rag that would be packed in her mouth but I never let those little things stop me, after all if you give a girl an inch she'll take a mile so I take away all preferences and decision making and the results are typically hot! Rachel thrashes, twists and glares at me with pure hate in her eyes which tells me I've done my job subjugating her and this is just how I left her for the entire afternoon!
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Bound And Booted Porn Babe
46 images: Sadie Holmes is one of the sexiest porn stars working today, she's simply smoking hot and when you add high heel boots, rope and hard gagging you have one helluva batch of photos! Oh, and did I mention I tied her elbows? Yeah, Sadie wasn't a fan but then I never let those little things bother me and kept her in that very strict position for the entire afternoon! 46 crazy hot bondage photos!
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Luna's Nude Erotic Bound Afternoon
18 images: Luna is a women of unquestioned beauty, her fiery red hair frames her insanely gorgeous face and when you add rope it's pure bondage magic! Luna isn't shy either and puts herself on sexy display making for some of the hottest bound eye candy you will ever see making this short but oh so sweet update one of my best!
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Outdoor Orgasms For Sarah Brooke
36 images: There isn't much that Sarah hasn't done in her illustrious modeling career but today is a first for the sexy beauty when I took her outside, tied her to a post, taped a vibrator on her pussy and watched the orgasms flow! Here eyes roll back in her head from the intense pleasure the toy gives her, she's been tied outside before and loves a vibrator but this is the first time they've been combined making for a very unique update!
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Hogtied Aerobics Instructor
38 images: Who among us hasn't thought of tying up that hot aerobics instructor you saw in the gym or on TV, I know it's always been a favorite of mine and today Bailey Paige brings that hot fantasy to glorious life! Wearing a barely there leotard the sexy girl is bound extremely tight, deeply gagged and eventually hogtied and left to wonder what's going to happen next! What would YOU do with her! ;)
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Tied Up With My Sister!
48 images: It was bad enough that an intruder broke into Lexi and Sebrina's house but the filthy pervert stripped the sisters naked, tied them up and made them do unspeakable things to each other! He made them kiss, he made them go down on each other and god knows what else the sick fuck has in mind! 48 incredible girl on girl bondage fantasy photos!
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Rachel's Booted Hogtie
33 images: It had already been a grueling day for Rachel but I wanted to get one last set with her, she agreed but with one stipulation....no hogties. She should have known better because while I agreed to that limitation I had no intention of honoring it, things went well for a while but when I came at her with more rope she looked at me with pure hate in her eyes and sure enough I roped the squirming girl into a strict hogtie and as punishment for trying to dictate terms I left Rachel like that for the rest of the afternoon. Don't mess with the Badman!
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Beautiful Briella
29 images: This update features images from several different scenes Briella has done over the years, there weren't enough photos in each set to make a decent update so I combined them so that they could be shared with the world. Briella endures several hot scenarios including a harsh strappado where she was gagged with a wooden custom made ball gag that is just awesome! Enjoy!
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Hogtying A Naked Brat
34 images: Abby isn't shy and happily stripped nude for me to tie up, she's the bratty type too and at first she gave me shit about this bondage stuff and thought it was a piece of cake so she was in need of an attitude adjustment big time. Once I harshly tied her elbows she got the message and then after her toes were added to the mix this brat gained serious respect for rope! Don't miss this bondage neophyte in the tightest bondage of her young life!
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Sarah Hogtied In Her Little Black Dress
34 images: Sarah Brooke looks fantastic in her sexy black dress and when you add rope it makes for some hot-as-hell bondage images that are sure to please! Her mouth is packed as full as physically possible effectively gagging the sexy minx and after leaving Sarah to squirm for most of the afternoon she was achingly hogtied which is how she spent the rest of her day. 34 smokin' hot bondage photos!
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